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12:46, 07 January 2018

Poker Tournament – PSC Barcelona Principal Event – Final Table Component 1

Poker Tournament – PSC Barcelona Main Occasion – Final Table Part 1

2017 PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Occasion – Final Table Portion 1

Poker Players:
Seat 1: Usman Siddique, UK
Seat 2: Sebastian Sorensson, Sweden
Seat three: Brian Kaufman Esposito, Uruguay
Seat 4: Raffaele Sorrentino, Italy
Seat 5: Lachezar Plamenov Petkov, Bulgaria
Seat six: Andre Akkari, Brazil, Group PokerStars Pro

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Televised live poker tourneys knowledge these days the largest prominence ever. Not reserved exclusively for United States any longer, reside poker events became global prodigy with popularity swiftly growing in Europe, Asia and other continents in addition to United States of America.

It is not about World Series any longer, it is nonetheless the most renowned although. WPT (Planet Poker Tour) is original coordinated and televised tour of poker events (held internationally but mostly in U.S.) in the world, enjoys massive reputation about the globe with its reputation nevertheless expanding like the quantity of locations where it was held. EPT (European Poker Tour) and APT (Asian Poker Tour) that are alike Planet Poker Tour series of televised poker events that are held according to their description in Europe and Asia and their reputation is swiftly developing. Also final phases of some world wide web tourneys are held as live televised events.

Excitement throughout final table involving skilled and knowledgeable professional poker players despite the fact that regularly as nicely lucky debutants is temptating each and every day a lot more and a lot more people to try the charm of the most typical poker game the Texas Holdem Poker. The greatest allurment to attempt poker is funds, excitement and the desire to become a winner. However most of the new spirited players finish with satisfying the excitement and appetite but throwing away all their cash. This scenario is originates in shortage of expertise and as well cos tv networks compose poker tournaments that take many days into a number of hours passing on the spectators impression that any cards might win. That is appropriate nonetheless specific cards do not win typically enough to be considered worth playing in certain poker scenarios. If you are novice you need to acquire some understanding and practice. Very best way is to play at poker rooms that give you free of charge poker cash to attempt them out. You can use it to obtain practice or if you have got strong poker capabilities you can just use this free of charge cash to qualify for land-primarily based poker tournaments online.

A lot of web poker rooms give their players opportunity to win their way to the well-known televised live tournaments in world wide web satellites. These regularly consist of numerous phases giving these on-line poker rooms the capability to give satellites for as low as 1 penny if not even free. In addition to cost-free no deposit poker bonuses at handful of web poker rooms players get chance to qualify to televised landbased poker tournaments virtually free no threat. That can save you hundreds of bucks and make thousand thousands. Acquire-in to World Series Primary Event charges Ten Grand, if you want to enter Globe Poker Tour you must to spend in leastwise five,000 USD, EPT acquire-ins are about 8,000 Euro and you are in a position to enter APT for 2,500 USD. Not mentioning what could you win in case that you will be in a position to make it into the paid positions. Much more than six,000 players have been competing last year Main Occasion with very best 621 dividing prize funds of more than $ 59 Million.

You need to not buy directly into extremely-priced televised tournaments in case that your poker bankroll is tight or you lack the information necessary. Take advantage of no deposit poker bonus delivers and web satellites from internet poker rooms instead  and you can finish playing for even millions of dollars. Positive it really is not that easy to win your way but the whole expertise that you achieve along the way is priceless.

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  1. idn play says:

    Wow… this is amazing.. come and play in our poker game.. the video, u can see in my channel.. 🙂


    never play again

  3. Chris Luebbers says:

    The guy below me smokes the poll.. Kid Poker has amazing incite on the game. Ignorant prick

  4. kismetlifted says:

    Are they playing with real cash? Sorry if stupid question, just curious


    in last 100 tournaments I played I realised how ugly they are


    pokerstars software is complete cheating software


    worst software in the world

  8. the0utcastVideos says:

    How is it fair for this guy to cover half his damn face with a scarf??

  9. online warrior says:

    Kaufman did it right, if he had called allwin sorentino would have run for life

  10. The Maverick says:

    81% with a low pair, wtf?

  11. Tim Griffin says:

    Like watching Golf… in slow motion… brutal, had to stop

  12. MrStevie57 says:

    I thought Kuafman should have pushed those Jacks.

  13. Chris Copley says:

    OMG that one commentator is so annoying! Keeps attacking the younger commentator, and yammering on about [totally true anecdotes] about everyone in his childhood playing risk for days on end on his puppet strings.

  14. flyingeagle357 says:

    6:58, 7:22: Here is the confirmation those two host are brain damaged.

  15. AinttOoghettO says:

    I wanted to see this , but the commentators is soo annoying….


    be aware people shuffle is not random, hands are set up and on tables always are guy who will play against you with hand which doesn’t make sense and will in prove after 5 card delt


    i heard poker pros can see when their hands are wining after all five are dealt…

  18. Bernie Mac says:

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  19. D3Videos says:

    Okie…how does showing the game with an hour delay help you see the cards people folded?

  20. Salita Huber says:

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  21. aucourant says:

    Love Daniel commentating.

  22. Ultra Ray VLog says:

    OMG idk I read it as Pokemon tournament 😂😂😂

  23. James Bond says:

    Nossa senhora, que dealer e essa meu pai amado..

  24. sundayuneedlove says:

    Do people still play on poker stars? Do people still play poker!?! Haha…..didn’t you get rich Bitcoin mining…losers.

  25. miguelitosanchez says:

    Sorensson needs to pop that zit!

  26. Steve Runyon says:

    MORE RAKE!!!

  27. Lukas L says:

    Sorrentino looks like the Mexican Jonah Hill

  28. Tex says:

    love the commentary meant for newbies, glad you’re attempting to bring more people in.

  29. oti nanai says:


  30. Sentinal says:

    Just been informed my funds have been hacked and stolen on Pokerstars, and they are Not responsible. They know the account that stole them but refuse to contact the Police.

  31. Buffalo says:

    ah he butchered those Jacks my god.

  32. Peter Kortlang says:

    Akkari reminds me so much of Nick Frost

  33. Patrick Kelley says:

    Omg I’ve only watched 2 hands and Negreaneu is already torture. We’re not fucking kindergarteners man!


    sooo rigger you outplay losse player he hits his mirricle hand 8 times out of 10 rigged…

  35. Chad Hemsoth says:

    enoough with this scarf BS

  36. Jonathan Rivera says:

    18:30 that time whe you just want to laugh like a maniac

  37. karma sonam says:

    Is dat guy santi carzola

  38. ADDD dafvcafvc says:

    Ищу напарников для игры в покер, умею стабильно зарабатывать на нём , ищу людей, которым это интересно пишите в лс.

  39. Lenny Tyler says:

    `Just love Negreaneu’s comment and insight, makes the poker so more interesting for me.

  40. Nollyar Stark says:

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