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12:59, 07 January 2018

How to win at blackjack (21) with gambling specialist Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

How to win at blackjack (21) with gambling expert Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford about blackjack. Mike answers some of the most common queries that players have about the game, plus he offers ideas on how players can choose the best games, use the suitable methods and take benefit of the casino comping method.

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If one particular wants to know how to win playing card games, there are some factors to keep in mind. There are certain skills that are required in order to accomplish this objective. Here is a appear at some of the assets 1 need to have if they are going to be effective.

Memory – This is a single of the greatest abilities a individual can use. It assists to maintain in min what plays exactly where created ahead of and what other people may have already in their hands. This indicates that one has to be capable to concentrate and play close focus to what is going on about them. The greatest players usually have amazing memories.

Speed – It also requires ones powers of concentration to move rapidly when there is an opportunity. This is one more factor in winning or loosing. There are quite a number of card games where speed is one particular of the principal capabilities used. Time is typically of the essence and it assists to have the capacity to feel on one’s feet.

Organization – This skill aids a individual to figure out what moves to make in order to be successful. If a single makes random options without having analyzing the outcome, they could not final and a person else may take over. Creating approaches for winning also depends on one’s understanding of the game.

Counting the numbers – This has to do with being capable to manage numbers properly in one’s thoughts. By getting able to have the proper sequence in thoughts, a single can figure out exactly where the game is going. This is another reason why some people may shed of game, because they miscalculated the numbers.

Concealing – This is critical because a lot of people have lost a game or two since was in a position to see what they have in their hand. This is particularly accurate if a person has really excellent expertise of the deck and how it might be distributed amongst the players. So it is one particular of the simplest approaches to hold on a bit longer to your place in the game.

There are others capabilities that come into play when 1 wants to know how to win card games. A single can begin by building their memory, tactics, counting, and concealing capabilities. These few abilities alone can assist a individual succeed. The far more one plays a card game, the far more improvement they see with the expertise they already have.

Let us tell you how to win at those card games. No card game, with us is too difficult – there is constantly a trick to the game and you have to learn it.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Mr. Slappy says:

    Here’s my question with card counting. When the deck is rich in face cards, why does the player have an advantage? Doesn’t the dealer also have an advantage to get blackjack as well? Maybe I’m missing something.

  2. Max kid1 says:

    Thanks for this, I’m going to use the Martingale system for any bet that I may do at the casino or online when betting

  3. bts845 says:

    This is good stuff, thank you!

  4. AL-Tamar Henderson says:

    Just left the casino and some idiot cost me a $75 bet BC he hit his hard 16 against dealer 6 and got the face card the dealer was gonna get…..I was so pissed I got up and left the table. Its definitely one of those things were it can hurt you or help you.

  5. Sara Herrera says:

    Great video! The only part I don’t agree with is when he said that bad players don’t effect the table. I can’t yell you how many times the dealer is showing a 6 and the player had a hard 15, hits and takes the dealers bust card. It may not make a huge difference in the long run, but if you have a big bet out there and they are playing only $5 or $10 and cause you to lose big, it sucks. That’s why I refuse to play low limit tables.

  6. Sven Karls says:

    there’s a Blackjack side bet at Sands PA.. it pays on being dealt at least 1 Seven. it has a progressive meter with 100% paid for 3 diamond sevens (two player cards and dealer up card). 10% of the meter is 3 other suited sevens. Progressive over 300k now. is there a strategy page on this bonus bet?

  7. Fusilli Jerry says:

    Always hit 12 against a dealer 2,3,7,8,9,10,A

  8. THICC_GAMER_GUY says:

    Thanks, my grandma didn’t stand a chance.

  9. Luc Chermanne says:

    So how about that double your bet strategy every time you lose if you WOULD have millions to spend. Would that be profitable?

  10. Jc Fullrecords says:

    What does the letter s, d, p, r mean on the chart? And why is there a second chart going from 13 to 19-21 if the first one covers more than that??

  11. james gay says:

    My biggest advice I can give any blackjack player is to never listen to a player who says never hit on 12. That black man who said that in this video doesn’t know basic strategy, otherwise he would of said stand on 12 when the dealers up card is  a 4, 5, or 6 otherwise hit the 12. The only time that rule may change is if someone is a professional card counter.

  12. Jay Jay haitch says:

    Your living in a fuking dream world and probs work for a gambling organisation… fuck it off!

  13. ThatsMrMoronToYou says:

    You’re never going to win at cards until you get rid of your racism.  Try African-Americanjack, Rusty.  #BLM

  14. ManOfHonour427 says:

    Great video! So much gambling advice is utter bullshit this guy actually knows what he’s talking about !

  15. Sara Herrera says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen table where the dealer stays on soft 17

  16. vincent yap says:

    have you seem banker win you 20 time in a row?

  17. ThePAkidd says:

    I have two comments to make. The casino worker who made the comment below that the basic strategy "rarely works" and that blackjack is just "pure luck" is off base. Nobody is saying the basic strategy will guarantee you’re going to win. What it does is lower the house’s edge to the bare minimum and that’s been proven by millions of computer simulations. So why wouldn’t you use the strategy and improve your chances of winning?

    My other comment is about this myth that if nobody (meaning a player) takes a hit on a hand, the next card out of the shoe will help the dealer. WHY??!! The cards are coming out of shoe randomly. There’s no logical reason why the next card (after no one takes a hit) HAS to help the dealer. But when it does, someone always says "See, someone needed to take a hit". But if it HURTS the dealer, say by busting him, nobody says a word or they say "We were lucky there". No! You can’t have it both ways. Either it always helps the dealer or it’s meaningless which is exactly what it is. If you don’t believe me, ask the "Wizard of Odds". I’m 100% sure he’ll back me up on this.

