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6:11, 09 January 2018

Phil Ivey Traps Tony G For $one hundred,000 (Excellent Poker)

Phil Ivey Traps Tony G For $one hundred,000 (Wonderful Poker)

Phil Ivey Traps Tony G For $100,000 (Fantastic Poker)
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If you are reading this, comment your best poker trap ever. In this poker video, we are bringing you a fantastic poker hand amongst the poker pros Phil Ivey and Tony G, exactly where the first traps and wins a Enormous poker pot of $100,000. Thumb UP for far more Day-to-day Poker Content!

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Обсуждение: 11 коммент.
  1. jogforfitness says:

    Thumbs down as this was a tourney not a cash game.

  2. be squirrell says:

    whats the song called at the end?> thanks

  3. IMVALTOR says:

    Flip on it with a 4

  4. Zone07 says:

    Even the pros make rookie moves. All in with top pair and top kicker.

  5. Zachary Madden says:

    It’s a tournament hand so he took chips, not real money. "Tony G will finish in 45th place"

  6. Steini Pétur says:

    This is a mtt.. not cash game.. title ie misleading

  7. Sergio Alfredo Peña says:

    First time a lottery winner is really smart Lol

  8. Mike L says:

    Good cash game.

  9. Karl Pilkington Quotes says:

    1) This is a tournament not a cash game
    2) No traps here but if anyone is trapping it Tony G
    3) 1tripz1 already did the definitely version of this video with much better quality

  10. MrIwinyoulose says:

    Not really a trap when he goes bet/call/bet

  11. StormSong8 says:

    Show and season, please.


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