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17:10, 08 January 2018

Sick Poker Hand at the EPT Prague Main Event Final Table | PokerStars

Sick Poker Hand at the EPT Prague Primary Occasion Final Table | PokerStars

Check out this sick poker hand at the Final Table of the EPT Prague Principal Occasion. What on earth would you do in this predicament? Let us know in the comments under.

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    Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
    1. Original P says:

      The sick part is the increasing number of weird looking losers poker players these days

    2. Ace Sanders says:

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    3. Hi, Neighbor! says:

      Commentators are horrible

    4. op hasugian says:

      That sucks..

    5. Steve Sullivan says:

      l would have called on the river

    6. yuliana santoso says:

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    9. Khai Lee says:

      I don’t get this. What would happen if he calls?

    10. Ivan Karev says:

      youtube pros v2.0 stable…
      why don’t you play EPT and better?

    11. Craftbeerdy says:

      What a mistake!

    12. Austin Felix says:

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    14. Canuck717 says:

      look at this guys eyes, jesus christ

    15. CyberWize says:

      Wow, one card off a royal on the board!

    16. M Amine AIT HAMMOU says:

      He couldn’t call the river… becouse Nguyen does’nt gave him no information, except that he was interesting in the flop, then concerned by the turn.
      This is how the earlier position should play, or how the dealer should’nt 😉

    17. Lochlan0915 says:


    18. Captain Jack says:

      I dont understand what happened?

    19. badbeatking80 says:

      this is a sick hand? seems pretty boring to me

    20. Shawn Levasseur says:

      Apparently , NOT everyone loves a chop pot.

    21. Ali Dergham says:

      Must be really hard for Meijer to pull a poker face 🙂

    22. Jose says:


    23. Ariel Garcia says:

      Dumb move on the river, shoulda moved all in on the turn and probably woulda got called. But no point in shoving on the river, only spades would call.

    24. Noud Rademakers says:

      pff wow wow what move. not snapp calls next time any spade

    25. Blayde Massam says:


    26. Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel says:

      wow … sick all in. wish i knew how to play well instead of just donating to the community lol

    27. Jae tran says:

      Why is the Asian guy sleeping while playing poker

    28. Balzhan Ibadulla says:

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    29. ggaccentc says:

      What a whacky hand lol

    30. Jack Sock says:

      I would be shoving all-in with the A,10 pre everytime.

    31. Minh Vu says:

      How the fuck could Meijer play with his eyes closed the whole time? Respect…

    32. HaRaKu 888 says:

      A lot of comments are uselessss, this man just won the EPT so he knew what he was doing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333

    33. mickscan2 says:

      It’s all about having the balls to force your opponent to make a decision. Nice play!!

    34. Heart and Troll says:

      Wow. Donk fold. If he calls, he wins half. Easy call.

    35. alex febrianoo says:

      that the ugliest chinese dude i ever seen

    36. 哇洗淋老杯 says:

      Poker is for pussies and betas! Real man gamble with blackjack and baccarat.

    37. antibishonen says:

      2:10 Sigh, a real blunder in this play. At the flop, fold or (if you’re willing to gamble around 3 outs) shove.

    38. iTz Shiro says:

      Wtf the guy in the thumbnail I thought he’s Kim Jong Un for a moment

    39. jettabelo says:

      if czuczor bets on the turn he will win. Meijer showed weak hand with the check on the turn card.

    40. Indische says:

      woh I just hope ace on river actually would be sicker

    41. a db says:

      juanda had trips

    42. TheRacingLine says:

      When he checked on the river he should have raised or gone all in

    43. lockodonis says:

      Fuck me meijer has the Alan tiers eyes I’ve ever seen…!

    44. AndersonNeo12 says:

      Poker is always easy when you play a $ 5 tournament and see all the cards. All these "i would have" comments, no you would not.

    45. poker108 says:

      a ching ching chong!

    46. rj doggman says:

      bad fold idiot. you gotta play the board in that situation. he can only have one card that beat you. if he has it so be it but you gotta believe both of you are mist likely playing the board. it’s a very small percentage that he had the J of spades. If I lose to a royal flush than more power to you.

    47. tehf00n says:

      If that guy got anymore passive with his A10o, he would have been a poker cuck.

    48. Jack Tsang says:

      Meijer should have said "You call, it’s gonna be all over baby!"

    49. Velix S says:

      asian Has the best pokerface

    50. Craftbeerdy says:

      Of course he must call!


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