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15:58, 08 January 2018

THIS Is Why You Take Risks In Poker – WSOP $3.7 Million 1 Drop

THIS Is Why You Take Dangers In Poker – WSOP $three.7 Million One particular Drop

Let’s take one more look at the essential bluff from the $111,111 1 Drop final table. I briefly covered this in my documentary-style vlog covering that day, but nowadays we’re going to get into a bit much more detail. Numerous folks have asked me about this hand, as the decisions from each players have perplexed observers. This is my favourite hand from my WSOP bracelet win this year, so let’s dive correct in.

Watch: I WON THE WSOP 1 DROP FOR $three.7 MILLION!!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwI0Ucc6lJU

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Subscribe for far more wsop vlog, news, comedy, and hand breakdowns. Poker Hands is the show exactly where Doug analyzes reside poker hands from television poker shows such as Poker Soon after Dark, EPT (European Poker Tour), Higher Stakes Poker, the Planet Series of Poker (WSOP), the Aussie Millions, WPT (Planet Poker Tour) the Big A single For A single Drop, and the PCA (Pokerstars Carribean Adventure). He specifically enjoys reviewing hands by popular high stakes pros like Viktor “Isildur” Blom, Fedor Holz, Dan Cates (Jungleman), Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Josh Lee says:

    tough spot! I think if he had AK spades he would have found a call there🤔

  2. Poker4Pros says:

    It can be good a good move in high level tournaments but not in mid or lower…. They are gonna call you always in that spot. Cause they dont see probable straights, sets or two pairs posibilities they only see that they had the top pair with a flush draw.

  3. Phil says:

    its always nice to see poker commentators go out on the felt and battle it out with the pros. doug proves he can hold his own. reminds me of when gable kaplan played on HSP, very impreesive kudos to doug

  4. Bobby War says:

    snooze fest

  5. RLMUD says:

    if most would call, why jam???

  6. Tamara Omcikus says:

    You would be so dead if he called

  7. Josh Lee says:

    a flat call on the turn there really wouldnt be a bad move, you got nut draw and might have a chance to stack opp

  8. Jim Jones says:

    What a pathetic ,fold it proves how scared even these alleged top pros are. Less pouting and more balls Martin.

  9. Doug Polk Poker says:

    I documented my One Drop journey on video from Day 1. Watch the behind-the-scenes view of winning the bracelet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwI0Ucc6lJU

  10. Unbreakable says:

    Just wondering was this your actual thought process in the moment or your breakdown after re-watching or maybe a combination of the two?

  11. Martin Camargo says:

    I would have called.

  12. MrSimonvk says:

    One of the most interesting hands you covered.

  13. ramairneon says:

    One of the worst folds I’ve ever seen… Stunning move from a WSOP ME champ.

  14. Josh Lee says:

    giving the fact that this is probly the biggest tourney most these players has ever played pushing ther is probly the best move, Polk you got guts man! hell of a play sir, i mean if he calls hes really only has AK or AAs or set, but a set probly would have made a bigger turn bet, no way hes got 2 pair and like you said your bb range is nailing that board, damn beautiful play, i lot to learn in this hand, i think thers some spots and room for improvement in my game on the turn like semi bluffs that a lot of times i would just call or fold. Perfect example of a tourney ICM pressure play here, way to go Polk!

  15. Basic_Assumption says:

    Every time I watch Doug Polk I’m reminded of how much of diminutive egotistical cunt Daniel Negreanu is 🙃.

  16. Tim Nguyen says:

    Great play!

  17. Ryan Turner says:

    Doug polk poker you have such bad tells…

  18. Inf Know says:

    Is that Seiver commentating? God, his effeminate voice is so agitating. Add some bass or something.

  19. Poul Poulsen says:

    Dear mr Polk
    You do make some good and solid moves, but what you are saying in this video is kinda home made as the hand goes on. WP u are a champ

  20. Bryan T says:

    omg you are wealthy.

  21. Around the world in 80 blinds says:

    Really nice analysis Doug. More like this one, please

  22. mightybatillo says:

    Meanwhile at the local casino they call with J6 and hit the J in the river

  23. David Maskrey says:

    Doug please stop pronouncing Jacobson wrong like a dumbass ignorant American. You’re better than that

  24. graphetes says:

    Nice win Doug! I’m glad you are still crushing dreams on the felt.

