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Poker Etiquette | Poker Tutorials

Poker Etiquette | Poker Tutorials

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Hey, I am professional poker player Nicky Numbers and I’m going to speak to you these days about poker etiquette, most importantly, what not to do at the table. The 1st point I am going to speak about is how you bet, how you get in touch with, and how you raise. Let’s say you have some chips in front of you so you are at the table playing, you have got your nice stacks and you want to make a bet or you want to make a get in touch with or you want to make a raise, well how you put your chips into the pot is incredible critical. What you don’t want to do is this, exactly where the chips that you put out have now gone appropriate into the middle of the pot. This is referred to as splashing the pot and it’s terribly poor poker etiquette.

The cause it really is such awful etiquette is simply because it fully confuses the game. I never know how numerous chips you put out, if you have been producing a bet or a raise, we do not know how considerably it was, if you were producing a get in touch with it really is challenging to confirm that you known as the right amount. You happen to be going to often force the dealer to have to recreate the entire hand just to see how a lot of chips ought to be in the pot and how numerous chips are in the pot in order to figure out what chips went into the pot and which chips are suppose to be portion of a bet, raise, or call. Rather than splash the pot, what you want to do is place your chips out in front of you exactly where they cannot hit any other player’s chips or the pot itself. So, for example, if I was going to bet that very same amount I could just put them in front of me like that or I could neatly stack them in front of me like this. Either way is fine, the crucial is that you never want your chips to encounter any other obstacles at the table involving other chips.

The next point I am going to talk to you about has to do with showing the winning hand. Let’s say I am dealt two cards, we’ve had some betting go on, and now I’m all in. You contact me and I wait, I never show my hand right away, except that I have two Aces. I know for a fact that I have the greatest achievable hand pre-flop, I know I have the winner, yet I paused and created you sweat. I created you sweat and potentially think that your hand may be excellent. I deliberately permitted you to believe that you have been far more most likely to have a winning hand or the greatest hand at the moment than you in fact had been. That’s referred to as a slow roll and it does not only take place when I am the individual that bets or raise.

When you contact a bet or raise, particularly on the river, if you know that it’s extremely probably that you have the winning hand just table it. If you or your opponent is all in and you know that you are most likely to have the winning hand just table it. The only time you need to wait for your opponent to show their cards very first or to make them wait and sweat is when you’re genuinely unsure regardless of whether or not you have the winning hand. Splashing the pot, slow rolling your opponents or reacting to or discussing a hand although it really is still going on are three excellent examples of poor poker etiquette.


A key poker player learns pretty quickly that studying the strategies of the games and placing these strategies into application is not all that it can take to be a winner. A little bit of psychology and understanding how to read body language is a very good asset to have any time you play poker and understanding body language is what the inform is generally about. If you’re knowledgeable about tells, you have got the benefit of understanding what particular players could do at any particular time in the game. In addition, possessing this data will help you in maintaining your own tells in hand.

Naturally, tells are learned best whilst playing with familiar opponents but with some expertise you can study numerous players soon after 1 or two hands. In the movie Property of Games, one of the finest examples of a inform is when a player twisted his ring anytime his cards had been puny. 1 of his opponents who was acutely aware of this inform employed it to his personal benefit. Although all tells could not be that clear, these are some tells that need to stand out to any alert player who has studied this facet of poker methodology.

The eyes do not lie! That’s the purpose why poker players who realize tells often wear coloured eyeware, sun shades, visors or caps.

Some players could control give-away eye reactions by getting a appear at their hole cards which also has the results of advertising a possible robust hand to scare the other poker players.

It advises a person whose face is expressionless. The origin of this phrase started with pro poker players who, unsure of tells in their demeanor, discovered to govern their expressions. The skilled pro will constantly keep away from any precise movement that might result in a inform to other players.

