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20:36, 07 January 2018

How To Properly Play ten Typical Video Poker Hands with Gambling Professional Linda Boyd

How To Effectively Play ten Frequent Video Poker Hands with Gambling Specialist Linda Boyd

Video poker specialist, Linda Boyd, gives particulars on how to properly play 10 typical Jacks or Greater hands. Some of the hands covered contain: 4 card straight with a low pair four card flush with a low pair dealt flush with a four card royal dealt straight with an open ended straight flush low pair with 3 unsuited high cards 3 card royal flush with a low pair, plus five much more interesting hands that are often misplayed.

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Обсуждение: 43 коммент.
  1. Donut Ho says:

    Very informative video. Just what I was looking for. I’m going to Tunica soon and this will be a tremendous help. Thanks ☺

  2. John Doe says:

    I know very little about video poker, which is why I’m here, so here is my (probably dumb) question.

    She says if you have 10-10-J-Q-K to discard the NONPAYING PAIR of 10s in hopes of getting a PAYING PAIR from the others.

    My question is: In "Jacks or better", isn’t ANY PAIR the "better"? Is this what I’ve been missing, that only 1 pair of J, Q, K or A pays off?

  3. 林戴 wang says:

    She is talking bull shit. There is no rules . Everything can happpen.

  4. Big Lue says:

    There’s no explanation for Hand #1 as to why to hold the two 7’s, and throw away three cards to an open-ended straight. Holding the three to the straight, you have eight outs to hit it (four 3’s and four 8’s). To throw those three away and hold the two 7’s, you’d have only two outs to hit anything (3 or 4 of a kind), or two pair or get lucky and get dealt a three of a kind to make it a Full House. I think it’d make more sense to hold the three to the straight then keep two lower cards, as you have more outs to make the straight then hit a 3 or 4 of a kind, etc. And only if it’s open ended. (more outs).

  5. cbern95 says:

    Does strategy differ if you’re playing more than one hand?

  6. Anthony Kernich says:

    When I went to Las Vegas this year, I spent a while looking through casinos for a 9,6 Jacks or Better machine and did not find a single one!

  7. Molly Swipas says:

    I recently started holding a pair, over going for the flush, and I’m shocked how many four of a kinds I end up with.

    Many times I’ve held the winning pair over 3 to the royal and the other 2 for the royal come up. Upsetting, to say the least.

  8. motorman1017 says:

    in ac had q k spades discarded 3 cards got back 10 j a of spades 2000.00 grand

  9. Dirk V says:

    Ok, I have some questions. I play video poker. In Europe. There are only 8/5 poker machines with a progressive jackpot. This one starts at 8000€ It’s about 8000$. I’ve seen that progressieve sometimes as high as 15.000$. You have to play max bet and that is 10$ each push on the button:)
    I know all about the strategy. My questions are. What should be my bankroll to overcome the ups and downs?
    And most importantly, how do you "professionals" play? Do you enter a casino, sit down at a video poker machine and play it until you hit that Royal? Here in Europe, casino’s close at 3am and open at 2pm. So I could get a good night sleep. Or, do you play 3 to 4 hours, then go home and come back the next day or week, to play again 3, 4, 5 hours. And will you sit down at the same poker machine or another? I would like to see some answers on those questions. Thanks

  10. movieguy73 says:

    who plays job?

  11. Sammy Eubank says:

    if you are dealt two pair in video poker, should you draw to the full house, keeping the 2 pair or should you draw to the 4 of a kind by drawing 3 to the pair

  12. TheSuperdaniel1970 says:

    Thanks for posting these somewhat ‘tricky’ hands. One point not covered is if one has two suited high cards with three to a straight flush low cards…for example, flops 4h5h6hJsQs…does one hold the 4h5h6h or JsQs? With my software, with no gaps for the 3-card sf draw, it’s correct to hold the 3-card sf draw. If one or more gaps are in the 3-card sf draw, correct to hold JsQs. I find I make this error quite often when connecting for the hopes of hitting a paired J, paired Q, or the lucky royal flush.

  13. Lori Stone says:

    I was at an Indian casino in New Mexico the other night playing deuces wild when I thought one of my discards was replayed. I started playing closer attention when another discard was replayed. Both times it was when I held one deuce. In addition to the crappy pay tables, this really hurts the odds of getting anymore deuces. Is this legal in Nevada?

