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18:44, 09 January 2018

Leading five Most Controversial Poker Hands | PokerStars

Top five Most Controversial Poker Hands | PokerStars

Poker is a game that is normally played in very good spirits with a keen sense of fairness and etiquette. Nevertheless, often things never go to strategy and voices are raised, questions are asked and – in rare situations – blatant cheating is spotted.

Join us as we count down 5 of the most controversial hands ever recorded from the PokerStars Television archives.

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How to Play Online Poker

Poker has been increasing exponentially in reputation more than the years. Far more and a lot more folks are discovering this game and many are generating money by playing poker on-line.

Poker is an thrilling game that can provide you with excellent entertainment as well as it can earn you money too. A lot of people want to learn this game. Right here are some suggestions for such poker beginners.

How to Play Poker:
A rotation system is employed to determine who has the correct to deal. To start the game, one or far more players have to lay down a blind bet, whereas the nominal dealer shuffles the cards. Dealer distributes the cards correctly to the players at a time, opening with the players to their left. After the initial deal, numerous offers will be made and slowly the players hand will develop by either dealing cards or swapping previously dealt cards. All bets are gathered in the center at the finish of every round.

Ideas Although Playing Poker:

It is advised to play one particular hand at a time. Playing also numerous hands in starting will split your consideration and you will not be able to predict the progress of your hands appropriately. This will outcome in losing money quicker. Focus on higher worth hands to maximize your earnings in starting.
Observe the betting behavior of your opponent cautiously. Some players spot a high value bet only when they have great hand. You can save your cash by knowing when to fold and when to bet.
Betting can be employed to acquire data about your opponents. Some people bet high to see if their opponents nevertheless keep in. Re-rises is also utilized to test patience of the opponents. If you check, and your opponent bets, it means that he has far better hand that you. Also, if you notice your opponents checking, you could feel that he may possibly have negative hand.
Even though employing the bluffing technique, you have to be very unpredictable to take advantage of the situation. Very best poker players use bluffing tactics very cautiously. It is better to bluff when you know the outcome or strongly think that your bluff would not be tested by any individual.

Poker Internet sites:
Numerous on the web poker websites are obtainable that offer you with choice for playing online poker and support you to earn maximum bonus points. These sites also give you help to produce your own poker area.

The on the web poker games have turn into really common recently. It is related to the one particular played at casino or at home. The above details on how to play poker will certainly assist you in becoming a very good poker player.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Jay M says:

    Whatta angler

  2. john boujie says:

    Frietez looks like a fucking scumbag demon piece of shit. If shank him in the fucking parking lot. What a nasty douchebag

  3. Romic says:

    Hellmuth calling Dwan a maniac kid killed me hahahahaha

  4. joeashbubemma says:

    No speak a English my ass.

  5. Drew Conway says:

    #3 = Two truly classy guys. People like Mike Have-A-Cow could learn something from them. 👍🏻

  6. newp gaston says:

    #3 was nothing… The guy wasn’t trying anything here, what is the angle exactly? Best case scenario nothing happens, worst case scenario he’s forced to put in a call with 8 high?

    Angleshoots are usually supposed to benefit you, not the other player. Nothing could be beneficial to that guy saying ‘Good call’. Just an honest mistakes that had no negative consequences because both players were ok and it was obvious that it was a mistake.

    Not like the trashy #1. (and the worst part IIRC is that he went on to win the tournament). He should be banned for life from any tournament that respects itself.

    Negreanu’s hand is debatable. He didn’t do anything against the rules, obviously, but most angleshoots aren’t against the rules anyway, that’s what makes them tricky. Sure the other guy didn’t have to raise, he could’ve just guessed that he did it on purpose and fold his KJ… But the thing with these moves is that they look dishonest. Doesn’t matter if they are or not, that’s what they look like, and (like the Hellmuth/Tony G AK/AJ hand), it might make for good television, but to the amateur poker player it’s not differientable from cheating, it makes it look like everyone’s there to get him and that if he doesn’t know all the rules and tricks in the books, the players willing to "cheat" will just rob him blind.

    There’s been enough drama and cheating/scamming/frauding scandals (about both live and online poker), if we want poker to grow we need to put an end to that garbage, so the new players feels comfortable playing and not like everyone is being dishonest so they have to watch themselves 24/7 to make sure they’re not being cheated; This doesn’t make for a fun gaming xperience.

  7. Joseph Drummond says:

    Ensan is a baller! "i don’t want more, it’s ok". BALLER!

  8. Boban Mihajlov says:

    Tony G lying about looking at his cards to Phil Hellmuth is pretty bad etiquette.

  9. VoiceULove says:

    Poker’s become too politically correct for me. Just play the damn game and choose whether or not to listen to the other players. Poker has always been just as much about psychology as it is about card skill.

