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13:45, 08 January 2018

Two incredible poker hands that prove poker is a SICK game!

Two incredible poker hands that prove poker is a SICK game!

Two outstanding poker hands that are clear proof of why poker is considered to be a genuinely… ‘sick’ game amongst its fans!
In the very first hand, Ace-Jack is a clear favourite preflop against Ace-Ten – but the neighborhood hands send each players to hell and back once again, with a rather unexpected conclusion!
In the second hand, featuring non other than Phil Hellmuth as effectively as comedian Brad Garrett, the flop brings almost everything upside – down, but don’t forget: a poker hand often ends at the river!
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Обсуждение: 20 коммент.
  1. Ben Douglas says:

    Tom chambers volume 1 and volume 2 pdfs
    Quick Pro plo manual
    Advanced plo the workbook
    All for cheap prices
    [email protected]

  2. secondintelligentWorld says:

    its callled variance. this is why you dont put so much money at once

  3. 謬聊 says:

    Luck and who has more money to gamble. Skills? No matter.

  4. Tabeer Amin says:

    ‘give me the 50$ back’ ….. bwahahahahahahahahaa

  5. Adam west says:

    5:45 Garret is such a dick

  6. Sander van Rijswijk says:

    Are there video’s of PH on YouTube where hé actually wins a hand? Unreal how bad hé runs in cashgames haha

  7. TheEmpireX - says:

    can any one tell me why the last game was a split ?

  8. metalsabatico says:

    What a fucking asshole that Garrett guy is

  9. secondintelligentWorld says:

    "what is it honey?" "English at the table." hilarious. kys Garret

  10. FLAT PLANE GUY says:

    it was$25 u cheap fag

  11. Kimimaru Blackheart says:

    Nice video
    I liked it
    Don’t see why Phil got mad, it could be worse

  12. Neil Barsky says:

    What a condescending insufferable a-hole Brad Garrett is to the dealer. And in general. Is this guy supposed to be funny for a living?

  13. ابو فيصل العنزي says:

    Q and j fold ??????? Fuck you man

  14. BestPokerCoaching says:

    Always like watching Phil going into full rage mode 🙂

  15. William Howard says:

    Dude folds suited queen Jack of spades and then the tech guy listed them as outs for the river

  16. matt p says:

    unsubbed due to screaming announcers

  17. Rodion Raskolnikov says:

    honey they called with AA’s and KK’s! they have no concept of poker!

  18. SubZeroSkyLine says:


  19. City_Productions says:

    And when we are talking about sick poker hands, Hellmuth is always at the table…

  20. Blake Fascio says:

    loser open limp-folds QJ suited to a raise and a call where he gets priced in. Good play!


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