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4:58, 09 January 2018

Prime 5 Poker Moments – PCA 2012 | PokerStars.com

Top five Poker Moments – PCA 2012 | PokerStars.com

http://PokerStars.com The World’s best poker players turned out for PCA 2012. Verify out our favourite hands from the festival featuring Blom, Duhamel, Jaka, Negreanu and a lot more.

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PokerStars operates the world’s most well-liked on-line poker web sites, serving a international poker community of a lot more than 90 million registered members. Given that it launched in 2001, PokerStars has turn out to be the initial choice of the world’s best players, with much more day-to-day tournaments than anyplace else and with the very best security online. A lot more than 110 billion hands have been dealt on PokerStars, which is more than any other internet site.

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The Planet Series of Poker is an annual occasion that is among the most common events in the planet these days. The Planet Series of Poker is an even that characteristics tons of distinct poker style card games and a lot of of the very best players in the world gathering together to show their expertise off against every other. These card games are all distinct, but the game that everybody pays attention to is “Texas Hold ‘Em.” This game is the most famous of all of the games present at the World Series of Poker and is what the players play when they take portion in the major event.


The primary occasion is the event that draws the most focus and the most income to those that want to take portion in the World Series of Poker. The 1996 World Series of Poker was a year to remember. There were record numbers of participants in that year. With those added participants, the income offered at the World Series of Poker was higher than it had ever been.


When the main event started everyone was excited to see what this year would bring. There were 295 entrants to the major occasion. The primary occasion 1st prize was the very same as in years past, but the quantity of income offered to the runners-up was higher than it had ever been ahead of. The initial prize sat at one particular million dollars. The second prize approached practically six hundred thousand dollars. The third prize would provide 3 hundred and forty thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the 4th and 5th place prizes would both nonetheless total more than a single hundred thousand dollars as well.


It was clear that this year would share a lot of the identical traits of years previous. The event started with nearly 300 players, but the field was being narrowed very swiftly. Some of the wonderful poker players of that year were eliminated early on. Poker is interesting since even the very best players can be eliminated if somebody gets fortunate or if they do not get the correct automobiles. The event continued on till there had been only 5 folks left standing.


John Bonetti, Bruce Van Horn, Huck Seed, Guys Nguyen and An Tran had been the remaining players. Each of them had hopes of winning the first prize, but of course only 1 player would be capable to take it all home. As they continued on An Tran was eliminated from play and took the 5th spot finish. Males Nguyen would be the next player to fall, leaving the field with only 3 players remaining.


As players had been eliminated the tension continued to develop as we were closer to seeing who would take home the grand prize. Prior to lengthy John Bonetti was eliminated from play and it was down to Huck Seed and Bruce Van Horn. It was clear right after a even though longer that Huck Seed had the confidence that he needed in order to take the complete issue property. Huck Seed would turn into the 1996 Globe Series of Poker champion, taking residence a single million dollars.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. mladen kuznar says:

    poker is such bullshit how many fucking times can you have the the best hand on the flop and then lose when you get to the river fuck pokestars that piece off shit site 52 cards in the deck and every time canes runner runner cards to fuck you over this Programs that deal cards cant be random they just cant

  2. Thomas Yardley says:

    bluffing at top pair or better is not ever a good bluff. It doesn’t matter if they fold, its a bad play, and almost always a misread by the bluffer.

  3. anhonest alien says:

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  4. Jônatas Salomão says:

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  5. Guilherme Rombaldi says:

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  6. lamplava says:

    Why the fuck are these guys so serious i would try and make faces to get people to laugh and slip up.

  7. TheBestGD says:

    al pito suelo xd

  8. The Lion's Vision says:

    The last dude will never see poker the same way. Lol

  9. Aleyna Kalaycı says:

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  10. Teorror87 says:

    The second was my favorite by far. She got exactly what she deserved. Terrible play

  11. Bo Ali says:

    he was trying to scare him to fold .. 13:30 but it doesn’t work 🙂

  12. ¡Alan Games! says:

    boa tio q chido like fapppppp para moar y vallanse a la shit los gringos

  13. BODO AMAT AKUN says:

    I dont understand with video no 2, how can mcd get 75%? can somebody explain to me?

