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18:18, 07 January 2018

MY Massive BIRTHDAY JACKPOT HANDPAY ** Large WIN ** – Slot Machine & Video Poker

MY Enormous BIRTHDAY JACKPOT HANDPAY ** Massive WIN ** – Slot Machine & Video Poker

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I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my MY Huge BIRTHDAY JACKPOT HANDPAY & HOW IT Occurred!!! video. Filmed at the Silverton Casino right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Outro Music (used with permission): “Vegas Child” by Jesse Allen Harris. Buy it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/vegas-infant-single/id1147836368

I may not be a higher roller, but you will discover a lot of Huge WINS, often a Huge WIN, SUPER Massive WIN or MEGA Huge WIN, and yes, even the occasional PROGRESSIVE or HANDPAY JACKPOT right here.

Please Subscribe if you’ve enjoyed my video so you can be informed anytime I upload a new slot win. You can easily do so by following the hyperlink below:


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Whether or not you’re an avid gambler who enjoys playing slots frequently or even if you by no means gamble and just appreciate watching the occasional video of the pokies, I hope you will find my Youtube channel entertaining.

Although you may see me gambling much more often on WMS or Aristocrat games, I am a fan of all slot machines and go where the bonuses take me – and that consists of Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, or IGT. If you have a favourite slot machine you’d like to try my hand at, please really feel cost-free to recommend 1 in the comments section and I will do my ideal to give it a shot!

Or if you just feel like asking me what the climate Las Vegas weather is like, you can email me at:


And in case you missed these videos, here are a handful of Handpay Jackpots from my channel:

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Thank you so much for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and make a decision to subscribe and remain.

– Vegas Low Roller

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Обсуждение: 49 коммент.
  1. michael chilner says:

    Responsible playing….and very lucky free play. Cool. I’ve only had a royal dealt to me once. It was a progressive jackpot of 1125.00. Right below a hand pay.

  2. Mavi Rose says:

    difference between slots and video poker?

  3. Moore Sweet lips 78 says:

    Happy belated birthday VLR love your videos they are so relaxing to watch and yeah I thought it was the wrong channel cause you really don’t show you playing video poker but I’m glad you did later

  4. Gina Lola says:

    Best person to win this!!! Happy belated birthday!!!

  5. Stormsfury777 says:

    Happy Jackpot Birthday!

  6. Adam Miller says:

    No tax???

  7. James Espin says:

    Didn’t know you played Video Poker.Your always on the penny slot machines.Good choice of play.Try Double Double Bonus.You can win very big.Keep rolling Las Vegas Low Roller!

  8. michael chilner says:

    That’s awesome. Too bad you weren’t playing dollars instead. Would have been 16k.

  9. BustaGamingTM says:

    Congrats dan!

  10. skabeatgirl says:

    happy birthday! I’ve had some amazing wins but never 3 hands royal. great win! I don’t win at Silverton!

  11. Ucanbe Lucky2 says:

    Amazing getting royal flush on 3 cards

  12. Roger Bickle says:

    650,000 to 1. I see why you retired from VP and play slots now.

  13. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:

    ok saw what day your Birthday If you are Sept 27 I am the 28th. i knew it

  14. Jennifer Huttenbach says:

    Happy belated birthday! Congratulations!

  15. Claus Von Bülow II says:

    Do you tip when you have a good hit or screw em?

  16. krob says:

    nice! happy belated birthday

  17. Alma V says:

    I am soooooooo happy for you. ENJOY

  18. jlee1522 says:

    I play video poker a lot and have never been dealt a royal flush, much less on a triple draw machine. That is such a great hit, especially for one who doesn’t play it a lot. Birthday luck!

  19. Mike Brown says:

    Did you ever ask the attendant or host what the player appreciation money was?

  20. Even St Julien says:


  21. Joe Luis says:


    "duh duh duhh"

    DED LOL nice win tho!

  22. Majestic Buffaloman says:

    Yo you need to make a video on how to notify people of your new videos, because they made it so you have to click on the bell beside your subscribe button. Its messed I was wondering why I didn’t see any awesome videos made by you. Just thought I would help as all!

  23. Andrew Lee says:

    how much where you playing a hand on the video poker I did see it was a 25 cent machine

  24. RainsWorld Mychannel says:

    Congratulations you deserve it ! Super stoked for you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  25. Steve Thompson says:

    Hope you tipped her? Congrats dude, what a deal.

  26. michael chilner says:

    Sorry, it would be actually 12k.

  27. SuperDv8 says:

    Nice hit.. I got dealt 4A’s with a kicker too playing ultimate X poker just this past weekend on my birthday at Red Rock Casino too for 9k

  28. Ibrahim Mashni says:

    happy bday …thanks for the entertaining vids…i wish you win 10k plus one day and do something crazy but legal at the casino lol

  29. John Cats says:


  30. onenickelmiracle says:

    Nice royal and progressive win.

  31. Valarie F Randall says:

    Happy Birthday.! What a win!

  32. Tiffany Veitch says:

    ohhhhh my gotd

  33. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:

    i Love Video Poker

  34. Key Key says:

    Well Happy Birthday To U Buddy……

  35. Adrian Villegas says:

    what the tattoo says

  36. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    Dream win. Wonderful birthday surprise. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. ❤️

  37. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:

    great happy birthday

  38. lidsman22 says:

    Video poker is the best game to play.

  39. Ibrahim Mashni says:

    is it true the first time u sign up for a players card I should high bet or over a grand and they will give u better perks to come back because ur far and they think ull spend grand or more

  40. amy kamrowski says:

    That is epic

  41. Shinobi Slots - SoCal Slot Machine Videos says:

    Belated Happy Birthday my friend and congrats on that amazing jackpot! And Great story on how it all happened!

  42. Gysore Mclibee says:

    Congrs. on big win, and happy birthday,and many happy return…

  43. Linda Catalano says:

    Happy birthday

  44. OverTeemo says:

    Good Job 😀

  45. William Rausch says:

    WOW THATS AWESOME…….I love watching your videos! Best of luck and Happy Birthday

  46. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:


  47. MGTOW Is Life says:

    I dont usually watch slots but i do watch you.It would be awesome if you played some bonus poker games like once a week maybe

  48. Xenia: The Game says:

    you didnt do double or nothing as you said.

  49. Brent's Lucky Slot Channel says:

    How did I miss this one? LOL Great win, VLR!


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