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1:38, 10 January 2018

Roulette – How to Play & How to Win!

Roulette – How to Play & How to Win!

Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, explains how to play and how to win at roulette. Subjects covered incorporate: the a variety of bets that can be created the casino’s advantage on those bets the worst bet you can make the difference amongst double-zero and single-zero roulette tables obtaining the greatest roulette games to play and much a lot more.

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Utilizing some fixed guidelines such as waiting for specific sequences or betting in case particular roulette element will land when you are developing your personal roulette program can bring you profit only for a short sequence of numbers.


Some months ago Cash Maker Machine Network – the most significant worldwide providers of on-line roulette tools for on the web roulette players released new application primarily based on a new technology. This application use entirely new approach nobody employed till now. Right here I mean when your own RNG play against on-line casino RNG. So appears like a battle between two RNG’S.

The software and the technique it use are based on the theory associated to equivalent RNG’S. So the bigger is the equivalence between these two RNG’S the larger will be the profit constructed by the player.

All is simple but prior to to play for real money is advised to run your own RNG in actual income mode with real income simulator at least for many days.

Below you can study what posted one MMM member who already utilised AVSB in real cash mode and which currently made a profit with AVSB.

I was using AVSB final night in manual mode to mirror the multistep function about to be released when I thought I would attempt this.

As a high percentage (I have the information from all my tests but havent worked out the numbers yet) of wins with AVSB are in the initial 5 methods I believed if it lost a couple of occasions previous a certain step, the occasions that it wins on the very first few methods will regain that loss and continue to construct profit.

I set up my pallette to the 7th step primarily based on .10 on very first step

I then set the number of steps to use as 12. So I had this

Step 1 – .ten

Step 2 – .20

Step 3 – .40

Step 4 – .80

Step five – 1.60

Step six – 3.20

Step 7 – six.40

Step 8 – .00

Step 9 – .00

Step 10 – .00

Step 11 – .00

Step 12 – .00

Due to the fact I had set to use all 12 measures of the pallette it would not quit the system if it got to step eight or beyond.

I employed 5 bit typical analyser so it would not take ages to do something. I let it run overnight. Checked it this morning just before I ran out the door.

486 units won!!!!! True cash also.

I ended that session and started a new one particular with the very same settings. Cant wait to get residence and have a appear at the benefits.

Just think about what multistep will do!!

I will post the information of this outcome later tonight.

Firm: Funds Maker MachineAddress: http://www.money-maker-machine.com

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  1. Richard Williams says:

    I don¨t bother even going to the casino anymore, I just put my hard earned money in an envelope and just post it straight to them Saves so much time.

  2. blaze5053 says:

    going to play tonight!! wish me luck

  3. Tristan Vazquez says:

    I’m actually really good at roulette I won a ton of money

  4. No Left Turns says:

    Let me explain how I gamble at Roulette:

    My attitude is that gambling is entertainment – I always pay for my entertainment
    I know that over the long run I’ll lose 5.3% (American wheel) of all monies bet playing Roulette but I like the game
    I have the attitude that any winning bet is money that comes from the casino and not me
    My bankroll is entertainment money that I can spend any way I want but most forms of entertainment has the money vanishing to someone else

    I start with a $100 bankroll
    I have 2 stacks of chips –
    1) my original stack(s) – my bankroll
    2) winning stack of chips

    I arrive at the casino one hour before I want to eat
    I play Roulette only and every time I win a spin the winning chips go onto the "winnings" stack
    I play until the "winning" stack of chips will pay for my dinner, usually about $35 for the buffet and $75 at the steak house restaurant on site

    As soon as the "winning" stack gets to the purchase price of a meal I quit
    I eat on the winnings of the casino – I smile the whole time

    Once I’m finished eating I return to the Roulette table and take the remaining $100 minus the meal and play the same way
    I play until the "winning" stack equals another meal and then I leave the casino, or I just go home after the meal.

    Over the years I’ve never had my $100 lost and I’ve had hundreds of meals on the casino’s money.
    I lose about 5% in a year – I keep track of what’s left in my bankroll from the $100 and include the meal.

