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15:54, 14 April 2018



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If you are reading this, comment your worst poker call! In this poker compilation, we are bringing you three of the worst hero calls ever! In other words, all poker players attempt to play hero at least when, but some of them FAIL! Thumbs UP for a lot more Daily Poker Content material!

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Las Vegas, NV-AZ – The Negative Boy of Nation Rock, Jimmie Lee is ALL IN as he releases his new hit single, IM ALL IN, to the poker globe. This explosive single hits the market on January 20, 2011, and is confident to make a big splash in the poker planet. Jimmie’s new single captures the feelings poker players really feel as they sweat out that crucial card that could seal their fate!!

Lee does not just speak the words “I am all in,” he backs them up, as evidenced by his forthcoming head-first dive into the poker planet. The new poker-themed song, will appear on televised poker events and at celebrity tournaments, and Lee is cross-branding with the release of his signature Jersey Outlaw poker T-shirt, which can be identified at

And in assistance of it all, Jimmie Lee is taking to the stage on the 2011 Jersey Outlaw Road Tour, with stops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and a lot more. Some of the shows are headlining gigs, even though other individuals will see Lee opening for classic rock legend George Thorogood. The Jersey Outlaw is taking the ride into country rock stardom , and he’s 1 to watch and certainly one to listen to!!!

The Jersey Outlaw is no newcomer to the music enterprise. Jimmie has already released a number of CDs worthy of catchy, energetic tunes, all developed by Grammy Music Producer, David Ivory, who has fiddled knobs for the likes of Silvertide, The Roots, Patti LaBelle and more. Jimmies hits include Kickin Ass, Nation Rocker, Forever 29, Gimme A Holler, Cross Country four Wheel Drive, and his recent hit single, Lets Go. But 2011 is the year the Jimmie Lee will make his mark on the poker globe!!

The single “I’m All In” is offered at CD Child , iTunes, YouTube, and at Lee’s web web site,

If you happen to be looking for the best song to pump through your headset at the poker table and inspire you to shake off the nerves and shove your chips in, then the most recent single from Jimmie Lee may well be just what your MP3 player needs.

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Обсуждение: 4 коммент.
  1. Micki Slade says:

    And Phil immediately starts bitchin about his deuces, like he just got aces cracked on the flop! Deuces preflop are basically just looking for a set.. It’s hard to ever feel good about them post flop unless you hit it hard.. 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, are all pairs looking for trips.. After the flop hits and you don’t make you trips, you’re almost always just stuck with just an underpair.. It woulda been nice to see Phil, for once, admit he made a terrible call.. But we all know that’ll never happen!

  2. K. O. says:

    First one was so bad.

  3. Micki Slade says:

    "I would never hollywood in a million years"… lol.. That had to be so embarrassing to turn over those kings and show the whole table you been hollywooding for like 5 min, while trying to pretend you’re having a semi honest conversation with a pro the whole time.. He said a ton of contradictory things too.. One minute "If you’ve got 10s you have me", implying he’s got the same hand as Ulliott, and then saying "No, I said if you’ve got 10s I have YOU !" THEN.. He says "I thought you had a big hand", trying to insist he wasn’t hollywooding after they all call him out, and immediately after he says "Well it’s not likely you’re gonna call with 9s if I don’t do something", basically admitting to hollywooding but saying he did it because he knew he had an inferior hand and wanted a call.. He looked like such a donk.. Reminds me of Jamie Gold.. That was NOT a "hero" call gone wrong by devilfish.. He didn’t think he was making a hero call..

  4. Søren Pilgaard says:

    The first one. What… What are you putting him on? 10-Jack of hearts or diamonds? Same hand as himself? I dont get it


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