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11:56, 09 January 2018

You HAVE to WATCH these six SLOTS Bonus GAMES! ☞ Slot Traveler

You HAVE to WATCH these 6 SLOTS Bonus GAMES! ☞ Slot Traveler

You HAVE to WATCH these six SLOTS Bonus GAMES! ☞ Slot Traveler ★ LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT ✦

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Slot Traveler

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The notion of online slots has actually taken off and a lot of men and women today want to know far more about how they may well be able to take portion in it. Right after all, this is regarded to be very an simple game to play and you need to find it comparatively straightforward or straightforward to be involved with. This, in essence, is explanation why so several people like to play it on a pretty typical basis. Even so, there are a couple of issues about these slots that you may well perhaps want to know about. After familiar with this, you need to be in a position to play the game very effortlessly.

Technical requirements

Just before going ahead to comprehend far more about the actual game, you may be interested in getting to know far more about the technical specifications imposed by the game. Primarily based on this, you will be able to simply make a decision as to no matter whether or not online slots is anything that you can take portion in, or if you need to acquire some thing further to play it. Mainly, you need to have a laptop that has a fairly decent connection to the internet. This, in essence, is the main requirement. In addition to this, you may have a couple of other factors that you might want to appear into. For instance, you may possibly want to get a quickly personal computer that will let you play far more games with ease.

Cash involved

The other issue that you may probably be interested in is that you have a fairly decent quantity of funds place into the machine so that you can play it for a longer period of time. Although several casinos let you to play initially for cost-free, they may well maybe want you to spend sooner or later right after the initial trial period. Hence, if you do like the games really a bit, you ought to possibly go ahead and insert some extra funds that you can most likely make use of.

Picking the appropriate a single

With so many diverse choices out there, one more crucial thing to look into is to be positive that you are in truth selecting out the appropriate option to make use of.  Make confident that you go by means of all the various ones, to in the end settle on the 1 that you are most comfortable with. Offered the fact that decent casinos have a quite massive choice out there, you might take some time to pick and sooner or later settle on the appropriate sort of casino.

Further data as effectively as the possibility to play excellent on the internet slots can be obtained by going to http://www.online–slots.com/

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  1. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    Cute kitty and I love the knights!! 🙂

  2. Kathi Dover says:


  3. Alicia W says:

    I love how you play Hot Hot 8, and take 1 reel set with multiplier! I do that too. It’s volatile but can totally work out. You got jipped on wonder 4 jackpots!

  4. Vegas Slot Videos by Dianaevoni says:

    Good bonuses and nice selection of fun games.

  5. www.777tube.win - Gambling Community says:

    Nice video


    Hot 8 is fun but too slow

  7. Dejavu Slots says:

    Great selection of games, that buffalo bonus was a tough one. Good luck Manny

  8. CASINO WINS by Blueheart says:

    Did you know that when you get retrigger on Dragon Link it gives you only 3 extra spins? I thought it’s kind of lame.

  9. Dario Delponte says:

    Congrat you

  10. Spinning In Vegas says:

    Fun video to watch with a good and entertaining selection of games. Way to go, my friend. Thumbs up. 🙂

  11. May Kouri says:

    Loving the selection of games in this video, fun to watch ! Thanks😘

  12. mickey T says:

    Not very good bonuses.

  13. Mavis Twice says:

    Thanks–hadn’t seen this one but I will try it now : )

  14. $**EDUCASINO**$ Slot Machine Channel says:

    Muy buenas ganancias!!Felicitaciones!!👍🤞🍀

  15. Tim Morey says:

    Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing Buddy.

  16. soSAMuk's UK slot channel says:

    Can I put a request in for the original walking dead slot please

  17. paty loya says:

    Are these slots the ones your friends has in his house,?…just wondering

  18. Claudio Balmaceda says:

    Hola Manuel. Se que comprendes .pero que te pasa por tu cabeza cuando viene alguien mirar y no sacas nada y sigue hablando.te pone nervioso.lo miras mal.me gusta tus vídeos. Y esperó que puedas responder a mi pregunta. Saludos de Argentina

  19. carol-ann garcia says:

    nice video cute wins hugs from nz xx

  20. Linda S says:


  21. Armando Chacon says:

    Great video

  22. G Money Slot Videos says:

    These were fun bonuses to watch, thanks for sharing!

  23. Dr. Nick's Slot Hits says:

    Nice bonuses, Slot Traveler!!! I haven’t played Hot Hot 8 in a long time…made me wanna try it again haha. Great video!

  24. Jnels 77 says:

    Another AWESOME video!!! Keep them coming. You ALWAYS brighten my day up when I watch your videos!!!

  25. D Car says:

    Great machine picks. Thanks as always

  26. Maria Perez says:

    That was awesome to watch Manny. I’m sure you will get some winners again. It’s nice to have friends around and cheering for you to win or a ✋ paid win! Good luck, till next video lucky Manny.😋😎

  27. OMG JKB says:

    1st I think

  28. Paul Van Der Minne says:

    BAM you 2 are a awesome team BAM

  29. Brian Christopher says:

    Nice selection of bonuses. I love Hot Hot 8s!!

  30. Gabby Meza says:

    Love to see the kind of bonuses I get lol.. great job Manny, and that proves buffahoe is gawbage..

  31. Dario Delponte says:

    Congrat you man 🙂

  32. Dockfam Slot Videos says:

    I’m sitting here in my couch yelling…coins! Coins!!

  33. Alex Lopez says:

    Manny, on the first slot, on spin 4 of 6, I couldn’t help thinking if you had gotten a full screen of top symbols with the wild in row 3, if that would have paid better than the hold and spin feature. What do you think?

  34. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    We HAVE to watch these bonus game?  Why? What happens if we skip one?  Just giving you a hard time…I watched them all even though I just wanted to see Golden Century.

  35. Jonathan 520 says:

    Reality slot play

  36. Pappy Pinel says:

    Manny my friend ,,,I gave you a shoutout on my channel ……….goodluck buddy

  37. Liliana Alvarez says:

    nice video very fun congrats

  38. Pappy Pinel says:

    Another great video manny. Cheers

  39. deborah perryman says:

    I enjoyed the video

  40. Linda Weiland says:

    Thank you Manny! Question is it me just noticed once cougars changed they stopped showing up? Can’t wait for next video! ❤


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