    99% of the folks at the table just play until they run out of money – they go home a loser
    me – I’ve had hundreds of wonderful meals thanks to the casinos

    Try that with any other type of entertainment – you can’t even come close
    (and honestly, if you bet anything but single numbers you can do the same exact thing and have a ball)

    Total time at the table is less than 30 minutes and most of the time around 15 minutes
    I spend more time eating my meal which was paid for by the casino than gambling – I have a ball

    On my last visit to the casino, I had the worst streak of luck in my life
    I bet $6 per spin and lost 11 spins in a row
    before a win
    and then 9 more losing spins leaving me with $10 to bet

    The next 3 spins had me winning my maximum bet and I came right back to an even $100
    It happened so fast and I was so excited that I didn’t stop to eat – I broke even and was elated

    I ate dinner and just went home and had a fantastic evening; it was exciting
    So even this 20-year disciplined Roulette player sometimes does not follow his own advice.

  5. Lue Kaa says:

    I play this today and I lost 400$

  6. Dr Dash says:


  7. gggggggg says:

    The only way not to lose a vast amount of times in my opinion involves this type of stake
    4 on red, 4 on black, 1 on 0 and another 1 on 00. if its red or black, you get 8 back, thus only losing 2, if its 0 or 00 then you show a profit…….. then its time to leave. this way you can have a bit of gambling, spend time playing and possibly win a little

  8. maria I says:

    So the question I have is if each spin is independent with the same odds and the last spin does not determine the next why is it that 18 red( or any other number) NEVER comes out 18 times in a row?

  9. H QG says:


  10. J Dub says:

    Tell you how to win pay me lol

  11. Shaclown Fiesta says:

    i play rulettle like this:
    for example you bet 1$ on red, if you lose you double your bet, if you lose again you double the previous bet, eventually you will win and you will be 1$ in plus, and when you win you start from the beginning , you bet 1$ iif you win you bet 1 $ again and if you lose you bet 2$ and if you lose again you bet 4$ and if you win you will be 1$ in plus, and then you again start to bet 1$.
    this isnt the way to earn a lot of money, but i think the odds are at your side

  12. You're Welcome! says:

    options for placing bets on this camera awfully complex for a ball spinning on a wheel. after watching this I’ve decided I will not try to play this game.

  13. engel Eng says:

    well that you , I only wanted to know so I can play the casino on GTA SA on the roulette since the rule is IRL

  14. stevo ljubicic says:


  15. Jimmy Hines says:

    By having some basic knowledge of the game, you can help your odds off winning, but only slightly.  Roulette does not offer players with the most favorable odds anyway, but can be fun and profitable if you’re running hot.

  16. david jackson says:

    I play American roulette and recently on trying something new that I had planned and studied, I was able to predict a number coming up on average better probabilities than 1 out of 38, like about 1 out of 30 and be betting on a single number all the time. When started out in a casino, my number hit a few times and I won about $6,000. But then later on I lost all my winnings plus $15,000 more due to the following that occurred. For the next 180 spins of the wheel about 28 times, the 4 neighbours of my number come up (like for instance if i bet on number 31, then 18, 6, 19 or 8 would come up, if bet on 34 then 15, 3, 22 or 5 would come up); but not one time did my number came up in all those 180 spins, must be volatility but it can be so cruel, and that made me really frustrated. I not making this story up. How long must I play to get to the long run and win in the long run?

  17. ghosturd77 says:

    I’m lost, I have no idea what the hell is going on

  18. ZOZO GOGO says:

    Garcia Pelayo disagrees with luck

  19. Mike Grossnickle says:

    These videos ignore the obvious. I’ve played this game successfully for years. I spend about an hour a day at the wheel and my average weekly profit is around $3500. Play $2 on 2,4,6,8, 15,24, and 33. I leave 35 open out of superstition. Split 8-11, 10-13, 17-20, 26-29 and 28-31 for $7 each. You’ve covered all black except 35. Black wins 48% of the time over the long haul. Total bet per spin is $46. A hit on a $2 bet brings back $70 and a hit on a $7 dollar bet brings back $119. Instead of the house having a 5.6% advantage, you’ve switched the advantage in your favor. Patience and discipline makes you a daily winner.

  20. thiri thazin tun says:

    I found the word roulette on my sweet wrapper. Trollolloll

  21. AARP24 says:

    Hi americancasinoguide,

    Was curious as to your thoughts on the martingale betting system as it pertains to roulette.

