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4:41, 13 April 2018

Play Fewer Beginning Hands – How Not To Suck at Poker Ep. 1

Play Fewer Starting Hands – How Not To Suck at Poker Ep. 1

It sucks to suck at things and poker is no distinct.

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In this ten-element beginner poker technique video series offers you a crash course on the finer points of not sucking at poker.

Episode 1 is an critical one: Play fewer hands. Most poker players are too loose and end up losing tons of money betting or calling with the worst hand.

In Texas Hold’em there are 169 distinct starting hands and chances are you’re playing as well numerous of them. When you are starting out it’s critical to preserve items simple. One particular huge way to do that is to only play when you have really good cards. Newbies frequently attempt to copy what they see on Tv by raising and bluffing with any two cards but the truth is, in low-stakes poker games bluffing is no-exactly where close to as essential as acquiring value from your big hands.

Players may be bored, or just a lot more interested in gambling and obtaining fun than producing funds, and they’re all going to be playing way also several hands. If you want to make money you have to create some discipline. Let’s start off by playing a narrow variety of starting hands and providing ourselves the ideal opportunity of showing up with the winning hand at showdown. Sticking to good starting hands will also make our post-flop decisions way less complicated and cut down on the probabilities we’re dominated and putting money in the pot with the worst hand.

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Playing lucrative hold’em poker includes two critical factors: talent and luck but these variables are surely not of equal value.  In truth, luck, even though crucial, is genuinely nothing more than the damaging side of probability displaying up.  If, let’s say, you are dealt pocket aces.  Excellent hand, correct.  You bet, but your AA will lose roughly 15% of the time.  What seems to be a fortunate draw to beat your aces is nothing at all far more than the anticipated 15% displaying up.  So that leaves talent as the most essential factor top to winning hold’em play.

Play your Best Poker

Play your very best poker is so obvious that it genuinely does not need to have to be said, or does it?  I consider it does. What does playing your best actually imply.  It means playing as close to mistake cost-free poker as is humanly attainable.  It means cautious evaluation of your hand relative to the hands of others.  It indicates accurately calculating your odds of accomplishment and laying down hands that don’t meet a mathematical normal of profitability.  It implies very carefully observing opponents and oneself as you play, a skill requiring concentration and objective.  The easy reality is that if you leave the table and you are able to say that you played the very best poker you can possibly play, that is adequate.

“But, I lost money this session,” you complain.  So what!  No matter whether you win or lose is not the concern.  If you play your ideal then, more than time, you will emerge a winner, even so, winning is not measured hand by hand or even session by session.  Hands and sessions merely represent the information in a long-term statistical pursuit, a huge probability curve.  Statistics are a funny point, they often seek middle ground, the imply or average is the central point of statistical analysis.  You will expertise each poor beats and you will suck-out from time to time.  Not only that, but for every single undesirable beat that happens on one particular side of the equation, the other side experiences the suck-out.  To get crazed over the suck-out causing your undesirable beat is as ridiculous as celebrating your suck-out that caused your opponent’s negative beat.

When stuff takes place and you let it place you off your game, you start off to steam or go on tilt, you give up the benefit of playing your ideal game.  The point is, of course, that you basically can’t let that come about.  You cannot plot to get even.  You can’t allow oneself the luxury of revenge or of anger.  You just play on or leave the table for a while.  This happened to me just yesterday.  I held a set of aces.  I was playing them very aggressively against a reasonably loose opponent.  On the turn the board showed A-T-6-three.  I bet the size of the pot pricing out any draws and my opponent referred to as.  I figured him for an beneath set or possibly two pair.  The river paired the board with 6.  My opponent went all in.  I thought for a even though.  I put him on possibly a T-6, or 6-three.  I even deemed that he had six-six underneath but not for long simply because of the rarity of quads occurring.  I decided to get in touch with with the nut complete house.  Oops.  He had the quad sixes.  I began to steam.  My resolution was to basically stand up.  I would have cashed out had I any chips left but I did not.  I waited for a although to calm down and then returned to the tables when my concentration was back.

You don’t have to Play at that Table

When I decided to quit playing I made a decision that I have learned to make more than the years.  If the table is not correct for you or if you are not correct for the table, what ever the cause, it is time to get up.  You don’t have to play right here.  Nothing at all is maintaining you there.  The poker table is merely a location exactly where you make an investment in order to accomplish some kind of return on that investment.  In a lot of respects it is no various that investing in stocks exactly where there is important volatility on a every day basis.  If I hold a stock that suddenly starts to tank, I am completely willing to sell in order to decrease my losses.  The exact same is true for poker.  I start off to tank when I drop concentration, when I steam, when I am tired, when I am distracted.  When any of these things take place I have discovered to either take a break or just quit and do something else.

Often, specially when you determine to step up in stakes, you uncover your capabilities outmatched by the abilities of players at the new level.  When this occurs to me and I locate that I am being outplayed and losing money I bear in mind that I never have to play at that level and I step down to a level I know I can beat consistently.  There is no shame in discovering the appropriate level for you.  As your game improves you may possibly want to step up again and uncover that you can now compete successfully at the greater level.  Playing at the correct level, the level you can beat, is one thing learned.

Whatever your explanation for deciding not to play at a distinct table, whether you are not at your very best or the table is simply much better than your abilities permit for,  by learning to step away, to make this important decision, you will enhance your profitability.

