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4:16, 08 January 2018

Stopped and made $225 true swift lol (Hidden Camera) – Blackjack Skilled

Stopped and produced $225 real fast lol (Hidden Camera) – Blackjack Professional

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Stopped and played about five minutes of blackjack, did a bit of counting, nothing at all significant, certainly not with the caliber of other players at the table with lmfao but came up $225 and continued on with my day 🙂 Enjoy counting cards, even if it is for just below 5 minutes!

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By IvicaM90 from Pixabay

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Natty Cheats says:

    you can smoke inside

  2. mike watters says:

    great video of o fucking soda cup

  3. James Kline says:

    This guy is too cocky

  4. dan Mcgillicuddy says:

    That brother to your right looked to be annoyed by your ever-moving mouth.


    I like how he says you heard me lol

  6. Cesar Jimenez says:

    was this a 3 deck shoe? seems kinda small

  7. marcus reaves says:

    Black Jack Professional? Bragging about winning 225? And betting side bets? LMAO

  8. Bryce Van says:

    How do the casinos ensure someone doesnt get like two king of hearts for example when they mix the two decks might be a dumb question but i can not figure it out

  9. Jesse06tc says:

    LMFAO she wanted to shuffle #PIMPGAMETOSTRONG

  10. James Kline says:

    Is this double deck?

  11. chris faub says:

    being in the casino gaming industry for 23 years and training dealers, that dealer should not be on a table.

  12. Daniel Andersson says:

    Is nobody but me seeing the bottomdeal and second card deal she does at around 3:09?????

  13. Jimmy McCabe says:

    Love the seahorse side talk at the cage. I got a good laugh on that one Mike. keep doing your thing man.

  14. TrapDistrict Tapes says:

    hes like me…he loves the rush more than the money

  15. Amtrak Traveler911 says:

    Why would somebody film in the casino..

  16. Ratedr 711 says:

    should do video on your process when you get to a table, when they restart the shoe when you are betting more and more

  17. John Emery says:

    When you started talking about the seahorses I died dude! You are so unintentionally hilarious sometimes! Just decided to drop off some nat geo facts while you rob and rape them? hahaha!

  18. Duszek Smsaczek says:

    This is not skill, this is luck.

  19. chris sullivan says:

    why is everyone holding there cards i thought they were laid out on table during black jack

  20. Jake McGrae says:

    can u do this Everytime ?
    can u lose 0 $ every time?

  21. Thomas keun says:

    how would you count on a signle deck bj?

  22. goldenhawk952 says:

    That’s a shit way to play black jack she’s holding the cards I mean whose to say She’s not cheating. And not even any comments or table talk to the players stupid cow

  23. Mykee Landry says:

    check out split eights galore splitted six eights!

  24. Danielchai S says:

    move the cup please

  25. Paul Smenis says:

    why did you decide to increase your bet after saying there was a lot of 10s out?

  26. glenn barber says:

    What rat hole casino needed a boss to color up $500

  27. Joshua Colemam says:

    Lol yes Sir

  28. I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page. says:

    Most blackjack tables let the dealers control the cards instead of letting players mountain

  29. Gregory Mccann says:

    That’s probably the most amateurish betting I have ever witnessed desperate comes to mind side betting clueless hoping to hit lucky

  30. Anthony Bleakley says:

    can i learn this. brother i come from the same background. my mother was a junkie. foster care childrens homes until 19. i meet a crazy bitch (pussy whipped) have 2 kids. long story short i win custody of my kids. single dad now. i work as digger driver. but i want to give my kids the world. im in uk bro. manchester (ENGLAND) im keeping my eyes open and ears back brother. i wanna take them casino’s to the shitter nuff love bro. keep up the good work.

  31. oncenterline says:

    Was that a double deck table with $10 minimum or ??

  32. Jason Jay says:

    $1200 dollars in a "Elvis" slot machine , lol , i would have put it in a " Willy Wonka " haha

  33. QerSew says:

    where is it? In Africa?

  34. SikHei Ng says:

    hi , i have always wondered when should you start counting card ? like lets say i have arrived at the casino and people are alraedy playing , and i have no idea when they started playing and dont know how many cards have been distributed , do i just start counting whenever i sit down ?
    and also , when do you decide you should go big / small ? like for example a shoe of 6 decks , how many small cards should have appeared before i bet big? like +10?
    last , when should i restart counting cards or i just keep counting and counting doesnt matter if they re shuffle or not?
    thanks a lot !

  35. Pat says:

    U should team up with Steve Stevens.

  36. stephen bradley says:

    What was the count when u started betting??

  37. Desert Eagle says:

    keepem comin mike!

  38. slayerecale10123 says:

    Hey Mike, so at the casinos with 8 decks you divide the count by the number of decks left to get the true count. Now do you raise and play based on true or regular count? Also what is a recommend bankroll to go in with and with that bankroll what is a proper way to raise your bet without causing suspicion? example: bankroll is 100$.

  39. J B says:

    how do u count when others are holding cards in hand?

  40. Tippers Dad says:

    That side bet is making me cringe.

  41. jaime garcia says:

    MIKE,If you showed up to my casino ANd I see you playing around with the chips and talking non stop the way you do,  and another sign of a pro BUYING IN FOR 100 IN RED AND THE REST IN GREENS , I would ask you to leave.You have to many tells that give you away as a pro.But , if they are so stupid THAT they can not see that you are a pro, more luck to you..

  42. Chryogenos says:

    How much money do you start out with on a blackjack table? and usually what’s the minimum to bet?
    In Mexico we handle it with the minimum of 2 dollars but I don’t know how much money I should bring with me.

  43. Hassan Bazzi says:

    What casino allows a dealer to deal by throwing cards like that!

  44. Armida Zepeda says:

    move your damn cup

  45. Alabama SkyWatcher says:

    Only game I’ll play is pitch. Fuck the shoe games

  46. Jesse06tc says:

    Was the count +15? and you jumped in lmfao you animal!!! Hey bro you ever go to Iowa? Ima go pimp there in January I’m just making my pimp game on point lol damn bro you had 4 hoes to pimp at that table lol #PIMPGAMETOSTRONG

  47. chris sullivan says:

    i see face down means stand

  48. william butts says:

    down south lol

  49. Pat says:

    Never seen a casino bust out the pen

  50. Jacob hall says:

    such a rude dealer


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