    Even taking into consideration certain factors such as:
    1.) The game potentially having minimum and maximum bets [although I presume at least some wheels in Atlantic city or Vegas have no such limits]

    2.) The possibility of a bad streak against the player [e.g. the player bets all red for 10 turns of the wheel and the wheel hits 10 non-red numbers]

    It would seem as though the strategy would likely work very well for a majority of players. Especially so if you have a very high bank role and the number of successive bets you can make before exceeding the maximum bet is high. Also, if you notice the wheel keeps landing on black numbers and you believe this to be due to a non-random wheel [intentional or not], you could always switch your bet from red to black without changing the odds at all.

    I am also curious to as to whether or not most casinos have rules prohibiting the use of the martingale betting system.

  22. Journey Ali says:

    I did good with roulette the first time I played, knowing when to walk away is important. But there are so many ways to divide the bet so even if you lose money on one of your bets, you will win on others. And then there is luck. I liked the game. No one is going to leave the casino flush in most cases, it is for fun, but I definitely believe the odds are in my favor in roulette due to all the choices on bets that can be placed.

  23. barakas49 says:

    Yeah Roulette is a bandit. No doubt. If you stay a long time you will lose period. He is right get out of there quickly if you are up. That is the only way. I’ve never known anybody who stayed a long time on Roulette and came out ahead. I know people up for the first 5 or 10 minutes or something. If you are you should cash out and leave. It’s a real bad game. The Slots are even worse IMO.


    But I suggest online Gamble is not safe even not in real casino! They can use electric magnet to control d iron like ball or may be they can use like remote control ball! what do u think tell me! Ya all the times they dont use it to assure the customers that they are not cheater!

  25. Michael Dillon says:

    boring idiot…why bother watching?no good info here at all

  26. Jayson Cruz says:

    This video is stupid

  27. Suspense & ESCAPE! says:

    Good tutorial. Direct, to the point and factual. Good for beginners. Also, no annoying loud music. Those who voted thumbs down simply didn’t get to hear what they wanted to hear (a magical way to beat the house!)

  28. Paul Butler says:

    load of shite…..never win long term😂😂😂

  29. Jake McGrae says:

    what is the advertisment about ?
    i never get it

  30. flickward says:

    Its indeed possible to win flat betting.
    After having a closer look at these statistics: https://bitbin.it/a4cFRsgD/ you should be able to figure out, how to improve your betselection. What numbers would you need to bet on, to benefit from this info? Its not that hard… 🙂
    Btw, this is freely available on the net, everybody could just grab it and…

  31. Living Life With Texasred says:

    I always play the end of the table and do pretty good, play 2 $1 bets and 2/3 of the time win.

  32. storyteller Lyndon says:

    nice video i enjoyed it and subscribed please remember to sub me back

  33. τασος χουλιαρας says:

    betting system tasos007007

    in year about 2006 i prayed to Lord Jesus Christ to show me if there is
    a winning strategy to beat roulette, after that i started thinking and
    testing every thought i had i wrote down 2000 spins and i
    had a dream to create a strategy that could stay alive untill the 2000th
    spin but no result Finally this year i created and tested this system for
    7000 spins and finally i got 3500c profit. now im happy and i want to share
    my happiness
    with the whole world i wish everybody use this system so everybody wins so
    casinos will close down this game.for me i have to say
    R.I.P. roulette

    before we see the system do some practice to the following concept

    i write 1 and bet 1c to 1-18 if i loose i write 2 and bet 1c to 1-12
    because now my ‘dept’ is 2c and only if i win at 1-12 i clear the dept and
    i get 1c profit so lets see what to bet according to dept
    1— 1-18
    2— 1-12
    3— 1-6
    4— 1-6
    5— 1-6
    6— 1,2,4,5
    7— 1,2,4,5
    8— 1,2,4,5
    9— 1-3
    10– 1-3
    11– 1-3
    12– 1-2
    13– 1-2
    14– 1-2
    15– 1-2
    16– 1-2
    17– 1-2
    18– 1
    19– 1 20,21,22….32,33,34,35— 1 after 35 losses i bet 2c to 1 so
    37– 2c to 1 39,41,43,45….67,69,71 then i bet 3c to 1 so
    74– 3c to 1 77,80,83,86….101,104,107 then i bet 4c to 1 so
    111- 4c to 1 115,119….139,143 then i bet 5c to 1 so
    148- 5c to 1 153-158….173,178 then i bet 6c to 1 so
    184- 6c to 1 190-196………. etc

