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17:24, 14 May 2018

Liv Boeree , Playing Online Poker Tournament, buy in $55

Liv Boeree , Playing Online Poker Tournament, get in $55

Liv Boeree , Playing On the web Poker Tournament, buy in $55


Об авторе: Mr JackPot 888

Обсуждение: 20 коммент.
  1. Luke Merrett says:

    i wish she open chest

  2. Thomas Minder says:

    haha when we don t have to di i am 88 years old and my friends are drinking beer in heaven.

  3. Alan Lloyd says:

    Poker is not about computers and EV .

  4. scorpion407 says:

    I know that many of you will start a war but I really want to say this. So I am talking about the A6s in 31:34. She shouldn’t play this hand at all. First of all out of position, secondly very bad kicker and the best thing she should hoping was the nut flush. Ok the flush missed her but she flopped a 2 pair. The pot was pretty good and she should have bet big in order to make her opponent to quit the hand especially with the possible draws on board and we all know that jokerstars is rigged to induce higher rake and draws and marginal hands are completed many times so we should bet big on the flop. She decided to give the guy a cheap runner runner flush. Also look how many other possible hands are there 99 pockets flopping a set, J10 for a straight, hearts for a flush and so on and so on. So the hand was played terribly even on a live game. I know she is a pro and that I am nobody to judge but the pros always advise us noobs how to play and then they do quite the opposite. If a random player has posted this he would be told that he will never be a winning poker player but when a poker pro does it then it is ok.

  5. Nikola Jovanovic says:


  6. BestPokerCoaching says:

    Wow, never watched her playing online

  7. Karlos Spades says:

    Music fawken kills it

  8. Jeed92 says:

    fuck your comments i like the video

  9. R jaco says:

    worst team pro member by a fucking miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile

  10. katelan says:

    to tight in poker but not so tight in the bedroom

  11. Thomas Minder says:

    i think a clone would be totally different from you because he would have a total different horoscope (and no that s is NOTT ironic).

  12. Ratan Kunwar says:

    Is this a video of how not to play poker ??

  13. Timothy Burton says:

    Sometimes the cards just don’t go your way, pro, amateur, or otherwise. Check her record, and look and some of her other you tube videos. She is bad-ass on the poker table, well accomplished with earnings and the record to prove it. I appreciate her making the video here.

  14. Alan Lloyd says:

    When amateurs play, they aren’t thinking of ranges and they’ll pay any cards in any position.

  15. war machine says:

    why she is playing micro tournaments?

  16. Jason Hutchingson says:

    She didn’t win a fucking hand!

  17. C J Parrott says:

    whats with the crappy music…. soon as it came on i leave

  18. Robert Johnson says:

    One reason some people pushed "thumb down" was because the audio was messed up until 14:00.

  19. Omar Gonzalez Garduño says:

    oh come on ,, looks beautiful on this video. =P


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