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10:46, 09 January 2018

Two sexiest girls on the poker tournament

Two sexiest girls on the poker tournament

Two sexiest girls on the poker tournament – National Heads-Up Poker Primary Occasion Final Table. Pokerstars Liv Boeree vs Gaelle Baumann.

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It is not secret that one particular of the very best ways to play Texas Hold Em Poker is to play in poker tournaments. There are so several benefits and a huge downside with regards to threat. The only point is, after you have been playing them for a even though and you have not won one however it can get really frustrating.

Are you feeling a bit annoyed that you’ve played in a few tournaments but haven’t won but? Well, you’ll be glad right after you finished reading this post simply because these guidelines are going to share with you a handful of secrets on winning.

1st Secret Of Unbeatable Poker Tournament Strategies

Study your opponents

Awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses is the biggest edge you can get. Use your own common as you evaluate your opponents. Know their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate the looseness and tightness of their play styles – especially if you are not playing the hand at that point in time.

This will give you a massive advantage in your tournament play in the future.

2nd Secret Of Unbeatable Poker Tournament Techniques

Discover to survive

Surviving till the finish is the very essence of winning the tournament. Do everything in order to survive in each and every phase of the tournament. This calls for intuition, accurate judgment, a lot of patience and suitable timing.

Remain in the game to allow your self fortunate to be in the end.

3rd Secret Of Unbeatable Poker Tournament Techniques

Keep calm, cool, and collected

Unwind while you play. Use this metaphor of the sun: it does not hurry to rise nor get excited to finish the day and however it accomplishes several things from its rise to its setting. When you are in undesirable position, your worrying won’t help you. It will only add up to pressure that will hinder appropriate assessment and judgment.

Take your time. Don’t get anxiety. Your opportunity to win will come.
Now that you have read these secrets I’m positive you are more conscious of how you can utilise them to win your subsequent tournament. In reality, you might be remembering a tournament that you lost and you can now imagine how it was due to not doing one particular of these. You can see how powerful they are now, cannot you?

If you are realizing how crucial it is to discover far more of these secrets so you can grow to be an unstoppable poker tournament winning machine, I know that you will have the initiative and take the action to uncover and understand what you need to. So congratulations, since it’s the players that continually go out and get new details and discover it that turn into the genuine winners.

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  1. Team Sports says:

    Waiting to see the hot women

  2. Houssam Chahrour says:

    11:36 I been feelin lots of "6s" since the beginning of this vid ;P

  3. slots play casinos says:

    the dealer is sweating. wonder why. #gamingwomen #pokieladies #shebringsit #gogirls #girlpower #gamergirls #casinoclassic

  4. Tom Yazel says:

    don’t get it…they look like Vegas chicks with greasy hair that hasn’t taken shower in three days.

  5. Brian Murray says:

    Liv Boeree might be good looking but she certainly is not sexy . Bit of a skank if you ask me . Gaelle Baumann is sexy .

  6. Paki0416 says:

    2 most uglyist women of poker

  7. ninuxy says:

    That was bunch of stupid bets the darker woman made at the end. Me… fold, fold, and fold.

  8. ladieschoice83 says:

    I actually prefer Gail! I think she’s lovely

  9. Donn Wooz says:

    What means sexiest they are just cute

  10. LordBattleSmurf says:

    I don’t think it’s even possible to be more of a cock carousel riding monkey branching whore than Liv

  11. Matthew Dawood Khaghani says:

    I like English women more than French.

  12. itspaintball8 8 says:

    How are they sexiest? Retarded channel.

  13. Mega Rom says:


  14. Velvet Jackson says:

    I wanna go all in that booty

  15. Jared Schinker says:

    Did neither of them want to play poker? That last all in was probably the stupidest thing she could have done, but neither of them played well

  16. ninuxy says:

    Your standards of sexiness are low.

  17. Asphalt Ricky says:

    What happened? Was it poker or something? All I saw was three (presenter inc) gorgeous women

  18. Houssam Chahrour says:

    why do they have Buddhist monks for card dealers?

  19. Jay N says:

    No Vanessa Rousso anybody?

  20. Steve Main says:

    Royal Flush why must you point out the gender of these players and their sexuality? These are two poker players that made it to the final tables.. These players earned their spot!

  21. João Oliveira says:

    womens play poker like parking cars! fucking shit. ALL IN with 8 and 6 looooooooooooool

  22. Cornelia Titei says:

    What about Vanessa Russo?!

  23. Finn The Human says:

    fact- females suck at poker
    fact- females brains are smaller, they arent very smart

  24. Eric Allen says:

    You know Selbst would be getting a hard on right now.

  25. Vodka Puschkin says:

    I get a dirty mind, if a women says. She wants ALL IN.

  26. FakeChi_Blast says:

    I wanna kiss the brunette on her lips downstairs

  27. taha umrethwala says:

    Who the fuck goes all in with an 8,6

  28. Mr. Koala says:

    Liv Boeree can get it.

  29. Tom Yazel says:

    take the blonde this time…just saying.

  30. shaun english says:


  31. Rubint József says:

    Liv Fish Boeree 92 raise to Baumann AK…. Boeree big idiot fish!!!!!!!

  32. J Clev says:

    Gaelle Baumann reminds me of Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) in this video.

  33. Jameel Ahmed says:

    All in on 8 6 off ?

  34. simply.complex 27 says:

    I heard they both tongued each other cooch holes after their match.

    Juanda had tweeps.

  35. Mdog67 says:

    Such a shity way to win

  36. Kriiispy says:

    That pre-flop all-in call was worryingly retarded

  37. William Waffle says:

    I wanna see them scissor…. not play cards

  38. Adee Estrada says:

    Sexy Poker , Nice , Girls rule …….

  39. swingdocta says:

    i had to stop watching when liv b opened with 32

  40. FakeChi_Blast says:

    Blonde girl sucks

  41. naeverdreng says:

    I am all in for a 3 some..

  42. GP says:

    Great lesson on how to let hands when one has the advantage. Completely foolish to go for all in with K,8

  43. ChrisBowen says:

    Eea, I wet meself!

  44. Malcolm Evans says:

    I thought you said two sexy woman

  45. Belhadj Nabil says:

    Gaelle sexy ????? You crazy

  46. 82PeRK says:


  47. Real19821 says:

    Call with 9,2???

  48. allwrighty100 says:

    There’s no such thing as a sexy girl playing poker. I’ve seen some good looking females playing poker but the fact that they play poker cancels any sexiness.

  49. spida817express says:

    Have you lost your mind!!!! If you think these 2 are the sexiest on tour, you are wasted.
    What a clown, do you get laid at all.
    One of them looks like she needs a meal and the other is a tour whore.
    Cmon man…

  50. Joker face says:

    The brunette girl is so gorgeous but she put all-in with garbage hands , pretty but stupid girl


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