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20:37, 15 April 2018

RUST SULFUR FARMER JACKPOT! – Rust Solo Survival Gameplay

RUST SULFUR FARMER JACKPOT! – Rust Solo Survival Gameplay

Rust video game. Welcome to my Rust solo survival gameplay. I do solo survival and duo survival.

In this episode of the rust solo series I uncover a sulfur farmer and get a crazy simple jackpot. I also on the internet raid and go on a massive satchel raid for crazy profit!

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  1. TheDonUrbas says:

    lol everyone shits on Lorde

  2. rust. god says:

    Old take off the sight on python

  3. Timothy Schubarg says:

    What song plays during the outro??

  4. Gameris 1 says:

    Love the vid Bro❤️❤️😉😉

  5. Jpeg says:

    $0 |/0rth it

  6. Ian Smith says:


  7. A Dagg says:


  8. Landon Kiser says:

    Take the simple handmade off your python it makes aiming worse

  9. KingSlayer says:

    10:50 Sry Bro That was me😶 I love your Videos, Great Job👍🏿

  10. Joel Dreves says:

    Good vid but ur terrible at pvp

  11. lorenzo ortigoza says:

    Srry u are so bad dude

  12. Tilz says:

    “Took all my meds and guns” – base has both meds and guns inside – coincidence? I think not…

  13. king bib says:

    Loved it

  14. Matteo Milazzo says:

    Hey tilz, whats the outro?

  15. NoobTo Pro says:

    Play Rust don’t be so panic if you panic you can’t shoot

  16. Ziomislaw says:

    the guy with the sulfur was called Lorde <3, its the guy that Tilz raided that had soooo much sulfur.

  17. Mert Karcı says:

    can u please render 60Fps

  18. Fiery says:

    Dude fuck, turn lower your sensitivity lol, it’s soooo annoying to watch man, it’s all stuttery xs

  19. Wynstar says:

    Kell loves orange soda

  20. The Chicken Raider says:

    Wilsonator sounds exactly like you it’s weird 030

  21. Money Honey says:

    pretty nice raid man, and very noice vid!

  22. SWAT _IQ says:

    Oh damn…
    I forget to comment in the first
    You are the Legend of this game
    Hope that you reach 100K Sub
    I 💕YOU

  23. Yousef Sawy says:

    What is the name of the song that is in the end

  24. stopmotion crit 110 says:


  25. Rachel Fitzpatrick says:

    Great vid!

  26. Lawless says:

    That guy with the AK and all that sulfur is the same guy Tilz raided in his latest video! He had soooo much sulfur!

  27. MisfitCZ says:


  28. J0kerNnn says:

    how can u lose against keyworth jeeeeSUS

  29. Pieter Vanwoensel says:

    This isnt like legit gameplay right? Like the overreacting and stuff?

  30. Pheeps says:

    u r panicking so much hahaha

  31. MeatHeadMcGee says:

    I am sorry but you are fucking awful at building

  32. Stronk Memes says:

    U need to chill the fuck out dude rofl

  33. Joshua Taunt says:

    man what your outro song name and <3 you 😀

  34. Oskar_ _Spiller says:

    Lower your sens please

  35. KKH says:

    loot at the hunger bar at 7:45

  36. Sam Porter says:

    Great show old bean!

  37. Vishwash Thapa says:

    dude you are #awesome

  38. a b says:

    8:32 Really? "’Whats 40×13?" You joking? You don’t know what 4×13 is? You’re a disappointment .

  39. FIMKIMdhyh says:

    I though ur decent but. You are dog shit

  40. Twizz Vex says:

    Love ur vids dude, just gotta work on that pvp 🙂

  41. Nostril Thomas says:

    keyworth turn your sensetivity down ts too high

  42. PBOY Playz says:


  43. FIMKIMdhyh says:

    Please go to the doctor your hands shake way to hard

  44. Some Guy Who Never Uploads But Still Comments says:

    7:40 Hunger bar?

  45. Jake R says:

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 like on every video

  46. Pieter Vanwoensel says:


  47. Nicolas Voir says:

    What is the outro song?

  48. JayDom26 says:


  49. Whale Banisher says:

    Are you playing on a laptop touch pad?

  50. Kevzern says:

    8:05 Penis base lmao


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