A player slumping in his chair conveys lack of self-confidence and a weak hand. Skilled players study their opponents precisely, noting their sort of play and are actually alert to signals from other players like shaking hands or a nervous peek at their chips which could recommend a difficult hand. A player with a feeble hand may act loud and pushy to cover his issues, even though a player with a monster hand might behave in a low-important manner to stay away from threatening other players into folding. As a generalization but worth contemplating players who nicely stack their chips are often tight, conservative players. Those players whose chips are sloppily stacked and disorganised could imply a pushy and stupid player. The way a rival bets throughout precise eventualities is a essential inform that a seasoned player can use to his benefit. The player mindful of tells will modify thoroughly worked out betting patterns. The player who is not conscious of being studied might, as an instance, solidly verify hole cards on the flop and many occasions afterward. This behaviour can indicate insecurity, a shortage of conviction that may be utilized by a potent player who can regularly bluff such a contestant into losing self-assurance in his cards and folding. Scrupulously operating out betting patterns into one’s style requires a radical study of poker technique and playing knowledge.

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Обсуждение: 24 коммент.
  1. mapezaid says:

    hmm… I don’t get the ‘talking about a hand as it’s going on’ part.. I see professionals do this all the time. When is it OK or not OK? I know when you are the only actor left with a decision that you can talk about hands (I think?)… but it seems like this isn’t an etiquette thing — it just depends on the rules of the table or tournament you’re in.
    Also, with regards to your slow roll example — how do I KNOW AA is the winning hand? I’ve lost plenty of all-in river bets with AA. Are you saying it’s a case where AA is DEFINITELY the nuts?
    Thanks for the tutorial though, it has good food for thought.

  2. Keegan Jacobs says:

    lets say on the river between 2 players, player 1 calls player 2 , who needs to show their hands first ?

  3. absoluttchamp says:

    I once splashed my chips into the pot. Everyone got upset and focused on counting chips and jabbing about my bad etiquette. They totally forgot that I flopped a set. Since then I have been a splasher..

  4. George Christou says:

    what if you are talking to yourself in terms of what the other person might have?

  5. alex bautista says:

    I just lost my pocket A’s to a flush ): there were 3 after the flop . I got so pissed

  6. Skrub Lord says:

    Slow-rolling it’s just banter

  7. Rob Keller says:

    Place a chip (or really, any object) on top of your cards! This is quite a bit important as well.

  8. Ian Pleasant says:

    What schmuck nonsense is this?

  9. Zelly Zell says:

    I’ve seen do the f*** ups

  10. Alexander Sergeevich says:


  11. Matthew Barbuto says:

    A guy slow rolled me few monthes ago im all in pre flop flop ace 10 3 clubs guy shoves on flop guy thinks 20 seconds before calling his all in felt like eternity when money was in other guy had ace queen i showed two pair before revealing queen jack clubs reluctantly and after 10 seconds I hit two pair on flop ace 3 felt like leaping over table and head butting him.

  12. Frugi Viking says:

    Always wait to show the nuts (or any hand really, whether you’re sure or not), if your opponent is required to show their hand first. Information gives you knowledge, which in turn is power. 

  13. GodLee103 says:

    If I call your raise and I know I have the nuts, I’m going to wait and see what you had anyways. You are first to act. Idc if I won I want more information out of you so you must show first. On the other hand if I have the nuts and they call me I show first.

  14. Tabula Rasa says:

    Not ennough information. There is much more about poker etiquete. Please make a separate video about it, if u still can!

  15. sküll düggery says:

    when I bet and someone raises and i’m gonna call, do I add the calling chips to the chips I already put out, or do I pull back the chips I’ve already put out and put out the total amount; and is one way preferred?

  16. Joe G says:

    i love slow rolling if your calling me im sucking you in when i already know i got the winner dont call my big bet if you dont wanna get slow rolled

  17. Sean Lin says:


  18. Emory Warren says:

    Good for being in a hand. But also if not in a hand, don’t give thoughts on a person’s hand during a person’s decision.

  19. Royce Gregory Norman says:

    Of my two great pleasures, music and casino games, though, the poker games delight me more. Music reassures me, but my games increase my adrenaline and the feeling is indescribable. I choose to play online here:

  20. ShArKy G says:

    Hi everyone

  21. Masked Manatee says:

    Hi guys it’s Nicky V! Ya mother’s favourite house guest!

  22. truthsmiles says:

    I disagree with showing my hand automatically even if I’m sure I have the best hand. The reason is because you’ll likely muck your hand without showing it and I won’t get to see what you had. If you raise and I call, I’m waiting for you to flip your hand, even if I have AA.

  23. Rishabh Chandra says:

    Guy literally has numbers in his name!

  24. Galli Nold says:

    Not all online gambling sites are legal *TRY THIS*


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