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15:03, 07 January 2018

Video Poker – How to Win and How it Works

Video Poker – How to Win and How it Operates

Video Poker instruction from casino author/professional Steve Bourie that teaches you the specifics on how video poker machines work and how to be a extended-term winner at the game. Learn how to use video poker software to improve your game – software.html

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Introducing Bitten at Kerching Web Casino
What happens if you run into a vampire? You get Bitten, of course! The 20-payline five-reel on-line slots game is bound to appeal to anyone who has grown up with the likes of Dracula, Twilight and Buffy in their blood.
In spite of being themed on vampire legends from the mists of time, Bitten is in fact primarily based on the amazingly successful Cleopatra two, a classic at Kerching Casino. On the other hand, there are 1 or two huge contrasts among these two slots. Kerching members can get pleasure from a revolutionary wild scatter function, eerie audio effects and classy vampire-inspired icons.
Bitten’s sinister characters
On the internet slots aficionados will be enamoured with Bitten. The vampire theme is employed completely on the primary reels where iconic symbols such as ornate candelabras, bright red wine and a demonic seductress all produce large-cash payouts.
Wild symbols are also crucial on Bitten slots for a number of factors. Firstly, the Bitten wild symbols immediately double all payline awards. Secondly, it gets you a profitable scatter award to boost your winnings. And thirdly, 5 Bitten wild symbols on a winning payline are worth a breathtaking 250 occasions the sum of your bet.
The superb Crypt Totally free Spins bonus
Nonetheless, if you acquire three or far more bonus symbols anyplace on the major reels, there are even bigger rewards obtainable with the stunningly lucrative Crypt Free of charge Spins Bonus. You are going to be provided a selection of coffins pick to open a single of them and you’ll gather nevertheless numerous totally free spins are hidden within. This may be as considerably as 20 totally free spins for starters.
The very good news is that the Crypt Totally free Spins Bonus can be reactivated more than and more than for the duration of your session on Bitten on the internet. Additionally, the bonus award multipliers enhance with each spin up to an astonishing higher of 50x. With such remarkable rewards on supply, it’s nicely worth placing a stake on Bitten!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Eduardo Piston says:

    For a gambler who is studying to become a skilled poker player to make money, would you recommend to play live poker against other players or video poker? Which one would you think the player has more chances to win?

  2. trickey dick says:

    On account an accountant

  3. Blue Damil says:

    Going to play today wish me luck thxs

  4. Corn Fed says:

    These videos should be renamed "How to lose less money than you otherwise would if you didn’t play with perfect strategy"

  5. Gordon says:

    is there such a thing as video blackjack? I suppose I could go to the blackjack tables, but would rather be away from all the table commotion.

  6. frank Gurza says:

    Question would you keep 2 to a royal flush ex 10 of hearts and Jack of hearts, if you have lets say.
    10 of hearts jack of hearts, and then queen of spades and 2 of spades and 4 of clubs. Or would you opt to keep the high cards jack of hearts and queen of spades?

  7. Alberto Avalos says:

    I got that 4000 yesterday

  8. Sooner Sasquatch says:

    I will never play video poker after watching this video! Thanks for showing me how boring it is….lol

  9. Dirk V says:

    Ok, I have some questions. I play video poker. In Europe. There are only 8/5 poker machines with a progressive jackpot. This one starts at 8000€ It’s about 8000$. I’ve seen that progressieve sometimes as high as 15.000$. You have to play max bet and that is 10$ each push on the button:)
    I know all about the strategy. My questions are. What should be my bankroll to overcome the ups and downs?
    And most importantly, how do you "professionals" play? Do you enter a casino, sit down at a video poker machine and play it until you hit that Royal? Here in Europe, casino’s close at 3am and open at 2pm. So I could get a good night sleep. Or, do you play 3 to 4 hours, then go home and come back the next day or week, to play again 3, 4, 5 hours. And will you sit down at the same poker machine or another? I would like to see some answers on those questions. Thanks

  10. Michael Kirst says:

    I’m making money every time I play video poker because I’m getting free drinks!

  11. RememberRobbyKrieger says:

    9/6 JOB VS 8/5 TOB which is the better game?

  12. Reuben A says:

    21 FTW

  13. Rose Reed says:

    I actually like watching these videos but it would just be nice if I had that kind of money yo play …if your like me im not rich and im not poor …

  14. wrath of the lamb says:

    you are very cute and i want to snuggle you.

    i don’t play video poker. i don’t even go to casinos. but somehow, i ended up in the vegas of youtube. i feel like i’ve been on a roller coaster.

  15. wiccan daoist says:

    which videopoker game is the best to play? jacks or better, deuces wild, something else? does this matter for the return ratio and odds or is it better to play the game that you think is the most fun because the odds are very close?

  16. ben says:

    Thanks Higgins

  17. Gordon says:

    You’re videos are terrific. You thoroughly address the questions that us viewers are wondering about AND you use great visual displays.

    at 2:44 you mention using the information to become a long-term winner at video poker. But how can someone be a long-term winner if the odds are 99.54% with perfect strategy? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean by a long-term winner?

  18. UBERduber says:

    you casino has a 9-6 pair or better.. any pair

  19. Michael William says:

    I don’t know how people feel about playing video poker online but the one that I’ve been playing makes you an offer after you win a hand. It asks you if you want to double your bet with a game of high card. Was wondering if that is considered a sucker bet like insurance in blackjack?

  20. mmcooe says:

    can you use the strategy chart at the casino without any backoff.