Roger Fischel began playing poker with his friends in high college.  Seven Card Stud and 5 Card Draw were the games of option back then.  Over the years, Roger turned to Texas Hold ’em as his game of selection.  He plays both limit and no-limit hold ’em routinely.  Throughout a lengthy career as a teacher, Roger learned the worth of sharing what he knows with others as a way to give back to the neighborhood in which he shares, hence, Rags to the River Poker was born.  Roger recommends on the web poker tracking computer software for improving one’s game.  He also gives a listing of on the internet poker websites which welcome US players.

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  1. Terry Le says:

    This is super nitty

  2. Surimu says:

    this is garbage

  3. Jaden Silva says:

    lmao these poker training videos are hilarious. I can’t believe people listen to this shit.

  4. Filip Johansson says:

    Your late position range gave me Diarrhea.

    Dude with A8o you are more likely to be dominanted than with KJs so go step on a lego.

  5. Julien-Bono Roy says:

    Is this satyre?

  6. Simon says:

    this is horrible

  7. Nino Vermeulen says:

    Yes lads, fold TT when UTG+2. Like, please. Please do that.

  8. Matt tanner says:

    if i’m just playing good cards and lets say they are just playing good cards are we really playing poker? or are we just seeing who the dealer gives the better 2 cards to go with the 5 community cards. It’s why i prefer to play no limit hold em compared to low level limit hold em cause you can’t bluff many people off a decent hand cause it’s not costing them an arm and a leg to find out what you have. Even beginners have to be a little more creative imo. I’m not saying bluff a lot or even much but you have to play more hands then he suggests cause after the flop a seemingly bad hand can look mighty good…jmo

  9. Ken Yu says:

    quality video !!! just started playing and stopped losing in micro stakes tysm !!

  10. Drumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    got my sub, thanks for getting straight to the point

  11. bob legree says:

    yeah lets just fold pocket 10s in early position and raise every ace queen that should work out well

  12. michael kunz says:

    is this from 2006-?-=–)

  13. amornumero says:

    Dumbest advise ever

  14. djStens says:

    how to be a nit 101

  15. Play Through says:

    These are terrible suggestions.

  16. Dingodin scum says:


  17. Dennis Farrell says:

    Wait, you want me to fold 10/10 in early position?

  18. TIMS3O says:

    Really bad tips to be honest

  19. Steve Winter says:

    Alright You taught the dummies how to play preflop, now tell that 3 betting donkey with AQ how to play position when he bets the flop A high and gets raised.. Now what? this is super basica stratedgy.. is that the purpose? It would take hours upon hours to teach poker, and frankly, there is no perfect way, you can play how you want.. really what matters is the flop. You can play like sht all day, but if you hit that flop. you’re the king.

  20. stamate bogdan says:

    shut the fuck up with your loto game…if you want to make money from poker …quit before starting…can t win because of rake and because some guys just born with rainbows in their ass

  21. The Micro-Cultivator says:

    To fold AK, to keep JJ? Seriously, I want to play against you, anytimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ren butt says:


  23. ryan seitz says:

    Its mostly luck. If you have AT, the difference in them playing A9 and being dominated and having AJ and dominating you is very small, and impossible to tell.

  24. FrankiE says:

    mi advice is dont blow it, keep it simple, count youre money.

  25. john johnson says:

    Bunch of 1/2 no limit fat nerdy local casino dwellers in this comment section. NL hold em is starting to become toxic like online gaming. Too many only child momma boy faggots in this generation.

  26. Eric A says:

    I respect the "production value" of this video, but the advice is simplistic and 1-dimensional. It’s like making a "Become a Better Hitter (in Baseball) video with the main advice being "Swing only at Strikes".

  27. K R says:

    If you’re a beginner, you’re better off just calling raises and learn how to play your hands post-flop than learn what to raise with pre-flop.

  28. mindaugux says:

    0 dislikes… havent seen this kind of stuff on Youtube in ages lol

  29. Rob B says:

    Did he take lessons from Howard Folderer? In numerous situations, we don’t mind post-Flop bluff hands, post-Flop easy-to-fold hands, and post-Flop monsters. I lose more often than I care to admit, but sometimes all it takes is that one lucky Flop.

  30. Jed Kreuser says:

    Came to the comments to find a bunch of shitheads complaining about definitions.

    Not disappointed.

  31. HeicPy says:

    who the fuck folds weaker hands like TT in early position? almost any pocketpair should be +EV raising unless you have some reads on players.

  32. Paul Vu says:

    stop that annoying music

  33. The UAV Ninja says:

    Any 2 cards are good before the flop

  34. matti tuononen says:

    Very good advices. I hope all players follow this strategy :).

  35. Mark W says:

    a sign of a weak, passive player… unless you’re masquerading as one…

  36. Play Through says:

    In poker it is NOT the cards you have, it’s the cards people THINK you have. There are several things you can do to make them think you have very strong cards, sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t. You can scare people off pots easily early on, or after say an ace shows up on the turn with 359 on the board, by betting say 1/3 the pot. IF they have the ace, so be it, you fold to their next bet. More often than not they will have one of the other 46 cards in the deck.

  37. Mariusz Chorazy says:

    I fold AA on a 3bet preflop 😉

  38. dru713281 says:

    Wanna win at poker? Play for fun otherwise the rake always wins. Poker is like fishing. If your not catching shit leave or you will see others raking and then you will wanna catch so bad you fall in and get ur ass fed to the Sharks!

  39. Gabriel Rockman says:

    I’d rather play 9-8 suited than play A-8 off suit. How can you have a video about starting hands and not talk at all about whether or not your hand is suited?

  40. LokiRudder says:

    TT,JJ and QQ are garbage hands. AA is even worse. Play pocket rockets and get destroyed. It’s a gimmick hand. Kinda like trip 6’s.


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