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16:38, 09 January 2018

Poker Tournament – PSC Barcelona Principal Occasion – Final Table Element 10

Poker Tournament – PSC Barcelona Principal Event – Final Table Component ten

2017 PSC Barcelona Major Event – Final Table Component 10

Heads Up:
Seat 1: Sebastian Sorensson, Sweden
Seat two: Lachezar Plamenov Petkov, Bulgaria

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Even if you’ve just started playing poker tournaments or have been playing for a even though, you, like me, will discover these ideas to be really valuable for you. That’s simply because they peel back the curtains on the easiest way to get a lot more chips.

The truth of the matter is, there is some extremely incorrect misinformation floating about. Some of you could have heard it already and I just want to clear the air.

Widespread poker tournament method tips goes along the lines of this “Target the smaller stacks. It’s less complicated to win. If you all-in and drop you are not out. They have considerably worse odds than you. Target the smaller stacks. Target the brief stacks.”

I am not denying that this advice is very good in some methods. I in reality teach and advocate being wary of going all in against a larger stack than you and it is better to go all in against a smaller stack than you. But I want to clear the air a bit much more than this.

My Poker Tournament Methods Tips For Targeting Players #1

First items very first: do not target the small or brief stacks. Target the average stacks. This is the most crucial issue you can take away from this article.

This is due to the fact an typical stack player can afford to fold. If he doesn’t have a very good likelihood of winning he can fold and still have a likelihood of winning the tournament.

My Poker Tournament Techniques Ideas For Targeting Players #2

Stay away from playing really brief stacks. These guys are so desperate they will play just about anyone with just about anything. You never ever know what a short stack has got if he has gone all in pre-flop.

My Poker Tournament Techniques Tips For Targeting Players #3

Remain out of the way of the big stacks as considerably as you can. These large guys will crush you if you even believe about making the wrong move. Remember that the aim of the game is to keep in the tournament and not stroll property a loser.

Now, I am positive you a realizing how beneficial these ideas for targeting players are for you, and how you can use them to your benefit the subsequent time you play a tournament.

And it doesn’t matter what type of tournament you are playing whether it really is on the internet or offline, a Sit N Go or not, or even so big or little the acquire is. No matter what you need to have to remember the fundamentals of targeting other players.

If you are not however experiencing the good results you would like playing poker tournaments. If you are not consistently winning and producing great income winning tournament prizes this signifies you haven’t educated yourself enough on how to win. The winners are often these that are much more educated. That’s why I urge you usually take up any chance to discover much more about Texas Hold Em poker, like guidelines and tricks, even if you have to acquire it and specially if it is cost-free.

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  1. slicfeet says:


  2. Max Bantz says:

    Good on him. Seems like a cool guy. Would drink with.

  3. selsureya says:

    this is not fair scarfed and glasses guy against just galasses guy

  4. Logie Bear says:

    Yes I really asked that…

  5. AnteConfig says:

    If I placed a bet at part 2 of these videos, I would’ve won ’cause I knew scarfguy was gonna win.

  6. Anton Smuts says:

    Scarf – Ace !  You’re welcome.

  7. sjonit1 says:

    scarf guy

  8. Le Vincent says:

    I didn’t know Kun Aguero was playing poker.

  9. bghiphop says:

    annoying ass commentators

  10. Poontang Marksman says:

    Bulgarians are fucking repulsive.

  11. Mikail Miller says:

    OK that was super cringe for that huge style tournament. Why do they all seem so awkward standing there presenting the winner, then the winner doesnt get a chance to speak? I was let down by that for sure. But ultimately I am glad Sorrenson won as I was rooting for him since part 1

  12. AnteConfig says:

    I would’ve dropped out along time ago against these guys.

  13. Mr Mistery Tour says:

    Who doesn’t want to be Scarfman?

  14. Novastar19 says:


  15. James Smith says:

    Sorensson deserves more money for not throwing his chair at the Bulgarians in the crowd.

  16. linrkirk says:

    an arrow to the shoulder ?

  17. Jack Joe says:

    The legend says the Scarf Man lost more money in the final table deal than he ever lost in his all life playing cash game.


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