  14. Otacilio Amato says:

    ok that qq fold pre was ridiculous.. he would have 20 bbs left wich is a playable stack in this structure 1 hour and 30 minutes per lvl wtf man terrible play i would’ve never folded that hand

  15. Ephine a.p says:

    ini namanya judi

  16. Fred Andrade says:

    Great video!

  17. Legit Clan says:


  18. Ronric Pangilinan says:

    So your so fucking idiot that’s not pokeners yeah iloveyouuuu 😘😍❤️🙈😚😐😳😖😫😱🙄😤😒😑😤😠😩😝😠😝😠😝😟😝🙁😝😕😍😠😍😍😠😛☹️😏👐🏻🤘🖖🏻🖖🏻🙆🏻👵🏻👵🏻🚅🚚🚅🏍🚊🚍🚆🚖🚈🚛🚞🎰🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  19. Kuba Albi says:

    If someone want help me, thanks

  20. BplusA says:

    I thought i saw james "JZFB" bardolph in the first clip xD

  21. Felipe Verdi says:

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  22. SubieLegend says:

    Second and 3rd places don’t win shit?

  23. Zperty says:

    2020 the end

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  25. Zim Zimma says:

    Great bit of head fuckery from Daniel right at the end. "I guess if you raise all in before the flop I’m not calling, BEFORE THE FLOP!

  26. Stephen Jones says:

    #5: I might have folded those Queens too. Basically you’re out if you lose. If the guy has A-K, you’re risking a lot of money on a 50-50 chance.

  27. Pjelaz Kielce says:

    7:50 how Duhamel had 10% chance to win? What card should it be?

  28. David Evans says:

    4:40 Kyle Julius schooling Lui on her lets, just because she’s attractive. If it was a guy he would have been silent. Female(Pretty female) advantage playing poker.

  29. Petru Irvis says:

    at 12:30 this Julius goes 73% chance. Is it cause he just got high hand right?

  30. Bo Ali says:

    the last guy was very smart but he’s unlucky

  31. jazeboy69 says:

    It’s not sick it’s just poker. That was just a bad bluff no where near a sick hand.

  32. PC Principal says:

    i see better player at every game in zynga poker. these are just rich douchebags.

  33. Caulifla says:

    Al Puto Suelo, Literal, Bamo Nei Tu Puedes

  34. Lp Rom says:

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  35. Hayes says:

    these commentators have some dank memes up there sleeves.

    honey badger dont care, m’kay

  36. Razz says:

    He folded with a 100% with a flush you know he thinks about that every day

  37. Derik4Real says:

    what a dumb All Inn at the end

  38. Doğukan Kalaycı says:

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  39. ManitouGhost says:

    It’s not the best either…. Just good poker…

  40. Nic Drake says:

    Why did that one guy have his lawyer with him?

  41. jed s says:

    2nd clip is hardly a "top 5 poker moment." dude just played poker and the chick couldn’t fully bluff on that spread.  welcome to poker.

  42. Marcela Oliveira says:

    i know the expression is part of the game but damn it sucks to see all those emotionless souls for 14 min

  43. Chris Mcmahon says:

    not sure what the last guy was thinking

  44. Friendship says:

    Wait, you’re allowed to use sunglasses there? lol

  45. Stephen Jones says:

    HUGE mistake there at the end! "Should be an easy fold." YES, it should have been an easy fold!!

  46. jed s says:

    nvm this whole video is dumb.  did you just pick random showdowns?

  47. Иван Трухин says:

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  48. Помповый Шарик says:

    2014 year still in 360p, nice

  49. 7-One says:

    i hate mcdonalds face. looks so punchable


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