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It has been a lengthy time since our last jackpot video, so today we played a few games and won a bunch of Jackpots!! Some jackpots came simpler than others, that is for confident. Let us know which jackpot was your preferred. Also be confident to guess how several tickets we won in total! Get pleasure from the Ticket JACKPOTS!

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Historically probable very first naval jack.

In late 1775, as the very first ships of the Continental Navy readied in the Delaware River, Commodore Esek Hopkins issued, in a set of fleet signals, an instruction directing his vessels to fly a “striped” jack and ensign. The exact style of these flags is unknown. The ensign was most likely to have been the Grand Union Flag, and the jack a simplified version of the ensign: a field of 13 horizontal red and white stripes. Even so, the jack has traditionally been depicted as consisting of thirteen red and white stripes charged with an uncoiled rattlesnake and the motto “Dont [sic] Tread on Me” this tradition dates at least back to 1880, when this style appeared in a colour plate in Admiral George Henry Preble’s influential History of the Flag of the United States. Current scholarship, nevertheless, has demonstrated that this inferred design never ever in fact existed but “was a 19th-century error primarily based on an erroneous 1776 engraving”.

In 1778, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to the Ambassador of Naples, thanking him for enabling entry of American ships into Sicilian ports. The letter describes the American flag according to the 1777 Flag Resolution, but also describes a flag of “South Carolina, a rattlesnake, in the middle of the thirteen stripes.”

The rattlesnake had lengthy been a symbol of resistance to the British in Colonial America. The phrase “Never tread on me” was coined for the duration of the American Revolutionary War, a variant probably of the snake severed in segments labelled with the names of the colonies and the legend “Join, or Die” which had appeared first in Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, as a political cartoon reflecting on the Albany Congress.

The rattlesnake (especially, the Timber Rattlesnake) is specifically substantial and symbolic to the American Revolution. The rattle has thirteen layers, signifying the original Thirteen Colonies. And, the snake does not strike till provoked, a quality echoed by the phrase “Don’t tread on me.” For far more on the origin of the rattlesnake emblem, see the Gadsden flag.

Contemporary use

Raising of the avy Jack for the very first time at morning colors, on September 11, 2002, aboard the guided missile cruiser Thomas S. Gates in honor of these killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The Very first Navy Jack was initial utilised in current history during the Bicentennial year, 1976, when all commissioned naval vessels have been directed to fly it for the whole year, in lieu of the standard fifty-star jack.

In 1980, Edward Hidalgo, the Secretary of the Navy, directed that the ship with the longest active status shall show the Very first Navy Jack till decommissioned or transferred to inactive service[citation necessary]. Then the flag will be passed to the next ship in line. This honor was conferred on the following U.S. Navy vessels:

19811982: Destroyer tender USSDixie(AD-14), commissioned 1940

19821993: Destroyer tender USSPrairie(AD-15), commissioned 1940

19931993: Submarine tender USSOrion(AS-18), commissioned 1943

19931995: Repair Ship USSJason(AR-eight), commissioned 1944

19951995: Ammunition ship USSMauna Kea(AE-22), commissioned 1957

19951998: Aircraft carrier USSIndependence(CV-62), commissioned 1959

19982009: Aircraft carrier USSKitty Hawk(CV-63), commissioned in 1961

2009-present: Aircraft carrier USSEnterprise(CVN-65), commissioned 1961

Following a post-9/11 suggestion from retired Captain Brayton Harris (who in 1975-76 had been Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy for the Bicentennial), the Secretary of the Navy issued Instruction 10520.6, dated 31 May 2002, directing all Navy ships to fly the 1st Naval Jack as a “short-term substitution” for the Jack of the United States “in the course of the Global War on Terrorism”. Most vessels created the switch on September 11, 2002, the 1st anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

This flag, along with the Serapis flag, is also featured on the crest of the USSJohn Paul Jones(DDG-53).


Like other snake flags, the Navy Jack has been utilised as a sign of protest. Opponents to a smoking ban in Franklin, Indiana fly Navy Jacks outdoors their residences and firms.


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^ See the patch and description on the official internet site at http://www.john-paul-jones.navy.mil/

^ theindychannel.com

See also

United States Navy portal

Ensign of the United States

Jack of the United States

External links

Wikisource has original text related to this article:

SECNAV Instruction 10520.6

US Naval Historical Center’s Very first Jack report

CDR Michel T. Poirier, “A Brief History of the U.S. Navy Jack”, in Undersea Warfare


United States Navy

Portal: United States Navy Category:United States Navy


Civilian: Secretary of the Navy Under Secretary of the Navy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Chief of Naval Operations Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Active duty Navy 4-star admirals


Navy Navy Reserve Fleet Marine Force Civilian auxiliaries: Merchant Marine Maritime Service

Major Commands

Fleet Forces Command Naval Forces Europe Pacific Fleet Naval Forces Central Command Naval Forces Southern Command Military Sealift Command Naval Unique Warfare Command

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The Pentagon Units Aircraft Wings Aircraft Squadrons Installations Naval Observatory



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Personnel &amp Education

Folks Officers: Officer Insignia / Designators Enlisted: Enlisted Insignia / Ratings / Classification

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Education: Recruit Instruction United States Naval Academy Officer Candidate School STA-21 NROTC BESS BFTT CNATT COMPTUEX NAWCTSD Naval Chaplaincy School Naval Hospital Corpsman School Naval Justice School Naval Postgraduate School Navy College of Music Navy Senior Enlisted Academy Naval War College Nuclear Power College JMTC TOPGUN USNTPS Uniformed Solutions University of the Overall health Sciences


Uniforms Awards Badges Present Fleet Reserve Fleet Aircraft Weapons Naval Reactors

History &amp Traditions

History “Anchors Aweigh” Blue Angels Continental Navy Ensign Fleet bands Fleet Week Jack Line-crossing ceremony Mottos National Museum Navy Band Navy Flag Navy Hymn Navy Memorial Navy service numbers Sailor’s Creed Ship commissioning Ship decommissioning USS Constitution

Categories: Continental Navy | United States Navy | Military flags of the United States | Flags of the American Revolution | Traditions and history of the United States NavyHidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements | Articles with unsourced statements from February 2010

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