    so these are the betting steps for ‘1 player’ now lets see the betting
    steps for 2 players [each player bets to clear his own dept]
    1– 1-18 [in the first step there is no meaning to bet both players]
    2,1– 1-1219-36
    3,2– 1-613-24 or both players can bet 1-181-18 so if there is a win
    then we clear the player with 3c dept
    4,3– 1-67-12
    5,4– 1-67-12
    6,5– 1,2,4,57-12
    7,6– 1,2,4,57,8,10,11
    8,7– 1,2,4,57,8,10,11 etc notice that in step….
    ….. 19,18– we can bet 2c to 1-3
    20,19– we can bet 2c to 1-3
    21,20– we can bet 2c to 1-3….etc
    also if 3 players bet then in step 24,23,22– 3c to 1,2,4,5
    25,24,23– 3c to 1,2,4,5

    now if 4 players bet in step 25,13,7,3 and the player with 7c dept win
    then we clear the 7c dept we take 1c profit and we have 1c left so we
    give it to the player with 25c dept to reduce his dept so now is 24
    another example is 75,38,24,15,6 if player with 38c win then he gets 72c
    so he clear his dept 38->0 he keep 1c profit and the rest 33c help the
    player with 75c dept to reduce 75->42c

    now lets see the system:

    rule no1: if noone player wins in a spin then we add a player betting to
    the next spin for example 3 players with depts 24,16,9 loose then at the
    next spin we add a player so the next step is 25,17,10,1– 1/2-3/4-6/19-36

    rule no2: if a player wins then he clear his dept and if he has more than
    1c profit then he keeps 1c and the rest c reduce the dept of the
    player with biggest dept.and after that we dont add a player at the next
    spin* for example 35,29,13,8,4 if wins the player with 13c then 13->0
    35-4=31 and the next step is 32,30,9,5

    rule no3:if the player with biggest dept bet more than 1c f.e.
    153,123,77,65,34,30,20,13,5 the player with 153c needs to bet 5c then
    the other players write +5c although they bet what they need to so in this
    step we write

    but we bet 158– 5c to 1
    128– 4c to 2
    86— 3c to 3
    70— 2c to 4
    39— 2c to 5
    35— 1c to 6
    25— 1c to 7
    18— 1c to 8
    10— 1c to 10-12
    if no player win then we do the rule no1 and we count the c that we didnt
    bet although we wrote that we bet so
    128 is 5-4=1
    86 5-3=2
    70 5-2=3
    39 5-2=3
    35 5-1=4
    25 5-1=4
    18 5-1=4
    10 5-1=4 so 1+2+3+3+4+4+4+4=25c we use these 25c to reduce
    the dept of 158 so 158-25=133 so next step is
    if a player win then we do as above and we do the rule no2 so if the winner
    has profit more than 1c then he adds the rest c to the 25c f.e. if
    86 wins then 86->0 1c=profit and the rest 21 goes to 25 so 25+21=46
    so 158-46=112 so next step is

    *you can try an other concept of rule no2 that is if a player win then
    the next spin only the half players bet f.e.
    34,28,20,17,10,4,2 if 17 win then the next step is
    35,29,21,11 [the 4 and 2 now wait if there be looses to be added
    one by one as new players ->37,31,23,13,6 and ->39,33,25,15,8,4]
    so if 1 of 10 players win then the biggest 5 players bet….etc

    God bless you

  34. J Dub says:

    Lol I kill it every time..there’s is a trick. Just need to be smarter then the rest…. common sense…

  35. Buttery Skater says:

    I played the csgo wild roulette game and lost $20 and i was un employed at the time lol.

  36. John Castaneda says:

    I play roulette often and I totally agree that the longer you stay you will probably end up losing it all. I play mostly on gut feeling and divide the 36 numbers by 4, and where the ball lands I bet 4 to the left and for to the right for a total of 9 numbers and include the 0 and double 00 and if the wheel is all over the place in numbers I will bet for example if it lands 29 ill bet 4 left and 4 right and 2 more numbers half way across being 30 & 26, its worked more often for me and I try to minimize my time and leave as soon as I build my winnings with a hundred dollar bank, 300 to 500 is my target and I’ve done that consistent and try not to play more than an hour. Good luck everyone.

