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4:56, 08 January 2018

WPT Rolling Thunder Final table. Full webcast archive

WPT Rolling Thunder Final table. Full webcast archive

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The Planet Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of international poker tournaments and linked tv series that broadcast the final table of each and every tournament.

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In turbo poker games, be they free poker games or funds internet sites the blinds improve more quickly than in usual poker games.

In normal poker games the blinds improve each and every 12 to 15 minutes or so. But in turbo poker games you will uncover them going up frantically each three-six minutes!

Given these numbers, a turbo tournament is upto 4 times as quickly as a typical tournament.

So how do you aspect in a speed of upto 4x into your playing style? Does this mean playing more hands? No at at all.

For instance, if in an ordinary tournament you “modest-ball” – a poker playing style exactly where you play a lot more hands than the other players, like 7-six (even offsuit) and A-x (suited) which other individuals really feel a bit woozy when holding. And if you hit the Flop tough, you bet difficult as nicely – because in the earlier levels the blinds are low in relation to the average stacks, so in risk-reward/Return On Investment terms it makes it worth although.

But in turbo poker games small balling is not a strategy you can use. Blinds improve, but the number of hands in no way improve in truth, they decrease. If you are playing, say, 60 hands in the very first 4 levels of an ordinary tournament, in a turbo tournament you will be playing just 15-20 hands, most of them you will fold, of course.

What hands will you not fold?

– A-A, K-K, Q-Q, clearly.

– In early levels you can also test out connectors simply because your opponents may well be a bit scared about losing their chips early with a, say, weak Ace or King.

– However, in the later levels, where absolutely everyone is close to to blinding out, also put A-x or K-x (exactly where x is more than 10) and smaller sized pocket pairs in your arsenal.

Why? Due to the fact, simply, if you do not play, the blinds will not only consume you – they are going to devour you!

Need to you move all-in with a number of hands than you are accustomed to in an ordinary tournament, then you can make the other individuals fold.

And even with a caller, you will be on a classic coin flip if you have a pocket pair you can be a preferred if you have A-x (x&gt10) and the caller is a weak Ace and you will have two live cards with K-x and Q-x.

In the late levels the game will be mainly preflop a series of crapshoots so take advantage of preflop aggression.

However, you can also take advantage of postflop aggression in the late levels.

Suppose you’re in the button with K-x exactly where x is weak and the blinds get in touch with. You really feel that the other two players have weak hands. Now the flop comes a bit scary (A-eight-three) for instance.

If you’ve got the Eight or the Three and each the other players check, you can bet. Nevertheless, you can also bet if both of them check even if you do not have something. You have position you are the best player to establish whether every single other player has one thing.

Close to the bubble, if you’re sinking in chips, move all in with A-x, K-x or Q-x. Generally you will be drawing live. Other people will be afraid to call you because they never know what you have and they will be the one particular sinking in chips if they call you incorrectly (or if you luck out).

If you play Turbo poker I hope this assists you win some much more. If you have not played much or any Turbo games then be sure to practice with free on the internet poker prior to you danger any true income.

You can play free online poker turbo tournaments nowadays as well as more chilled out freerolls, SnGs and poker leagues at our cost-free on-line poker website at http://www.nopaypoker.com.

There you can also get into a vast goldmine of pro poker player on the internet free of charge on the web poker courses and lessons. If you are brand new to poker then the simple how to play poker for novices course is perfect, right after which you can move step-by-step upto intermediate and then win all the time advanced poker player ability.

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  1. Justas Tulpe says:

    shocked how the old fella made to final table, makes non sense moves…

  2. TonyDQT says:

    damn connor was my favorite during the first hour. too bad he lost his momentum after missing the bet on the river and lost to pair of 5s.

  3. Trizkit says:

    great stream! love thunder valley!

  4. TonyDQT says:

    The fucking idiots are annoying as fuck!

  5. TonyDQT says:

    4 hrs in so far. That guy mike is a pussy and a creep.

  6. warren duval says:

    whats the name of the song at the begining its very nice

  7. TonyDQT says:

    4:20:05 I got AKs people! I got it!

  8. Bruce Lin says:

    too quiet. they should put all the money on the table at the end


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