  10. Marlon says:

    Number one truly has no rival. That move was so darn bloody sick. I may even do it one day when I have the nuts.

  11. Josh Jenson says:

    I hope something bad happens to Freitez, i hope he loses all his money, gets aids or dies
    that was a scumbag move

  12. Steve Joseph says:

    Must b a turd canadian

  13. John Thomas says:

    You say controversy wrong….

  14. FullTimeSlacker says:

    #3 lol.

  15. gumbo says:

    That guy isn’t German…

  16. Len Dog says:

    Dude still called even after the pit boss told him! Dumbass

  17. Jack F says:

    negranu’s play was completely legit in all aspects? i mean wtf are we supposed to do? play like robots?

  18. cotegt says:

    #1 was some nasty angle shooting. I want to win really bad in poker, but I draw the line in the sand somewhere before that.

  19. All the world's a stage says:



    Negranu did a classic angle shot there

  21. Jack F says:

    dam well done with number one! holy shit how the fuck is that allowed with no penality? floor should have ruled he be blinded out until that pot went back to the table from his stack…. ! agree or….?

  22. Boban Mihajlov says:

    Number one is smart, tbh. he knew how to trick Yanayt into calling, so he said raise, and told the dealer and floor man that he wanted to call, to make it seem like he would originally want to call, not raise. He was fine if his raise stood, because Yanayt thought he had top pair and trapped him, only to see Freitez had the nuts. It’s dirty as fuck, but it’s a genius plan…

  23. FullTimeSlacker says:

    Regardless of whether the first guy wanted to call or raise, how many chips did he actually throw out? That would decide if it was a call or raise.

  24. m3dmonds says:

    in #1, why did the guy call? He was basically told what the guy was doing, knew about it going into the tourney and still called. What an idiot.

  25. OFFCHOPS CLAN says:

    Fucken stupid Columbian idiot at the end what a fucking ugly pig

  26. Vincent Olmos says:

    Controversy?!! The British pronunciation is intense

  27. Just Jake says:

    That mans chin pimple gets dealt its own hand at poker games

  28. Apra Rhakho says:

    Mr. Ensan indeed showed a good sportsmanship
    Respect !

  29. Tyckinas says:

    bigest money laundry in a world

  30. Diane Morgan says:

    Man….the last one….obvious cheater. Forcing a raise, by angling. Geez. What an asshole. Frietez should be banned, worldwide.

  31. Luke Fitzgibbon says:

    Miss click then lied about the stack, said he had less…Daniel is definitely shady!

  32. Jon Gill says:

    -Good call
    -You call?

    the guy with the scarf should have got the money.

  33. E J says:


  34. Dan Cujo says:

    Like playing the game but watching is brutal. They need a 30 second timer with a rule of no playing with the chips. Wonder if the noise the chips make helps the paint dry quicker.

  35. ThomasPaine says:

    That’s a pretty shitty angle shoot…what a fucking moron.

  36. PolicemanPrawn says:

    After being forced to raise, Freitez should have went all-in. Would have totally messed up people’s minds.

  37. XxNinja0fWarxX says:

    CON-TRA-VISY what a weird way to say controversy

  38. Nick Librizzi says:

    Why did Phil Ivy look at a card when the dealer was ready to reshuffle, anyone know?

  39. Muharem Redzic says:

    The last one is such a shit show. If the management came to my table and gave info to the opponent I would sue the casino. Trashes.

  40. Simen Jesken says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Negreanu, but he did nothing wrong where he ”mis-clicked”

  41. Angel Castro says:

    Guy goes all in with KJ amd says Daniel is cheating lol. And the idiot on the last play was warned about the player and that he usually does that when he has a monster and he still called him.

  42. Narrowc ross says:

    If you announce raise, quess what dumbass you gotta raise. Good management, bad call.

  43. sküll düggery says:


  44. Hooriam Donno says:

    Dneg’s does not belong here. Period.

  45. Yeah Bee says:

    If he was known for it, how cna it not be against the rules? can’t the tournament director go check the feed? obvious when you see the cards

  46. Dave Hellbound says:

    negreanu is a jerk

  47. Jack Fleming says:

    Number 3. Best show of sportsmanship ive ever seen. You can see he immedaitely thinks about the direct rules but after thinking a little while, he realises his opponent made a mistake and let him off it. I probably wouldn’t. But an incredible show of sportsmanship.

  48. Drumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    It’s impossible to tell if that guy said "I’ll call or good call"

  49. angel valdiviezo says:

    Who know the Name to the dealer in the top 3? is so beautiful

  50. Peppy Ben Ben says:

    Everyone loves Ivey but he’s actually a surly grumpy fuck.


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