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3:57, 09 January 2018

Poker Final Table 2017 – PSC Panama Primary Event Portion 1

Poker Final Table 2017 – PSC Panama Principal Occasion Portion 1

2017 PokerStars Championship Panama – $five,300 Major Occasion Final Table (Cards-Up) Component 1

Poker Players:
Seat 1: Anthony Diotte, Canada
Seat two: Robin Luca Wozniczek, Germany
Seat three: Denis Timofeev, Russia
Seat four: Jonathan Abdellatif, Belgium
Seat 5: Harpreet Gill, Canada
Seat six: Kenneth Smaron, USA

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The Globe Series of Poker is an event that has been increasing in attendance and recognition for decades. The World Series of Poker has evolved into somewhat of a planet-wide occasion right now as many folks watch the World Series of Poker to see the incredible styles of play and approach that are present at the tournament. It grew from a point of the winner producing a couple hundred thousand dollars for winning the main occasion to anything significantly greater. In 1995 the Planet Series of Poker had grown to an event that had two hundred and seventy three entrants in the major occasion with much more than just a couple hundred thousand dollars available to the winner.


The winner of the 1995 Planet Series of Poker was slated to make 1 million dollars. This sounds like a lot of funds, but practically equally impressive had been the totals of cash accessible to everybody else in the top 5 finishers. The second spot finisher would have a claim to a lot more than 5 hundred thousand dollars. The third spot finisher had a prize of much more than 3 hundred thousand dollars. The 4th and 5th spot finishers would also be much more than happy right after getting their prizes of far more than 1 hundred thousand dollars each. This sort of money just brought far more and a lot more excitement to the table. This triggered more men and women to enter and more men and women to watch as nicely.


With the expanse of the tournament it was needed to have somewhat of a qualifying process. There had been key tournaments across the globe that promised winners the chance to enter into the World Series of Poker if they won. There had been also other people that had been invited for their notoriety and accomplishments all through the years.


Absolutely everyone was excited for 1995 as the preceding year featured the remarkable prize of the weight of the winner in gold. Ironically, it was the biggest man in the field that won the tournament, consuming his way via his competition the complete time. This designed a Planet Series of Poker story that would never be forgotten. Following that, absolutely everyone was excited to see just what the 1995 Globe Series of Poker would have in shop.


Like prior years the excitement was high from the really first day. Many players were eliminated rapidly and it looked as if the whole field would be lost from view ahead of significantly longer. Even though they field was burned down bit by bit there had been a handful of players that emerged as the clear favorites to win the tournament. Two of the players in the greatest positions at the time were Howard Goldfarb and Dan Harrington. The game continued as these players mowed by way of their competition, eliminating player following player. When all was mentioned and accomplished these two players would have to go by way of every other just before collecting their final prize.


This game was decided in dramatic fashion. Harrington was dealt cards that didn’t appear practically as favorable as these that Goldfarb was holding. Nevertheless, the flop came and it was clear to Harrington that he would have the chance to take the tournament following seeing that there was an 8 laid down. He went win a especially bold move of “all in.” This caused Goldfarb to contact and in the finish Harrington would take the tournament. It was a bold play, but that sort of play is what is necessary if you want to take the tournament away from some of the best players in the planet.

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  1. Dishya Vyas says:

    24:46 we know what happened to that laptop…

  2. Bill j says:

    Okay, someone help me with what I missed at 8:14. Player A has two 2’s and player B has ace/jack. The flop contains a 2, giving player A a set. The turn is an ace, giving player B a pair of aces, and the announcer says it’s over for player B. What did I miss? Couldn’t player B get an ace on the river and win with the better set?

  3. Unicornio P says:

    I love Robin Luca, he’s soooo hot

  4. Mike B. says:

    lol snap call with 22 for 500,000 chips??? what are you expecting to beat…what a fish

  5. Reid Riddle says:

    54:00 he seems like he’s on 6 adderall

  6. Titanic Gaming says:

    My only problem with PokerStars tournaments is that every hand takes 10 minutes.

  7. Core0trials says:

    Clara is beautiful!

  8. tole 51 says:

    the best

  9. Anthony Pivacek says:


  10. GRaV says:

    Ale PIEKNA krupierka <3

  11. Derek Flanders says:

    I bet she has a "Whale Tail"

  12. The Dude says:

    Love you Stapes, but you always seem like you just buried a hooker in the desert when you introduce the players.

  13. majestic.urbanatic DE says:

    The double handshake fail on 8:20

  14. Yusuf Abed says:

    The canal joke had me rolling

  15. Elion Catak says:

    can anybody explain why Wozinic did know the bluff and went all in ?? at 36:00

  16. Marc Gratton says:

    A Fucking Big Mouth you talk to much

  17. tom allen says:

    sound is too low or it’s my headphones one.

  18. Antoine Forest says:

    Omfg 4000000 bet holly shit

  19. TillTheLightTakesUs says:

    Why the fuck would you fold A 10

  20. adil eydatoula says:

    kq vs k5… knock knock the river.. fockn donkeys

  21. Captain Silvester says:

    sexy dealer!

  22. Alan Freid says:

    8:14 why they didn’t open last card (river) ? If it wasn’t Aces what card could have saved him

  23. Tore Andre says:

    The dealer is hot tho! <3

  24. Niki Yubari says:

    god smaron is hot af

  25. Adam Swanson says:


  26. Emjhay Dayrit says:

    all in on dealer

  27. Quang Phan says:


  28. Joe Lee says:

    Why…so…serious…? 😀


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