  37. snickers2829 says:

    Time out!…what 😳

  38. Sean McDowell says:

    If you bet $1 on a 2:1 and win do you get $2 total or $2 plus the 1$ original bet?

  39. devda dharmpalsinh says:

    love u guys

  40. DjaMelaque says:

    I know a secret roulette trick which wins me $10,000 a week just play like this : Cover 3,5,17,23,26,35,36 and black keep doubling your money if you loose. Once you keep doubling and doubling you will then realise you have lost shit loads and then you can take whatever you have left in your account and shove it deep inside your asshole where it will remain safe and then take a look in the mirror and give your self a massive slap for gambling away your life (ex millionaire)

  41. Lightning Champion says:

    You receive $3
    Your original $1 + $2

  42. mikes45 says:

    I think videos like this should at least mention that players should never pay attention to the board that displays the previous "hot" and "cold" numbers. At least one strategy, if there are any at all, is to remember that each spin is unique and has no bearing on any future spin. If #26 is "hot," it doesn’t mean you’re any more likely to land on 26.

    This is the same for red or black. If the ball has landed on red the last ten spins it does NOT mean black is ‘due’ or any more likely to win next time. It’s a distraction.

  43. Hasim 030 says:

    shut the fuck up i watch the whole video for a strategy all you say is get lucky

  44. Catkid says:

    Kakegurui brought me here

  45. STAY TRUE says:

    progressively increase wager on 1-1 odds, hi-low, red-black, even-odd. play the same until you win, 1-3-7-15-31 etc. net profit 1 per spin, large wager small payout, net profit if you have enough bankroll

  46. Danny Lee says:

    Why is the 5 number bet the worst bet if there are 5 numbers to win and pays 6:1?

  47. Kimberly Chase says:

    All of this is sort of fun! I would definitely be interested in winning the lottery and winning at the casino in order to be filthy rich. I’m not saying this as a prideful bastard that I might become, but unfortunately, I might not play fair because it’s much more fun. I must confess the prizes on the line and they’re all mine of course. So, if you face me……you will have consequences!😈😈😈😈💀💀💀💀👹👹👹👹💀💀💀💀

  48. detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• says:

    But de chips do have different colors right? You’ll have to tell them apart to know which ones belongs to whom

  49. Warren Harrison says:

    Roulette is the best game for me I’ve been winning ever since O sarted playing my methods aren’t sure proof and are time consuming. You won’t gett super rich and can still lose money but since I started playing I havent left the casino with less than I came in with. Infact evertime Ingo in I leave with inbetween 50 -200 dollars. I’ve simplified it down to a couple rules.

    1. House always wins, everyone around you is losing your just there to observe their mistakes.

    2. Don’t bet every round. When I go to the casino i grab a drink, non alcholic is best. My first bet is almost alway’s after a zero or double Zero. If a number comes up double zero after 4 red numbers i don’t have any reservations of betting 59 dollars on black. Every time a number comes up the same color the chance it will be the same color goes down. After three of the same color a green number is highly likely in my eyes. Thats what I wait on then I just bet the last remaining color that hasnt hit in awhile. I’ve seen the same color come in 7 times in a row. But never seven times then a zero then the same color. I’m a bit sadistic so when I win a bet I enjoy it by watching everyone around me lose until I see a good bet.

    3. Always play the table. Playing the electronic table is like betting the hope of the free world on a cointoss and asking mister anderson to flip the coin himself.

    4. Bet on what seems like a sure thing. Look at the numbers that have been hit. They ussually have the last 10 or so displayed. If the last five hits were odd bet even, three of the same color than a zero number. Best bet in the casino imo. The chance of a number constantly having the same characteristics become astronomical quickly.

    5. Don’t bet on single numbers.The casino makes hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars a turn. people bring hundreds of dollars to the table and in return get a bunch of chips that they randomly play on numbers. One or two people get lucky but if you’ve ever seen a roulette dealer shovel hundreds of dollars worth of chips into a hole and a bunch of miserable losers smoke their ciggerrates And cry you understand it’s a suckers bet. Red or black roughly it’s a 50 50 chance.

  50. Danny says:

    Can we beat on 0 or 00?


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