  18. BoredOutOfMyBoxProd says:

    so i should hit on 12?

  19. Cheetah Chenko says:

    I work at a casino. Good Luck with basic strategy, rarely works i would go as far as just saying its pure luck.

  20. Piedad Stoffel says:

    Hard 12 or greater Stay on hand

  21. Piedad Stoffel says:

    Never bust strategy it works

  22. Karemaker says:

    good stuff Rusty Shackleford.

  23. Watered.Bread says:

    Blackjack is 100% luck you can’t win every time unless you’re very LUCKY

  24. Tony Shipley says:

    thanks im 13 and im gonna start an illegal blackjack gambling ring at my school

  25. Cameron Simonton says:

    Have you read Progressive Blackjack ? Allows you to lose the least amount when dealer wins, but you increase your bet incrementally when winning. You have to be patient and set loss AND win limits prior to the gambling day.

  26. KillFeed says:

    whats a "soft 17"

  27. Jose Days says:

    fuck the lames that stayy on 12,13,14,15,16, stay away from the tables

  28. Soursdey Met says:

    You are absolutely wrong, my friend, the other players do affect the game. For example, the dealer shows the up card 6’s and the last person hit on a hard 14’s taking the dealer’s bust card. I hate playing a $5 table because there are so many knuckleheads who don’t know how to play.

  29. Ilham H says:

    plus count doesn’t work cuz you act first and break more often

  30. Kobi Hadar says:

    are all basic blackjack strategy are the same of all different experts ?

  31. Ferraricraft gaming says:

    8:02 the player on the left had 21 he never should’ve lost his money yet the dealer takes it when he pushes. Is this some weird game style I’ve never heard of or just a mistake

  32. kaleb stover says:

    Good video but some of the lingo is not explained which turns off newcomers like me

  33. Dean Karas says:

    On a sim I stopped doubling down when count was -15-20. Seemed to work pretty good, though I suppose at -15 it’s a good time to get a coke

  34. Jerry z says:

    do you recommend mohegan Sun, CT

  35. cancarriz says:

    Did anyone else notice that the dealer picked up the players bet at 8:03?? One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes dealers pick up bets when they hit a 21, not even checking the players total. This dude didn’t even notice it, and he just proceeded to place his next bet. Pay attention and make sure you’re not getting hosed like that. It’s an honest mistake, but pay attention to you payouts, especially your pushes. Those tend to get picked up accidentally alot.

  36. Gladys Zatizabal says:

    He reminds me of the guy from rick and Marty that owns the lighthouse in the purging episode.

  37. Marino Chesmore says:


  38. YaBoi Rob says:

    5:06 "Any good blackjack player should memorize this basic strategy. Once you memorize, you can count car – CUT the house advantage down." It’s okay, buddy, you can tell them. Once you get basic strategy down, you can learn to count cards like an expert and REALLY start to cut the house advantage down 😉

  39. Dennis Smith says:

    BAD PLAYERS ON THE TABLE RUIN IT FOR OTHER PLAYERS (Even if you have the last box)
    I can ALWAYS "Hold my own" when I am playing one on one and NOBODY else on the table..
    Add into the mix lots of bad players = YOU ALWAYS LOSE.
    EDIT… Just looked at the "Table" at 04:48 in this video..
    You have a 4 and an 8 against a dealers up card of 4-5-6 = STAND (Playing a 6 deck of cards using a machine shuffler..Dealer stands on soft 17)
    If you have ANY Hard 12 you DO NOT want to be bursting if the dealer is showing a 4-5 or a 6. Remember the deal has to pull at least TWO OR MORE cards.
    let the dealer burst if he is showing a 4-5-6 you have ANY hard 12 .

  40. Randy says:

    If you are counting and playing a single deck with 6 to 5 v 3 to 2 on a $5 bet you are only losing $1.50. Plus the true count is so much better on single deck and the probability of getting a blackjack on single deck is pretty damn low anyways so I play it for getting 20s on big bets and the dealer busting. Works well for me

  41. Puddin Pop says:

    I’m calling b.s.  Bad players do affect the outcome of the game.

  42. Dagobert Duck says:

    How many people did the martingale system killed?

  43. H3x says:

    At 8:00, the background video shows a player being dealt a 8,3, then K, (21). The dealer than deals himself a 5,8, and 8, (21). The dealer than proceeds to collect all the placed bets.

    Am I missing something? Shouldn’t there be a push with the player with 21? Why wouldn’t the player double-down with his dealt 11?

  44. Jason Salz says:

    Does the stuff he says applicable to online blackjack?

  45. mootness says:

    If the random card shuffler can read the cards then there’s nothing random about any of it…

  46. Dan Conway says:

    "Educational Gambing Videos"

  47. Anon Frank says:

    How MIT Students Broke the Bank in Vegas

    Casino killers: How a Harvard maths graduate is beating Vegas

  48. Johnny Cree says:

    Youre selling a book at the start, then Michael at the end says don’t buy a book from anyone….strange video

  49. Duskyfire says:

    Can anyone explain the 3-2 payout my native language isnt enlgish

  50. Puddin Pop says:

    Thanks for the long-term approach! I’ve always experienced short-term devastation at the hand of an inadequate player.


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