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20:54, 14 April 2018

Tiny Final Table on 888 Poker

Tiny Final Table on 888 Poker

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Обсуждение: 2 коммент.
  1. vaj665 says:

    Small pairs are a raise call against shortstacks, as they often reshove very small aces. However, on a tougher table I don’t suggest opening them from early position, as you are very likely getting 3 bet.

  2. TrickTappic* says:

    At 3.20 i think checking back to him on the river is the better option here. When he C-bets the flop and you call then checks back the turn, it’s pretty clear he was c-betting alot of his air in that spot and is probably putting you on a made hand at that point. Therefore, when you go all in on the river, you are techincally folding out all of his air/bluffs/medium hands (PP etc) and weakish made hands that are way behind a King. In that case, it is very unlikely a bet is going to get a call by anything weaker than a J and even less likely to have a Jam called especially as our range is pretty face up at this point. By checking to him, we imply weakness and anxiety, giving him a great opportunity to put his hands in the biscuit jar by betting the river and trying to take the pot from you. We can safely call and earn a respectable amouny of chips as opposed to Zero by betting.! Just a thought the next time you are in a spot like that. Great vid and thanks for sharing!


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