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15:01, 02 July 2018

Slots With Jimbo – Compilation Session! The 100k Drop, Laser fruits & a lot more!

Slots With Jimbo – Compilation Session! The 100k Drop, Laser fruits & far more!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Lee White says:

    Great vid as always.
    Joined via your link mate: leewhite21

  2. chris2410 says:

    Registered my Name chris2410

  3. Jonathan Alderman says:

    Signed up buddy username is Gwildor. Love the videos

  4. JimboCasino - Online Slot Bonus Channel says:

    👉Join Gate777 for a 200% welcome bonus! (up to £100) – – ➡️I’m giving away £600 for my players at Gate777 in may! 18+ Gamble Responsibly

  5. burhan karasalih says:

    signed up to gate777.. username BEENSTER007. Has the missus had the baby yet congratz if so. Any news on how craigs getting on after hes crash, is he outta hospital yet? fingers crossed.

  6. Dutchphoto81 says:

    Only one mug there Jimbob…!

  7. martin crosby says:

    Signed up to gate777…. martari34 user name.

  8. Zack Smith says:

    Zacksmith325 – username for giveaway – enjoy whatever you get from £600 contribution in 3 days haha, didn’t win a penny lol. hope you have better luck!

  9. marie macardle says:

    Good luck with lil man mate xxx

  10. Coilin O'Corrbui says:

    Signed up on Gate777 through your link. Username: ClapTraps007

  11. ian mc says:

    Hey buddy I’ve registered and played gatee777 put £50 in and took out £500 was up about £900 but I was too greedy lol

  12. kkrispy2009 P says:

    They didn’t like you this session did they jimbo boooo maybe next time have some good luck

  13. TheBill9999 says:

    Good vid

  14. Sophee Louise says:

    I think £60 🤔 5 seconds later £360 win 😱 lol 😂
    Great vid also nice save from the wheel 👍🏻👍🏻

  15. TimeForSlots! - Online Gambling Channel says:

    Nice video again mate! But that 100k drop slot is rigged as f i believe haha!

  16. Jan Alleman says:

    I’d like to enter the gate777 draw. Username: lidltje1

  17. ~Dist says:

    Signed up to Gate777. Username is chiya. Please add me to the draw… Cheers.

  18. Peter Briscoe says:

    That was a top quality stream mate. That’s what I would be saying if you had any class and won some money. I mean it’s like your not even trying to win. Lots of love Pete 😍 ps always a fan

  19. Mark Cadman says:

    Can you add me to draw jimbo username mcadman1973

  20. Gebong Chavez says:

    At 29minutes that was a absolutely magnet right there Jimbo

  21. HooFlungPoo says:

    Joined Gate777 username is hooflungpoo what carryon though I deposited and it spat me out of the site and I couldnt get back in ggrrrr contacted support and chat guy Frank lmao said sorry scheduled maintenance???? 1900 on a Monday night WTF??? a
    Anyway nice vids La your one jammy sod good luck with the new family addition too, oh and pass on my best wishes to Craig to get well soon plz

  22. Stacey Brown says:

    Hey Jimbo please add me to the prize draw username: staceyb1988 cheers x

  23. Sean Dudley says:

    Signed up to gate 777 username seansaint gl mate

  24. martyn0021 says:

    joined gate777 mate. username martyn0021

  25. Geoff Robson says:

    Hey jimbo joined upto gate777 username Ten8ciousGVanwilder8 cheers mate, best of luck. Peace

  26. Gary Steven says:

    That Roulette spin at 29:30 looked very much like magnets Jimbo
    I’ve slowed it down about 8 times and that spin STINKS

  27. damncows says:

    Thanks Jimbo

  28. chrisgcfc 82 says:

    User name chrisgcfc 🍀👍✌

  29. d3m3nTu1 says:


  30. Paul Woodhouse says:

    Hiya Jimbo I’ve joined Gate777 username woody1972 thanks 😊

  31. Lewis M says:

    I’m sure the way the spin is on extra chilli you no whether it a win on the gamble seems spin fast when you get at the start and slow if you don’t although maybe I’m wrong…..

  32. James Wilson says:

    Hi, first time signing up through a link, gate777 username is jimmyontilt

  33. epicdaz ! says:

    Deposited gate777 [email protected] through your link And only fucking won again 😁

  34. Dj Murphy says:

    I lost 9 gambles in a row on extra chilli… Fuck that game I should have stopped at 5 in all fairness

  35. mike litorus says:

    Joined mate, username is: DavidJamesD

  36. MugPunter says:

    I like you Jimbo but how many casinos do you want to fleece people from? Doesn’t seem right to keep promoting different casinos constantly for the same people to sign up to. Good vid

  37. Terri 180 says:

    U played centrion free spins mate just play the normal centurion it’s 100% better

  38. Ryan's slots channel says:

    Signed up through you but which casino does gates relate too? I mean what group

  39. peter pan says:

    Hello Jimbo just joined gate 777 username is pokerdom38 thanks.

  40. Whiskey Dick says:

    Username for gate 777 comp is srhuu31

  41. newname says:

    Try hard presenter.

  42. lee nichols says:

    another good vid jimbo glad you cashed out some back 🙂 oh and if you speak to craig give him my best wishes on a speedy recovery

  43. sabrina says:

    Username for gate777 is sabrina2305

  44. Tony Dodson says:

    Just joined jim warriordod80 add me pls bro

  45. dean brooks says:

    go on jimbo me lad cant stay away can ya ,even though u hav blown your allocated cash 4 the week ,dont let the misses find out

  46. bob charlie says:

    add me to gate 777 draw matte

  47. Jordan Burnham says:

    Didn’t see ur sexy glasses mate !!??

  48. Dom Brookes says:

    I got that drop bonus four times in about 50spins never got to the end once its shocking should give you a guaranteed win at least

  49. chris povey says:

    Mr jimbo always enjoy your videos mate
    Just signed up to gate777 🤞🏼
    Wish me luck

  50. Shabina Kassim says:

    gate777 username is shabina786. hope you win big again like last time jimbo.x


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