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12:40, 08 January 2018

PokerStars Championship Barcelona Major Occasion, Final Table (Cards-Up)

PokerStars Championship Barcelona Primary Event, Final Table (Cards-Up)

Live coverage of the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Major Occasion final table. Watch cards-up action on PokerStars.tv

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RU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPDRqkPHx7s
ES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV2E3hAHJgE
PT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m2UfNi8vrk
CZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNmKtY1WYYs
ES-LA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xhu5mzbCg
PT-BR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COg4ruaOiWc

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Henrique Oliveira says:

    Eu sou o scarfguy

  2. milan-hoi says:

    I appreciate the commentary tutorial, I’ve been learning how good players play the game.

  3. Arnoldswagon says:

    best winner poker interview ever – legend !

  4. Comic Buying says:

    Glad Sorensson won after they took some of his equity away. Stick it to em!

  5. Moplop 420 says:

    What a great guy Sorensson is!

  6. v0id Priston says:

    soh da os parça do akkari torcendo kkkk, queria ser teu amigo cara jhsasaksasaksa

  7. Anwar Ali says:

    Mannnnnn How did you Upload 10 hour video 😮

  8. mero40k says:

    Je suis scarf guy


    Akkari, estamos com VC!! Vence essa parada go go Brasil!!

  10. Rich Adventures says:

    What is Sebastian Sorenssons Instagram

  11. kenis kene says:

    Sehr interessantes und unterhaltsames Game. Schade das Akkari sich den Titel nicht geschnappt hat, auch einem Spin and Go Grinder mit vielen Varianzrückschlägen wie Petrov wäre es gegönnt gewesen. Naja so ist es halt 😀

  12. kvn kpr says:

    nice tournament – hope everyone enjoyed

  13. BICYCLEz says:


  14. Peter Brottman says:

    Amazing win by my fellow swede! He really earned it by excellent play, especially heads up, Petrov was behind the whole time, even though he leveled up a cpl of times. And a big TY to the commentators and the rest of the crew, always entertaining 🙂 I am Scarf guy!

  15. rizal hanjani says:

    Keep playing poker in your warehouse sorensson , you’re amazing poker player

  16. No Ital says:

    Joe Stapleton looks like a greasy, dirty bum. At least clean up that beard and wash that greasy hair. Pretend to have some respect for the people who have to get their eye balls burned out from such a shabby, ill-kept visage. Jeebus… what a slob.

  17. Willer Cabral de Oliveira says:

    Já que o Akkari não ganhou, ficou em boas mãos. Parabéns

  18. T0BBi94 says:

    What an akward guy, completely cool and calm during the game and then goes 180 when he won. Still gotta be happy for him, sounds like a dream story!

  19. ekim lonamaga says:

    Why he called out doug,?

  20. Johnny Crave says:

    That bulgarian girl behind Sorensson is so GORGEOUS 😮

  21. CzarodziejEizenhaim says:


  22. shahoo nadimpour says:

    Yes Sorensson

  23. ha73me says:

    what the hell is the name of the song that opens up the coverage here?? been trying to find it for god knows how long aye

  24. v0id Priston says:

    vamo gordoooooo !

  25. Logie Bear says:

    The beginning of ScarfGuy

  26. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

    Very happy for Sorensson, played fantastic!

  27. Matthias Mohr says:

    i am fucking scarf guy !!

  28. reelkena says:

    He should call his vids PolkerSorrenssonHands.

  29. Nick Bird says:

    So happy Sorensson won, I was cheering for him since I started watching this final table a couple days ago. This was a great final table, lots of talent. Go scarf guy!

  30. deo carmel viste says:

    Finally finished watching this after it was aired live. I knew that scarf will be something, and it did. Congratulations ScarfGuy!!! From Macau!!!

  31. Luke Obama says:

    I was playing fucking micro stakes two weeks ago is my fav poker quote from now on

  32. katphisH says:

    I am scarf guy

  33. Daniel Humberto Carvalho Burgos says:

    Pura estafa este juego de mierda

  34. Texas Jack says:

    Lol his "fucking" interview at the end! Beautiful.

  35. vini says:

    Wish I didn’t read the comments before I watched this!!

  36. Jello Puddingpops says:

    A scarf AND a man bun! You know what they say about that

  37. Robin Tiggelman says:

    Why are they explaining everything like poker just became mainstream? Its like we are thrown back 13 years again…

  38. Jeff Granowsky says:

    Great bluff by Sorensen

  39. Allan Johnson says:

    It’s poker. I doubt anyone took issue with his cussing at the final interview. Great play, Sorensson!

  40. Markus says:

    They play 10 hour almost straight, it’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

  41. Welerson Assis says:

    What is name song ???

  42. Jaden Silva says:

    sorensen is a straight G lmao

  43. Thomas Dambiec says:

    final table

  44. Wellyngton Amaral says:

    That was unfortunate for Akkari he was clearly the best of the table. Unfortunately he was bad lucky.

  45. IshiAza Ishev says:

    Браво Лъчо , уби ги …

  46. ulya ulya says:

    Siddique your shit player

  47. Stacey Vieira says:

    way to ruin the the video by posting the winner, bunch of idiots just to put in your 2 cents and ruin it for everyone else

  48. George Raymond says:

    Like Care Bears vs My Little Pony- one of these hands has a slight mathematical advantage

  49. El Flow Salsero says:

    Congrats to scarf guy sorrensson you deserved it

  50. badcomedy says:

    love that scarf guy Sorensson, congrats!!! fantastic championship event and final table!!! a joy to watch!!! kudos to the organizers …oh and the lady dealers must be the best ones around!!! sorry guys…


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