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1:25, 03 July 2018

Poker Night 2 Quotes 01

Poker Evening two Quotes 01

Poker Evening two Quotes 01
Poker evening in the inventory two Quotes Playlist:

The playlist will have All Poker Evening two Quotes.

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  1. Page ANIMS says:

    Max kept eating the poker chips

  2. metalgearrexlover says:

    Also Starring in a sitcom Rules of Engagement

  3. thormunz says:

    Well I mean from this game because at one point he goes "hey Sam I think I can feel my Braiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!"

  4. CooperGal24 says:

    Aperture Science Labs. She probably created a kind of Portal device to come to the Inventory from her lab anytime she wants.

  5. Litten the Fire Cat Pokemon says:

    My conversations… (so far)


    So you’re of Team Venture, eh? Never heard of it.
    _Yeah, some people confuse me for someone else._
    Besides, has Doc finished his stuff?
    _Not quite. But I think he will sometime._


    You’re quire the funny robot, Clappy.
    _Not only that, I’ve got a chip that gives me COMPLETE resistance to death!_
    …Whoa. Fancy that.

  6. CooperGal24 says:

    I didn’t know about that!

  7. Haitch Cue Zed says:

    they did, there’s Doug and that Bandit Leader from Save-lots.

  8. Max Griffin says:


  9. General Heavy says:

    They should have Bruce Campbell for Ash

  10. Mikey Patchy says:

    Someone gave me this gem off of reddit

  11. CooperGal24 says:

    Sam’s the six foot dog in a suit, Max’s the rabbit. ^^; I asked about Sam because I didn’t see him once in the first poker game.

  12. Tom Reynor says:

    Blimey. That whole flying thing makes waaaaay too much sense

  13. GamerCat1858 says:

    Brock sounds like Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove. I can’t help but see him as Kronk now instead of Brock.

  14. Edwinas Jakubenaz says:

    1:36 it is the second conversation in the tale of ash and wendy

  15. ShinGallon says:

    Yes, Sam, Tycho from Penny Arcade, Strong Bad and Heavy from Team Fortress 2 were the characters in the first one.

  16. ShinGallon says:

    Also, he was the live-action Tick, which was fantastic.

  17. Harold P. Penisman says:

    anyone noticed that there is an ash and brock

  18. ducciboi says:

    I kinda wish they’ve chosen better characters. Brock and Sam are great. Ash is alright (don’t like the voice they gave him that much). Claptrap to me is like that forced comedic character (like Jar Jar Binks). It would’ve been great if they added maybe another character from HomestarRunner or hell it would be great if they added a character from The Walking Dead. But they executed this pretty nicely so props to Telltale.

  19. SteelCXLII says:

    **Nervous hand tap** Brock: You gotta work on that tell. Me: Its nothing its just 1010101010101010101010100129397928.//:jkgh90051. Claptrap: What he is saying in encrypted code is that it is a Combine Universal union augmentation glitch in the nerve graft code. Me: What’d he say? Brock: Nothin’ man

  20. CompactWood says:

    Also did Kronk from the Emporer’s New Groove

  21. ThatOneDaxSter says:

    4:00 wtf happened to GLaDOS

  22. MrCrazyToad says:

    George Clinton funky, or stinky funky?

  23. BlackBirdGuardian says:

    Spam-Wads!  Claptrap has begun a new catchphase!

  24. Reshiram9001 says:


  25. Numbskull2602 says:

    "You’re dangerously close to blowing my mind Ash"

  26. DANGUS says:

    My favorite was when sam said, "If I had a hand like that, It would look really weird on the end of my dog arm."

  27. Kyle Stubbs says:

    Ash, I’m more bothered by fact that the humans in this game use different animation styles.

  28. thormunz says:

    Which one has the brain part of max?

  29. Nova20cp says:

    that… makes sense. I just didn’t expect glados to be there.

  30. Undead says:

    Ash’s flying theory makes way to much sense

  31. deagon00 says:

    Instead of Brock i just keep hearing Joe Swanson.

  32. CooperGal24 says:

    Dunno, but there’s a video clip of Sam’s quotes from the game. Will that help?

  33. BazerkerKing says:

    "Big deal, some times i have dreams about kicking the sun in the crotch, dreams are weird like that." i am stealing this quote to use on my friends

  34. CooperGal24 says:

    You mean the brain physically or inner wise? Skun’ kape stole Max’s brain physically, but Max’s Super Ego turned Max into an Elder God.

  35. DracoRogue1218 says:

    And Lok from "Tak and the Power of Juju".

  36. Jacket says:

    I love the chemistry Sam has with everyone especially Claptrap and Ash.

  37. Haitch Cue Zed says:

    They just banned him from playing poker.

  38. CooperGal24 says:

    I’m curious though…Where was Sam in the first Poker Nights game?

  39. ShinGallon says:

    Oh yeah. It’s on Netflix and it’s a great watch. Shame it got cancelled after only 9 episodes…

  40. RobinHood252 says:

    Ash sounds so bad… No one sounds like bruce

  41. CooperGal24 says:

    When you deploy all three of the Army of Darkness table unlocks. Once you done that, the Army of Darkness Hud Themed room opens, along with the themed conversations related to the theme. The conversations are different depending on which themes you’ve unlocked.

  42. Joseph Womer says:

    The Inventory banned Max, but how did they let him in?

  43. Tj Esco says:

    I kinda wanna see duckman in the next poker night game

  44. Johnny P says:

    Me: Y’know Claptrap, you aren’t the first guy i met that drives me nuts

    Claptrap: Who else drives you nuts?

    Me: Try Danny Ohm 

    Claptrap: Ohhh

    Ash: So John, what’s your two cents on Lebrom James back to the Cavs 

    Me: Don’t care,,,

    Sam: Ash told me you were bad tempered, but so far your nice to us

    Me: You kidding? I’d never blow my lid in front of my best buds.

    Brock: Point being?

    Me: Only two things tick me off  when i’m here. When i get a sucky hand or if i get booted.

    Brock: Oh…

    Me: Your voice sounds like someone i met early in my life… Hmm…

    Brock: I get that a lot kiddo.

    Glados: So John, how did you find out about this place?

    Me: Grodd told me bout it.

    Glados: Oh…

  45. Mistress Dove says:

    I wish Telltale would do something with Evil Dead and Ash

  46. Yzarro says:

    Actually, I usually remember Patrick Warburton from The Emperor’s New Groove, as Kronk.

  47. Numbskull2602 says:

    Sam raimi’s cheeky name drop

  48. Null says:

    Am I the only one who is really bothered that max has a black nose?

  49. CooperGal24 says:

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, I THINK I saw a dvd of the live action series at the public library!

  50. Overlord Zetta! says:

    I want Torgue in on this.


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