  14. Russell Roesner says:

    WTF is 8-5 Jacks or better? NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sammy Eubank says:

    the question I ask was for a machine that pays even money on one pair or 2 pair.
    9-6 version

  16. Z B says:

    What is the house edge if you bet the 1x (Where royal flush pays 250) instead of 5x (where royal flush pays 4000)

  17. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:

    how cool

  18. skatermaninred 51 says:

    lol I always go for the royal

  19. Robert Monk says:

    Video poker expert, Linda Boyd, your full of it, the machine is always the expert, a casino is not going to go bankrupt because your an expert. Don’t be telling people how to gamble, your going to make them lose money!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 林戴 wang says:

    if u really know how to win, you will not be hier. you will zit in casino .

  21. Oxycontin Gucci says:

    Hand four doesn’t make sense I’d rather take the odds to hit a flush over the straight?!

  22. Tinker Tanner says:

    So basically you play to the possibility of a better hand, which is the strategy to begin with, with only one major component to point out, and that would be choosing to hold on a winning hand… if the possibly better hand is not worth the loss. In other words: The sacrifices are always made if the chances of the higher payout is plausible and worth going for, and the sacrifices are NOT made if the chances of a higher payout are not worth it.

  23. texman81 says:

    Are casino video poker games truly random draw or are they programmed to deal or not deal winning hands?

  24. David E says:

    You can bet for a flush…

    of your money down the toilet.

  25. Maurice Patterson says:

    I wonder if you still pick a low pair over two suited face cards. A,k,q,j

  26. Sheldon Cooper says:

    I still only get 97% of my hands correct. This video is helpful.

  27. Jacob Gonzalez says:

    In double double bonus if you are dealt a hand with say a king of diamond and a 10 of diamond and nothing else good in the hand are you supposed just hold the king or should you hold the K and 10 just in case you happen to get the Royal ? I know that if you get dealt 2 high cards of the same suit you should hold them but is it the same if you have a 10 since you cant get money back with a pair of 10’s

  28. Lori Stone says:

    Please tell me what you think should be held with three unsuited high cards with no ace. The other two cards are low and unpaired. Also, why would you hold three to a straight flush with two unsuited high cards. The odds of hitting the SF are 360 :1?

  29. Yes Ready says:

    Show me a video poker machine that still pays 9/6 WITH 10 credits paid for two-pair. They don’t exist.

  30. wavygr says:

    What is 9/6 jacks or better?

  31. mksrookies says:

    I could play video poker forever and a Royal flush is never a option. MY jackpot on video poker is 4 of a kind. I wish they had royal flush machines for me.

  32. Frank Dimon says:

    Casinos takes more then gives out

  33. Jacob Gonzalez says:

    Ok I have a question this actually just happened to me yesterday while at the casino , I got dealt a straight flush I had a king queen jack and 10 of spades and then I had a 9 of spades. I kept the straight flush rather than going for the royal because I just couldn’t give up 250 bucks , but what is the right move do you go for the Royal or keep the straight flush ?

  34. Chris Alpha-One7 says:

    I’m surprised I know what she’s talking about and for the most part I am in the green. Do you get the same odds playing at a table? I’ve never made the transition only because I feel that I would muck the game up for others I’m playing with.

  35. Maurice Patterson says:

    I guess you take a paid pair over 4 to a flush

  36. Maurice Patterson says:

    Will this not work for 7/5 video poker jacks or better.

  37. splibb says:

    Great tips, I need to work on holding for the royal. I tend to always go for the sure thing. Thanks for the information!!

  38. 2SlotDivas says:

    Appreciate the info and look forward to putting your advice in action! Please produce a video with more strategies for progressive video poker. Thanks!

  39. William French says:

    What is the best hourly rate for a 9/6 JOB machine? With comps.

  40. off7hewall says:

    I foresee this being difficult to remember if you’re taking advantage of the free drinks.

  41. Hamstyy says:

    Are the 9/6 jacks or better machines the same as playing one for practice on the computer?

  42. soSAMuk's UK slot channel says:

    That’s very clear, I’m glad someone explained that to me. Cheers

  43. bluemoonridingclub says:

    Excellent Advice. Thanks for sharing.


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