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1:03, 08 January 2018

Jocelyn Alice – Jackpot

Jocelyn Alice – Jackpot

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Written by Jocelyn Alice & Hello Moth
Produced by Hello Moth
Vocals Created by Spencer Cheyne
Mixed by Spencer Cheyne @ OCL Studios

I’ve waited so lengthy to know
If your hand will take me property
Your next move is often slow
Now I can’t wait any longer

Do not wanna go, do not wanna remain, don’t wanna make a alter
Don’t wanna show, do not wanna cheat, don’t wanna hesitate
Do not wanna hold, don’t wanna bust, don’t wanna raise
Do not wanna fold, don’t wanna bluff I kinda like this game

All that I feel about day and night
Is having you in my dream life
Imma’ hit the jackpot correct

You’re faking like you are on leading
Why can not we just split the pot?
We’re suited and the dealers not
This showdown it’ll in no way quit


We be winning like the pot got hot
We be winning like the cash gon’ rain
we be winning we gon’ do it once again


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  1. Chubby Sonic says:


  2. chicken fingers says:

    I kept hearing this song on the radio and i LOVED it!


    Greetings From Vancouver Canada

  4. Hotwings andbeer says:

    Boring! Very boring! Amazing what passes for music these days!

  5. Courtney Lauzon says:

    This song is making its way to Michigan. Hear it at work all the time. Love it!

  6. Juli Gray says:


  7. Zyrics says:

    Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo

  8. Carolyn Strader says:

    Love your vidios

  9. Your Entertainment City says:


  10. Killer Maxwell says:

    I made the jackpot right😀😀😀😁😁😀😁😀

  11. wfs wsr smith says:

    sounded as if she was high on crack when sang at 2017 all-star game what a dam shame

  12. James Curtis-Welsh says:

    Is this what basic bitches listen to?

  13. SouthMage says:

    I went to Canada for vacation and heard this song on the radio and next thing I knew I was living in Canada.

  14. Edyukated49 says:

    Just watched your collab with WOTE, loving it

  15. 426 BadBoy Toronto says:

    Driving Route 66 out of Williams Arizona bottom of the Grand Canyon and heading to Las Vegas. Guess what blasts out on the radio….. JACKPOT! How appropriate! True Canadian hear…thanx for joining us on the trip!

  16. Baba Man says:

    Everyone’s Canadian here lol

  17. Cresenta says:

    Heard this song this morning on 99.9 FM and have been listening to it on repeat since. Amazing!

  18. Florence Faatoe says:


  19. queen of food says:

    You’re miss bells nicie u went to Ethel M jounson and u sung for us

  20. Utsukushī Neko says:

    I wonder if there are ANY Americans here…

  21. GKRONICS says:

    I thought this was lorde

  22. wfs wsr smith says:

    made me embarased to be Canadian when I heard her sing my anthem

  23. mercedes xo says:

    I totally forgot about this song but heard it again on the radio a few days ago, this song is honestly amazing.

  24. John Stephan says:

    While driving down the hwy 401 heard this great song two years ago on 106.9. I missed the title but just recently heard it again on the radio and this time caught the title….hit the jackpot!

  25. 62gmcnut says:

    Just heard this for the first time in2-3 years while on hold with TELUS. Glad that I have a very good memory for how Tunes sound. Just the first 3 seconds and I can ALMOST be 100% right about the name of the tune.

  26. Ufolatte says:

    This is so good!!! It reminds me of this weird dream i had where some girls where auditioning for some show that Simon Cowell hosted and they were singing this, but they forgot the lyrics and then i showed up and continued singing it and got onto the show?? it was super strange 😅

  27. Lloyd Peacock says:

    Sorry., not good to electronically controlled.

  28. Boistori Penyay says:

    Heard it when I was in Washington state. I’m from northern bc

  29. 王高 王高 says:

    Everybody reading this comment,you are all wonderful but go to the song royal and compare these.

  30. Exploring With Danielle says:

    This songs awesome!

  31. Lesley franklin says:

    hi Jocelyn. who helped you produce the original recording

  32. bloobers says:

    your the best XD

  33. Taylor Pawson says:

    Still in love with this song since I heard it over the radio. All of Vancouver, BC, Canada is in love with this song and can’t wait for more!

  34. Bryan Onstad says:

    But what the heck happened on the national anthem at the all=star game? Too many pre-game cocktails?

  35. Tom Mosbrucker says:

    This song is dope. Bumpin’ it in Van City!

  36. Jeremy Bilenduke says:

    best song ever

  37. thepianist D says:

    This is an annoying ass song

  38. uniquem12 says:

    from Vancouver 🙂

  39. TimmyTwoPoints says:

    coming from the border on the correct side, i love this song


    Awesome song

  41. Surrey county says:

    New spice girls….

  42. Shh Gaming says:

    Your hot

  43. Morgan Leah says:

    one hit wonder!

  44. Abandoned Soul says:

    my favorite song 😊

  45. Tony R says:

    Happy 150th B Day Canada!!! 🎂🍻🍺

  46. Lucas Marquez says:

    Jocelyn Alice Blood To Bleed (Fingerprinting Only)
    where can i found that song?

  47. Shawn Turner says:

    {||||} is recognized by the USA, Canada, and the UK {gambling| betting} Commission.

  48. ReliveTheDream says:

    sounds like lorde on crack

  49. Timo Fox says:

    i wont do without you

  50. Tony R says:

    Canada here


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