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9:49, 08 January 2018

Roulette – Aku Jatuh Cinta

Roulette – Aku Jatuh Cinta

Music video by Roulette performing Aku Jatuh Cinta. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: three,406 (C) 2008 PT. Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia

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Questions prior to purchasing Funds Maker Machine Testimonials

Hi Kevin,

I was searching by way of your internet site and think that all the information you have posted is tremendously informative for any individual hunting to acquire your solution so kudos on that!

A properly known supply has listed your “income maker machine” as his favored technique, and following carrying out my own research I like what I see so far so am certainly interested in buying your solution but was hoping you could answer a couple questions about the tool before I make the obtain.

Now, I have not too long ago bought a copy of the roulette bandit method, which has been operating wonderful for me but I find it demands quite a bit of manual perform.

If your not conscious of the technique, it essentially calls for waiting for particular pattern to happen a certain quantity of times (i.e. three blacks in a row going into 4 blacks in a row, five times CONSECUTIVELY) before placing a bet.

So in this case, the next time three blacks come up (aka the 6th time) I would want the system to bet on red. If it loses then i would wait for three blacks to come up once again then enhance the bet.

In this scenario, if it goes three black then a red ahead of carrying out it it five occasions it will ruin the “three black to 4 black count” and start the “3 black to red count”. Identical factor would apply for the “3 black to red” count. That pattern have to take place, for instance, 5 occasions in row Without having going into 4 black in a row in order to location a bet.

*Example of Counts: it can go R, B, R, (B, B, B, B) R, R, B, R, B, B, B, R, B, R, R, R, (B, B, B, B,)… etc  –&gt This would be an instance of the “3 Black to 4 black” pattern taking place TWICE

I have been undertaking this for two B or R, three B or R, four B or R, five B or R, and 6 B or R all at the exact same time. As you can see this demand a lot of mental/physical works have to preserve track of all the patterns at the exact same time (which is something I hope I can automate making use of the tools you have to offer you along with your programmer “Silver”).

Here are my principal concerns:

1. I was asking yourself if it is possible to system the “roulette bandit method” (described in brief above) into the income maker machine application, as well as how effortless it is to do this.

–&gt Is there currently a script written for it that you have come across on the forums?

–&gt If not, is it achievable to get your programmer to program this program for me? What are the charges connected with this?

2. I have watched your video on your internet site ($ 300.45 to $ 1300.45) and am quite impressed to say the least.

–&gt What is the name of the pallette utilised in the video?

–&gt Will I have access to this precise technique after purchasing the MMM?

3. How would you price the present systems available on the MMM website in terms of extended term lucrative final results?

4. Is it against the casino policy to make use of such application?

five. How would you rate the support from the forums?

I apologize about the length of this e-mail, it turned out to be a lot extended that I anticipated. Any assist is considerably appreciated. I will wait for your response prior to producing the buy. Thanks for your time!

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By falconp4 from Pixabay

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  1. Vj Gilang says:

    Ada yang masih dengerin di 2018?

  2. achyar faudzan says:

    2018 angkat tangannya.. 😀😀😀

  3. Jerry Vaisal says:

    Lagu favorite tahun 2006…hahahaaayyyyyyy

  4. rinovano lexy says:


  5. Agus Suheli says:

    2018 masih ada yg dengerin?

  6. Abi Devo says:

    Hayo siapa yang masih dengerin lagu ini di tahun 2018 acungkan tangan yang dengerin

  7. Rendiy Chummy Subagya says:

    Jempol ny mana?? Yg di 2018 msh denger ini lagu.?? Inget jaman SMP..

  8. julianna alda says:


  9. Izat Azizan says:


  10. Gatot Tepati says:

    Lagu kenangan jaman SMA dan skrg anak gue udh gede. #fak

  11. Solihah Andriyani says:

    Hehehhe lagu perwakilan perasaan nya 😍😍😍 Lupyu A Adam

  12. Efaa Angelinna says:

    Lala aku

  13. Rendiy Chummy Subagya says:

    Jempol ny mana?? Yg di 2018 msh denger ini lagu.?? Inget jaman SMP..

  14. Devina Tanujaya says:

    Yuk yg dengerin #2k18

  15. Nugraheni Rini says:

    Absen yg dengerin 2018

  16. Kake Sugiono says:

    angkat jempolnya yg nonton di 2018

  17. wahyu hariyadi says:

    waktu sma…mengenang masa lalu..

  18. Andrian Maladi says:

    2018 masih aja enak nih lagu

  19. Wanto ciutt says:

    Enak lagu jadul, dri pada lagu skrang

  20. Roman putra SNP says:

    lagu ku sama gebetan ku pas smp.. dlu sekarang aku udah punya anak… 😂😂😂

  21. Ayu Gonzales says:


  22. fauzi best says:

    Lagu cinta pertamaku

  23. Rahdian Rahdian says:

    2018, masih gua dengerin cuy,,

  24. Nurul Aini says:

    Lagu kesukaan 😁

  25. Fendi Ahmad says:


  26. Evii 22maret says:

    2018 msih dengerin lagu ini

  27. andri ana says:

    2018 awal bulan

  28. H.L. Richard says:


  29. Tutiserna Hayati18 says:

    2018 January

  30. Therresia Halim says:

    Apa cuma gw yg denger lagu ini 2018 👱🏻‍♀️

  31. Mukhsin Ardiansah says:

    W msh dengerin ni lagu di taon 2022. Siapa lg hayoo

  32. Hadi Baresi says:

    2018,, 😂😂

  33. Lukman Gunawan says:

    jdi inget masa pacaran yg sekarang jdi istriku,tiap mlm nyanyi pake gitar lagu ini

  34. Rio w says:

    Yang absen di 2018 mana?

  35. virgo maskuri says:

    lagu penghantar tidur,,,,,masih muter di tahun 2018

  36. blood king says:

    Awal 2018 masih flash back di tahun 2009😊

  37. Onden Osy says:

    anjir taun 2010 dia (iin) masang RBT di nomer hape nyruh saya mis call. katanya enak ga laguny.. tiap ketemu atau pas ga barreng suruh miss call hpnya buat dengerin nada tunggunya.. pas waktu itu lebih suka lg 2 SKA jadi datar aja saya jawabnya.. sekarang saya sadar.. maksud dia supaya saya jadi nembak dia biar jadian jangan cuma sahabatan bertaun2. dan d pisahkan karna saya udah nikah ma yg lain.. dan dari situ saya g pernah lg bertemu. maaf saya curhat. 😀😀😀

  38. Gema Ahmad jibril says:

    Roulet kalo dibalik teluor. Lagu hits pada zamanku sma 😂

  39. c lz says:

  40. Aldo Bagus Dinandi says:

    2018 yang dengar lagu ini, hadir dong!!

  41. GSR OF CREW says:

    Absen di 2018 yaa kidz jaman old😁

  42. Endang Widianingrum says:


  43. rachmad satrio says:


  44. blood king says:

    Lagu pas pertama kali merasakan jatuh cinta😍😍😘

  45. Hendryansya Pd says:

    Akhirnya nemu juga lagu ini

  46. Bude Ira says:

    lagu waktu jaman SMP.pertama kali jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama.
    jadi ke inget ma cinta pertma qu.

  47. Oɠɠąყ RɛŋҠąřŋąŞɧı says:

    Comot mp3 nya

  48. Siti Nurma says:

    Lagu Zaman Sd,, Waktu msh unyu unyu nya😋😊

  49. Rilla Fiyana says:

    2018 dan masih dengerin😂

  50. Novliandriy Sb says:

    Absen yang denger tahun 2018 .. 😎


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