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15:33, 09 January 2018

Molly’s Game Film Overview By Poker Players

Molly’s Game Movie Assessment By Poker Players

My pal Sasha & I speak the new poker film Molly’s Game & choose our favorite folks, moments, poker scenes & more!! Molly’s Game was officially released final weekend. SPOILERS AWAIT AHEAD!!

Molly’s Game Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molly%27s_Game

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Обсуждение: 17 коммент.
  1. Wayne Chiang says:

    Player X not mister X

  2. Wayne Chiang says:

    10/10 as well!!

  3. Diogo Duarte says:


  4. ballz deep says:

    thats mah nigga

  5. Rudi Storm says:

    Read the book years ago. Cant wait to see the movie.

  6. Troll Mctrollerson says:

    Your average Asian women is, on average, two points higher than all other races on the hot scale.

  7. Danny B says:

    "She gets a little out of line" lol

  8. Vlad Impala says:

    I don’t know why writers/directors insist on making movies about real life events, with their real life history, and then adding in details that simply didn’t happen. she was a world class skier, why fuck with that by adding in this big dramatic accident that didn’t happen?

  9. LO8Grinder Poker says:

    papi lets start a Vegas home game – dealers choice as long as its Omaha

  10. David1200 says:

    I thought the movie was excellent. Jessica C is an amazing actress and the ending was super to me. Very entertaining.

  11. Erling Hartviksen says:

    nice girl, interesting interview

  12. Brian Okin says:

    She slept with at least two that I know of: Eugene (in the book), and Chet.

  13. Justin Prairie says:

    WtF is this sht Joey? Fuk! 🙁 I could give a fk about this trick… Molly that is….

  14. Jonah Vella says:


  15. johnny cash0009 says:

    The only reason I watch your videos it’s because u look so stoned,man..hahaha..shit,man…say hello to mary jane from me. I’m plo player tho 😁

  16. Wayne Chiang says:

    Also don’t like the claim that she was reading articles on the internet during her down time. The proprietary information she gets by talking to those guys that can’t be googled is worth way more.

    In regards to not having slept with any of the players, having that leaked might have been one of those things ruining families she referenced.

  17. failvine says:

    Congrats on your new gf, Joey!


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