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1:13, 09 January 2018

Samantha Abernathy Tends to make Massive Poker Bluff With 8 Higher!

Samantha Abernathy Tends to make Large Poker Bluff With eight High!

Samantha Abernathy Tends to make Massive Poker Bluff With eight Higher!
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If you are reading this, comment what poker video you would like to see subsequent. In this poker video, we are bringing you a hand where the poker celebrity and pro Samantha Abernathy tends to make a huge poker bluff against the monster hand AK, with JUST eight Higher! Thumbs Up for far more Daily Poker Content material!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Crybabehot says:

    He played so bad

  2. Nemoxyooj says:

    Is he a professional player?? Lol a little kid would fold long time ago

  3. Brian Jones says:

    lmfao WHO????

  4. Tommy Dennis says:

    Block head got beat by a girl

  5. Darkjean Cezar says:

    Woo Samantha 😘😘😘😍😍

  6. Denny Kuswindony says:


  7. BestPokerCoaching says:

    Wow showing cards?

  8. Eugene Chao says:

    he took way too long.. i would be bitching if he was playing at my table…

  9. Itsuki Takahashi says:

    I’m glad she showed her card.

  10. Joseph Saeteurn says:

    if only they have like 1 min to act.. makes poker better than you can bluff all the time. this is the BAD about poker. they take a nap.

  11. Apra Rhakho says:

    She shouldn’t have shown the cards ☺

  12. GuyAlan Dykens says:

    Ytaking to long

  13. Misterbillll says:

    dentale is a douchebagge……he blames somebody else for making him fold….LOL…..he was sitting there forever…Samantha is a great player!

  14. Joshua Colemam says:

    LMAO that’s on you scary money don’t make none

  15. Rhyan Evangelista says:


  16. Sona Hak says:

    don’t show your card

  17. ggaccentc says:


  18. abod MAX says:

    Dan Bilzerian

  19. Frank Standard says:

    Call the fucking clock!!!!!

  20. peace noviolence says:

    Two pairs is a go.

  21. Michael Angst says:

    What show is the thumbnail from?

  22. Otar Caciashvili says:

    http://CiQjWC.clickserver.online tu gsurs pulis mogeba gadadi linkze

  23. Aprilia Rider says:

    Change title to ‘How to butcher AK’
    She is gorgeous

  24. Steven Shields says:

    Poor girl, so much mouthy testosterone laden dick. Get paid, honey!

  25. mrseanpride says:

    Why is she so sweet. Saying don’t hate me and I’m sorry and shit. Damn

  26. Mohamed Younous says:

    Anyone wants to fuck her ass?

  27. Elixer Batiancila says:

    Hahahaha nice one girl…😍

  28. lakmanone says:

    Wtf they need a lounge and tv on side of the table.

  29. FearTheBody says:

    I’d give her the king of spades.

  30. Ron Don says:

    So hot

  31. Maly Maly says:

    It’s ok she blew his cock afterwards apologizing

  32. Deniz Cirpan says:

    Samantha poker beer glass detected! https://www.amazon.com/King-Beer-Pint-Glass-16/dp/B0778QRZDS

  33. adrian allen says:

    Why are people making it a huge deal! It was a smart play. Representing a 5. Can’t wait till vegas!!!

  34. jj oriter says:

    I wish she do porn 1 day if she went broke playing poker😃

  35. Khai Lee says:

    I am not a gambler, but if I am going to be one, I will definitely bet with 2 pairs. But what do I know about gambling anyway. Be a man!

  36. JACK CORBOS says:

    Weak play from AK ! He should have never let her get in that spot ! Seriously, flat call on the flop with top pair and Ace kicker !? Fucking RAISE !!!

  37. razmi 021 says:


  38. temporarysanity says:

    Woah. You can’t go showing your cards. You can get a reaction out of your opponent. Am I wrong on this?

  39. temporarysanity says:

    No we can’t hear because you won’t shut the fuck up.

  40. Devil_May_Cry666 says:

    This dude saying she got lucky with the river card allowing her to bluff is a straight up "SEXIST" how fucking ignorant. The girl made a great poker bluff. Fucking douchebag!

  41. Stevie Setlon says:

    I want Sam to sit on my chest… Take a shit.. then I’ll lick her booty hole

  42. Ron Don says:

    She looks so cool

  43. Ron Don says:

    What a dickhead taking that long to make a decision

  44. Raymond G says:

    I would eat the corn out of Samantha’s shit. She is charming.

  45. Chris Garside says:

    are thay playing poker or at a mothers meeting lol

  46. Arizona Dank says:

    I would of snapped her all in. How did he not catch her anxiety?? She was scared as fuck that he would call.

  47. James Lourenco says:

    Really well played even with a weak story. When you have the weakest hand you can have in a range that is strong you have to bet. Kudos

  48. Sager says:

    I would drink her bath water

  49. joe s says:

    I would Not have shown my hand.

  50. Lucky Luchiano says:

    Samantha is my dream girl! It’s always great to watch her play.


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