  21. Daniel Byron says:

    Steve probably lost his wife and home and everything else behind gambling now he selling books telling the slot machine life story instead of his 😂😂😂😂

  22. Pat McTallica says:

    bullshit! Waht about getting 50 losing hands in a row! More common than everything else.
    Don`t tell me, it`s working different than a slot machine.
    At the moment a human programm something for a reason………….

  23. Michael William says:

    Great video but if I wanted to play either video poker or play some blackjack at a real table which would afford me the best odds?

  24. Howitzard says:

    If he sells his book is because he couldn’t get enough money from casinos

  25. S P says:

    Great videos, thank you. Would you say there is a ballpark figure on how long/how many hands it takes to reach a full cycle and expect the % payout to play out? Thank you.

  26. Leny Tharmalingam says:

    60love song

  27. rubybabe49 says:


  28. RutgersKev says:

    10 minutes to say find 9/6 and play perfect strategy.

  29. 2bczar4u says:

    Okay, this is something that I don’t get. A straight flush seems really hard to get (at least in my experience), yet it pays crap relative to other hands that seem easy to get. Also, when I play the video poker machines here, I do see a pattern. Like some nights it always likes to give out 2 pairs. You can ditch one part of the set and low and behold it deals you another. Other times, it may give you straights. Again you ditch part of it hoping to do better but nope it deals you a straight. Granted this is in Canada. However, when I do go to Vegas I like to play the same machines they whole time I am there and have detected patterns too. Not as overt but they are there.

  30. joe doe says:

    Why do you talk like the 99.54% is the best odds you’re going to find in a casino, then at 7:00 we see there is another option with 99.9% payout? And what’s the difference between a 4000 coin jackpot machine and a 4700 coin jackpot machine besides the odds? What is meant by ‘coin’ and what is meant by 4000 or 4700 of them? You leave a lot of questions unanswered that you could have covered. That must be intentional to get people to gamble on the book, rolling the dice and hoping the answers can be found there.

  31. molly clock says:

    going to salmanca new york. i’m a black jack player, but, i would like to revisit slots for a little. very helpful information. thank you.

  32. HikikomoriGamer says:

    What’s the operating system these run on ?

  33. Pete F says:

    I got a royal flush a few days ago only on a $1 which is below maximum credits it still paid out $600.00 so I was very pleased none the less.

  34. Jeff Fuehr says:

    in Las Vegas

    you ain’t gonna win

    unless the casino wants you to win

    which they do

    because that’s how they get you addicted to gambling

    Vegas is light years above and beyond any instructional videos out there

  35. joe doe says:

    How do people make a living playing, or call themselves ‘professionals’ if they always lose in the long run, even when they use a ‘perfect strategy’ and make no mistakes? If the perfect mistake-free player who never accidentally hits the wrong button can’t even make a profit, then calling themselves a ‘professional’ is bogus. Saying ‘your money lasts longer than a slot machine’ is STILL not making a profit, therefore you’re STILL not making a living at it and you’re STILL not a ‘professional’ unless you consider wasting time on a money losing proposition or somehow being entertained is a profession, and it’s not. Making a profit is a profession, not losing money while MAYBE being easily entertained.

  36. aleko957 says:

    Absolutely great video Steve! I’ve got no idea why all of these idiots attack you.

  37. Skeptic Al says:

    Steve, do you have a deuces wild strategy table on your website?

  38. Jonathan Hitt says:


  39. Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 says:

    do casinos allow u to use a phone with a software in it with the strategy while u play video poker

  40. sexyboost3000 says:

    it’s a machine. it is destined to give me the not winning combination. It’s wiser not to play

  41. joe doe says:

    Who is to say they programmed their machines to pay what they claim? You’ll never be able to prove they’re ripping you off. Don’t say ‘they’re regulated by government.’ Government is incompetent in everything it does, and there’s no guarantee they’re somehow checking the accuracy of every machine in Vegas, every day of the year.

  42. Mick Mcknight says:

    You cant win overall. Dont bore us. End of story.

  43. joe doe says:

    Are the strategy charts suppose to be memorized so that you don’t sit there wasting time looking at them on every hand? How do you know from looking at a machine that it’s going to offer more than 100%? If those machines are limited in number, aren’t they always going to be occupied, even if you find one?

  44. Smokin' Joe says:

    Payback % – only matters in the long run. You will NEVER play enough hands to be in the long run. Therefore none of that matters. You will either get lucky and win, or you won’t.
    Best way to beat this game is to NOT PLAY IT. Otherwise you are just gambling.

    Do yourself a favor and learn to play real poker so you can use skill and not rely on luck.

  45. mike smith says:

    Hey Steve. Is there anyway I can talk to you on the phone

  46. matthoward23 says:

    ur not going to find many of those machines 9/6 or so-called 99% machines.. they are rare except maybe at $1 or more demon.   and who cares anyhow , you still lose money.    9/5 or 8/5 the best I usually see in PA.   casino is just for fun period… a smart person learns the stock market where in any market condition the odds are easily in my favor.

  47. Daniel Byron says:

    Gamble for fun it’s not suppose too be a investment or a game of skill just have fun win and go home home that’s all it is too it

  48. Louigi Verona says:

    How does the payout table look for video poker machines that have a 100% or higher payout rate?

  49. Melissa valdez says:

    can you become rich playing this game and correctly using this strategy?

  50. HikikomoriGamer says:

    …So that’s where that Paddock was hanging out at 😉


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