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18:50, 07 January 2018

Ideal Poker Hand Phil Ivey on Final Table 250K Super High Roller

Greatest Poker Hand Phil Ivey on Final Table 250K Super Higher Roller

Greatest Poker Hand Phil Ivey on Final Table 250K Super Higher Roller Poker Tournament Aussie Millions 2015 No Limit Texas Holdem. Poker Players Principal Event Final Table: Doug Polk, Phil Ivey, Scott Seiver, Isaac Haxton, Erik Seidel, Mike McDonald, Richard Yong, Dan Smith.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Orestas Tas says:

    Harry Potter and the folded hands.

  2. Oth Ja says:

    his fukin lucky

  3. aryan mohammadi says:

    ivey is soooooo lucky. he was just so lucky

  4. Paul Phua Poker says:

    Aussie Millions is such a great tournament to play in.

  5. Synapse Education says:

    That first guy going all in. What a douche.

  6. BestPokerCoaching says:

    When Phil Ivey gets KK…

  7. Itumeleng Setilo says:

    Ivey is lucky blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, it’s like the dealer stores the good cards for Ivey you’d swear.

  8. Crazy Eric says:

    Who are the commentators they should retire

  9. Kubi Vuitton says:

    First game KK and call 300k with stack 1.4mln WOOW AMAZING PLAYER hahahahahaha

  10. georgeousgee says:

    My palms get sweaty from looking at Ivey XD

  11. JC ISKING says:

    Aussie commentators bore the chit out of me!!

  12. TheAirheaded1 says:

    Would be so fun to play Ivey…these folks all nervous, I would laugh at him…..and say "Go ahead Kid, make my day"! Muahahahahahahaaaaaa and of course take all his money too, easily!

  13. god was never born and dead wey gud says:

    i hate this fucking gambling ripp of my life this is all crap.

  14. pedhel pop says:

    He eyes look like drug user

  15. Nathyn Fangsly says:

    Must’ve read his facial expressions. did the guy look nervous or somethn??? if this sport or game isn’t rigged than that was amazing……that he didn’t fold that weak pair. I think it’s could be..easily actually.
    Chess is the real deal….takes much much much much much more skills to be good at it than cards.

    A handicapped man could get a nice hand and beat doyle, negrenau, ivey, hellmuth…..not possible in chess though….you have to be so damn bright to win at it, and it can’t be rigged what-so-ever unless you paid the guy to purposely mess up.

    U poker fans stop making comments in the chess videos sayin pokers the sht compared to chess.

  16. SOTHICK RICK says:

    Joe Hachem doesn’t seem to know anything, always says the wrong thing even when he can see the whole cards, he is very basic.

  17. Arvin 07 says:

    Everyone’s talking about the players but the patience of the dealer is out of this world

  18. When you read this I have stolen your iq points says:

    Who has absolutely no idea how to play poker but still watching

  19. Josue M says:

    Phil Goat Ivey

  20. D Rodriguez says: Amazing deck available on Kickstarter!!

  21. chkm8 gringo says:

    Hachem is such a fish is he retired yet?

  22. Kim Jong-un says:

    Pokerstars deck.


    I don’t know much about poker but why would that guy in the beginning go all in like that with two 4’s before the flop?

  24. Whats Right is Right 505 says:

    Great Job Phil

  25. Charlie Tagliareni says:

    chet reni

  26. andre lawrence says:

    What year was this

  27. Paul Phua Poker says:

    This is some serious high stakes action. I’ve got more videos with Phil Ivey on my channel you might be interested in.

  28. M M says:

    what a bad ass

  29. Tim Bordonaro says:

    Announcer says maybe Ivey’s trying to be honest… Who tries to be honest in poker? LOL

  30. Grail Bags says:

    Phil Ivey is so good and really smart boy

  31. johnasap777 says:

    Well Phil Ivey plays great but it is what it is "a sick game of luck, good cards not everything in this disgusting game of luck

  32. Davy Ker says:

    3:33 someone’s having an orgasm when the turn comes???

  33. Bernie Mac says:

    If you want to play cash poker in china… add my wechat id: allinpkr

  34. Mr. Grey says:

    Wait a Minute how does this work.. Phil won 6 million but only takes home 2? What happens to the rest?

  35. GovtGrad 87 says:

    Polk is garbage

  36. bishop198666 says:

    why is doug polk at this table? worst plays i have ever seen…trying to bluff ivey on the river like nooooo..then calling him with a weak 9 on the river doesnt even think about the call against ivey with straight and flush out bro stick to your crappy you tube videos..but seriously we love guys like you at the it

  37. drac0100 says:

    What a quiet video !
    Not too much chips sound

  38. amau5 fan says:

    Take us threw from heah joe. How about shut the fuck up

  39. Joe says:

    Damn, these commentators are hard to listen to

  40. c4theNERD says:

    The commentary is cringe. The guy talking lots is completely lost

  41. principe alla moda says:

    18:13 wisdom from Joe Hachem

  42. Ace Sanders says:

    normal people cant play like Phil Ivey, But would always learn how top play better poker.
    Take a shortcut:

  43. G Sam says:

    Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia never had a chance against Phil.

  44. Adam Ayala says:

    lol the annoucers are killing me @8:30

  45. Salita Huber says:

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  46. Futur detect 02 says:

    jamais de chance MC

  47. WSOP 2017 says:

    Great Phil Ivey!

  48. 663marv says:

    stupid question. if for example they say the pot is 1 million or 5 million how is it then converted into real cash? is it like a 10:1 ratio or what?

  49. Jed Kreuser says:

    Did Phil try and angle shoot Doug at 8:09? lol

  50. Explore Westeros says:

    This analysis is fucking painful.


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