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20:01, 12 May 2018

Poker Technique: Must We Call Off with Bottom Set vs Two Players

Poker Method: Should We Get in touch with Off with Bottom Set vs Two Players

CLP Subscriber Squishmytomato calls in with a hand exactly where he flopped bottom set and faced an all-in from two players. He and Bart go over if he has sufficient equity to call off.

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Обсуждение: 11 коммент.
  1. B. Alvn says:

    curious why you’d say you need 4-1 to set mine vs. AA/KK? I’d think it is much less since they aren’t going to be scared by a queen on the flop…or are you talking about remaining effective stack sizes in that comment?

  2. Robert Mathews says:

    Bart I love your content😞. What time can I call and let you know about my hand

  3. Chris Ng says:

    If you believe V2 is a competent player, how does he have T7s in his range UTG+2? Pretty sure you are running into more 88 and 99. Also, why do you raise bottom set on 986r board? I would be flatting my entire range on that runout.

  4. mike long says:

    I’d consider 10j suited w backdoor flush draw. People will sometimes semi bluff with 2 overs and open ender mainly to get you to fold a good hand so he can isolate the guy on tilt w a shorter stack to make his equity much higher heads up w the tilty guy

  5. fundiver198 says:

    The thing is, even when we make the wrong play, we will still win sometimes. But I have to agree with Bart, that we cant expect to good here often enough to justify the call. 1 guy making a crazy bluff with a draw and another guy calling him with nothing, thats an outlier, tilting or not.

  6. YoreyC says:

    Pretty comprehensive analysis but what of discounting 88 99 because they are 3bets? If player is sophisticated enough to turn 77 into a bluff then they are sophisticated enough to 3b pf 88 99 T9s JTs

  7. Mike AtGoogle says:

    That;s right. Its a call here. Terrible players V1 and V2, especially V2. You give them too much credit! If I have a straigh, I’m calling. If I have 99 I’m calling.I’m not shoving on the flop raise.

  8. GARY Gwin says:

    While the video was playing, before I heard the result, I was thinking that this was definitely a call in this game dynamic. If you were up against a solid rock in this spot, you can sometimes fold. A Set, is always an incredibly strong hand, even in spots like these

  9. blAcKk1nGb1r says:

    You need to call 700 to win 3000, so you need 23.3% to call here. If we assign V1 a range of TT+ and we give V2 all the sets, all the T7s and 75s and 98s we would have 27.2% which would be a call. He also might have some semi-bluffs like 77, 97s, 87s, 76s. He could also have slowplayed an overpair that he decides to jam on a drawy board or 86s as two pair. Given V1 is on tilt, V2 might be looser than usual, so bottom set should probably be good 23% of the time.

  10. Clint Perkinson says:

    There was no show down, but the tilting villain one could easily have ak or ace queen, or an over pair. Villain two could easily have 97 suited. I think this is a call all day long. I guess I’m not good enough to lay down A set to a tilted player and a young kid.

  11. Mike Holtz says:

    One of the first times I can say I really disagree with Bart’s analysis. I think v1 is an overpair such a majority of the time that we can almost say he’s close to dead money here ( of course he could sigh call with 88,99 thinking he’s against a straight or inducing hero to call behind). I think we need to look at the fact V2 calls in EP and then 3 bets the flop as a range of 97s 98s 88 99 1010( discounted) and j10s. I think the key here is the 2-3 minute tank. That felt to me like he has J10 so hard. He feels like he can’t fold or call or raise so he tanks and eventually decides to move in to realize his equity( plus it looks super strong). I think this is an easy call (700 to win 2300 I think it’s a slam dunk)


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