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22:14, 09 January 2018

Leading 10 MOST Incredible POKER HANDS!

Prime 10 MOST Wonderful POKER HANDS!

Leading ten MOST Amazing POKER HANDS!
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When you start poker, it is not so simple to know almost everything about it. Most of the time, it takes time to be aware of the rules and much more about the methods of the players and use them appropriately.  We want some time and patience to realize every thing. One thing crucial in poker is to know the origin of it as well. Poker was and it is still really well-known in USA and most of the game finds its origin in America! So it is time to know a small bit more about the hand of the poker and some of them are about actual stories!

King and queen

This pair has a few nicknames. You have the wedding, the royal couple, really like and the royalty. This pair is composed of a king and a queen and when you lose with it you can contact it the divorce.

A pocket kings

A pocket kings has a number of nickname. This pair is quite stronger than a pair of aces but of course it is decrease than a pair of aces. So, if you get it at the beginning of the game, you have possibly a powerful pair. We contact it the King Kong, for the energy of the animal but also the cowboy, you take your guns and you kill every person with it like a real cowboy.

Pocket of queen

This 1 has a lot of nickname: Ladies, Twin Sisters or Cow-girls or Hilton sisters. A lot of name are from the western because at this time the poker was quite well-known and any western comics such as lucky Luke has a poker tournament in it and everyone is cheating. Hilton sister is almost certainly from Paris and a pal through most likely the reality show “Simple life”. You can also call it Siegfried and Roy by means of two American magicians.

Pocket of jack

This pair is named Jesse James or James brothers. Jesse James was the cowboy and with his brother they have been participating at the Secession war among the south and the north. They have been defending the south and following the war, the two boys had been completely traumatised. They started to attack banks, diligences and train to get the cash that their mother lost throughout the war. Following the war, their family lost every little thing and they have to refund a lot of banks. So this why they began to attack bank and… Following a while, and right after stealing sufficient funds to survive with it, they decided to take their retirement but the government wanted their head and a rewards of $ ten 000 was offered to the particular person who could catch them. 1 of the members of their team caught the opportunity and denounced him and killed him with a bullet just behind the ear. He died and he brother went to the police and stayed a handful of years in jail.

It is a lot much more nickname pairs but for right now it will be adequate and the time to digest them. Have entertaining at the free poker sites and never forget my stories!


Jonathan Sin a specialist poker player sharing an expertise and ideas for playing better and winning much more at the game.


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Обсуждение: 19 коммент.
  1. Redding Shelby says:

    Poor Kallakis..

  2. Tyrannus says:

    dude in the thumbnail looks like Stingy from Lazytown

  3. Cronopoly says:

    Nice video 😀 I would have had a heart attack about 5 times lol. All those hands no one could lay down cracked.

  4. Rain Toro says:

    a trips is NOT bigger than a straight

  5. cellerbe91 says:

    Get pppoker app, join club 82008, 60 buy in no limit holdem. Payout twice a week

  6. DickJohnson3434 says:

    This shit happens so often online that it’s borderline absurd to suggest that ANY of the top ten amazing poker hands happened live at all.

  7. Steven Labry says:

    If you want to make some real money, check out Mintbuilder. Free sign up until Midnight EST Nov 7th, 2017. No credit card needed! Save $199 a year for life! http://www.mintbuilder.com/570494

  8. jonescrusher1 says:

    ‘Minesetting’ 🙂

  9. Blackerflash says:

    fuck off… that first deck was a setup for ratings and advertisement

  10. John Wang says:

    Half of high stake cash game highlights were all involved Tom Dwan

  11. Karl Vernor says:

    At 30:27 why is Feldman on 0% chance of winning? If he hits a heart it’s a flush and beats both hands. I don’t get it. Neither have a full house or better.

  12. Owen O'Connor says:

    yo everyone has seen that tom dwan straight vs set hand so repetitive this channel is good cuz it shows hands that i haven’t seen before but the ausie millions hands everyone has seen

  13. Swagwan says:

    Shocking by Kagawa vs Dwan

  14. Roman Anrriquez says:

    Mario sube El Camino

  15. oussama tuinstra says:

    terms creature frustration xxozrh stomach immigrant debt conversation eye blue helpful.

  16. Michael Glenn says:

    Can someone please explain to me why the guy with a straight flush at 37:20 is acting like he’s agonizing over a call? I can’t figure out for the life of me why he’s acting that way. Harman put him all in….he has the nuts….why is he struggling with the decision to call?

  17. Cj Crafter says:

    30:30 there is an Ace of diamonds and not an ace of hearts

  18. Rendi Mento says:

    The tom dwan straight vs set hand must have had the cards wrong. It said the guy with the flush draw was drawing dead but how could he have been drawing dead when he would have beaten the eights and would have beaten the wheel

  19. TRISCUIT says:

    that guy folded tens full of jacks

    and made the *RIGHT CALL*


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