  25. honumana says:

    he is sooo full of himself …..

  26. RyanMeese says:

    Probably the most memorable/shockingly bad play I can remember seeing. Had thought Jacobson was pretty good before this lol.

    Never forget this one after watching it live

  27. Calvin d says:

    What shades are those,doug?

  28. Jay D says:

    I usually dont offer insight or my opinions on hands played by players better than me BUT HOW DOES HE FOLD THAT?!?!?

  29. D1 Big Shifter says:

    When did gwenith paltro start working as a dealer

  30. Charles Cartier-Murdoch says:

    I was about to call the clock on you for your long winded hand description

  31. Jameson Wittman says:

    You know how you say, sometimes in tournaments it’s just your time to die? If this play hadn’t worked out, would you say the same about this spot?

  32. valen tin says:

    yes, put the pressure on them to donate money…

  33. Josedu Chavez Castillo says:

    Polk you are a very bad player. Terrible

  34. fiending says:

    can you tell us how much you were sweating hiding behind those glasses, like what was going thru your mind when hes tanking. are you saying fold fold fold like you do on your streams, or call and let me hit an ace or diamond!! do sunglasses really make it easier to bluff and intimidate opponents. and do you act the same way when you have a really strong hand

  35. mEYEndful trading says:

    Love it. Nothing like being in your backyard 🤓🤓😂😂😂😂😂

  36. David'sSon says:

    It was a good play no doubt, but if he had called, and we see these great calls all the time…. The real question is how often do you want to risk your entire stack? Last point, Doug’s move here would not work on a lot of amateurs, which is why I like being one , we are unpredictable. I would have gone all in on the flop! No the river, wait I would have called the all in. Yeah, my king likely has him beat and I could hit my flush. So 25% for the King and 25% for the flush draw= 50%, it’s a coin flip at the least. Yeah, it’s all about the math! Geez Doug get some sun and lift some weights for all those tank tops. Love your videos.

  37. Boris gva says:

    with those glasses you look like the Vannes Selbst

  38. David Heo says:

    Do you really think of all of this during a hand? @@

  39. Jerico Biermann says:

    ( ( (((TIME))) ) )….Too much talking.

  40. Dimitris Kontoleon says:

    So is both correct?(And the 1M bet and the fold?) maybe…

  41. steve bell says:

    Mug fold, defo should check the turn. But once he bet he should of known it was very likely you were at it when went all in.

  42. Nilesh Hiray says:

    unless he put you on a exact A5 spades. he has way too many outs to be folding this! and a lot of ace x space/diamonds combinations he is ahead of.

  43. Alejandro Ralpollio says:

    That’s my son

  44. yan ni says:

    Great analysis. But u didnt say a word for Moore’s pocket 3’s…Lets say that (randomly) Tom Dwan had that hand (33).He would have opened 100%, he would have called a less than 2bb standard cbet or whatever else would have happened…result…Polk and Jakobsen (2 of the best players) busted…

  45. Dutcher1000 says:

    Damn I’ve never wanted to see a river card so badly lol

  46. Joe Days says:

    Worst lay down I’ve seen in a very long time. Even if you’re behind you have top pair with an over card and second nut flush draw. Absolutely chicken move from scared money not making money. Horrible horrible play by laying down

  47. Tu Nguyen says:

    Lucky mother fucker. Its easy to go over a hand and explain how u made such a genius move in the spot. That sugh if relieve at the end shows he was sweating at all with that dumb fish play. Lucky online fuck. I wouldve called fuck what he had

  48. tsotas1967 says:

    Foggot Polk.. why do you need sunglasses??? Scared from real players reading your shit??? By the way… are you a Gaylord? I have a buddy pitcher that would love to fu k your ass

  49. Vasu Ganji says:

    One of the best on line poker is No limit poker (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zigbee.pokersquare&hl=en). you will definitely feel like real game

  50. Sam Sam says:

    I’ll never watch this bullshit channel anymore, u wasted my fucking time, u talk like a radio, and 18 minutes of listening to Ur gebberish and he folded? Fuck this channel! Peace


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