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17:07, 07 January 2018

How to Play Blackjack – Complete VIDEO

How to Play Blackjack – Full VIDEO

Learn how to play blackjack with this in-depth analysis. The full video covers the fundamentals, what to do and what not to do, how to start off the game, staying, hitting, double down, splitting, surrender, table etiquette, how to use the blackjack method card, the dealer’s turn and beyond, what happens when the player gets a blackjack, insurance, even money, how to play on a single deck or a double deck which includes hand signals, scenarios, how to tip the dealer, and other factors I’ve noticed operating as a dealer.


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Created by Kevin MacLeod
“Covert Affair” © 2011
Licensed below Inventive Commons “Attribution three.”

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Table of Contents (Sorted By Alphabetical Order)
Beginning – 01:21
Blackjack – ten:29
Blackjack Technique Card, The – 08:15
Bust – 02:12
Cards – 00:22
Cell Phones – 16:17
Adjust – 01:26
Cheques – 01:03
Color Up – 15:32
Cut Card – 15:05
Dealer’s Turn – 09:17
Differences In between a Shoe game and a Single or Double Deck – 14:03
Double Down – 04:ten
Even Funds – 11:33
Foreign Cheques – 15:55
Hand Signals – 07:33
Hands – 02:05
Hard Hand – 02:32
Hitting – 03:41
How to Stack Cheques – ten:16
Insurance coverage – 11:02
Products Permitted on Table – 16:28
Mid-Deck Entry – 16:40
Multi-Colour Bet – ten:04
Object of the Game, The – 01:54
Player’s Turn – 03:03
Push – 09:56
Shoe, The – 00:54
Single and Double Deck – 12:06
Single and Double Deck – Blackjack or Bust – 13:45
Single and Double Deck – Double Down – 13:01
Single and Double Deck – Hitting – 12:52
Single and Double Deck – Splitting – 13:24
Single and Double Deck – Staying – 12:44
Scenarios – 14:38
Soft Hand – 02:19
Splitting – 05:13
Staying – 03:14
Surrender – 06:32
Table Minimum and Maximum – 01:36
Things I’ve Noticed Operating as a Dealer – 17:47
Tipping – 17:04

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  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Poor audio.

  2. Dude LYB says:

    like if you are here because of "21"

  3. stefan filipovic says:

    Am i allowed to blink ?

  4. Seamus Hackett says:

    counting isn’t "cheating". it’s just playing smart

  5. 5VOLT S says:

    Thank You SOOOO much for the awesome video you produced that is so cutting edge and meticulous. I may dare say I have watched it for over 8 times…and paused and watched it over again. Simply because of other distraction…but, I have subscribed to watch other fun videos and also bookmarked your website too.
    Anxiously waiting on the launch of your new website still under construction.

  6. Alexei says:

    very instructive video!

  7. Joie Amper says:

    really helpful vedeo thanks alot im turning 21 next year and going to vegas

  8. Hemant Jagrup says:

    Gambling is a way to pay bills . Gambling pays for everything .

  9. Elias Martinez says:

    wait how are u going to double down on a hard twelve if u are only allowed to do it when it’s a 9 10 or 11

  10. Andre Forde says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It’s very clear and lays out the basics very well.

  11. yadi_xoxo says:

    Thank you! great video.

  12. Chris Nicholas says:

    I played Blackjack on the cruise ship casino and I did very good. I was so lucky. By the way, the other Blackjack players are not angry. They’re alright. They tell me to say "Good hands." so, I did.

  13. daniel costello says:

    Thanks. I work part time as a dealer for a casino party company and had to bone up on Black jack. This was great.

  14. Felix's Hot Dog Boss says:

    I’m not drunk or cheating. I’m just high on LSD.

  15. Impal0r says:


  16. Harry W Smith says:

    I practice speed counting by Frank Scoblete. It works.

  17. Joe Kelly says:


  18. Figra Ardham says:

    is using strategy card considered as an act of cheating?

  19. HarrLable says:

    damn I didn’t know there was so many hand signals and etiquette…how would a noob walking into a casino know all this

  20. Martin Nicholls says:

    "The only people who double-down on 12 or higher are wasted or cheating" – that’s hilarious; and totally untrue. I’d be surprised to learn a casino considers that foul due to the odds of getting that wrong forming part of the house edge.

  21. Hennesg says:

    5:00 …..or they are cheating

    "If I never touched the cards, how exactly did I cheat?!" "Sir, you got no action anymore, get out"

  22. General Anxiety says:

    The addition or subtraction of a player at ANY point in the game does not have a statistical impact in any way to any other player’s outcome. Myth Busted.

  23. GlobalWatch says:

    thanks for the informational vid

  24. Jim ACEP says:

    Great video. I should have watched this video before playing Blackjack in Las Vegas the first time. First time I went to Las Vegas and played Blackjack, I was warned by both the dealer and the pitboss when I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to touch the cards and I didn’t know the signal to split so I tried to separate my 2 cards. The dealer warned me and then the pit boss asked the dealer what happened and she told him that I touched the card.

    Whenever I decide to play Blackjack now, I only play Blackjack on the "dealerless" (video) machines in Las Vegas even though the pay rate for a Blackjack isn’t as good as on a dealer table. The reason I do this is that I find that the dealers are trying to or they are forced to deal the cards as fast as possible so they grab your bet before you’ve even had a chance to total the dealer’s hand… and asking them to slow down makes them or the pitboss think that you are counting cards when you are just trying to total the dealer’s card before he/she takes your bet.


    One of the most complete tutorials ever made on youtube, (And I’ve seen a lot of them). Being perfectly clear and direct, I can see why it could get monetized by 3rd parties. It’s great, from the precise depiction of the steps to the progressive order of the rules and plays. This indeed covers most possible scenarios, such as the ones I meant to fathom. Thanks a lot for the video, tutorial channels should learn from this.
    Gorgeous croupier by the way. Pierced my heart!

  26. Camercool says:

    thanks very clear tutorial now I do t emberras myself

  27. Rylade475 says:

    I’m turning 21 tomorrow and I plan on going to Caesar’s to celebrate. Might as well watch this to refresh my memory on how to play.

  28. KS CK says:

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to you Heather! I just found out today that a passed my audition that I had on Tuesday. I work at one of the biggest Indian casinos in California, I’ve been with them for a little over 5 years now, and decided to go out on a limb on study some of our different table games to apply to be a dealer. My audition was on Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Mini Baccarat, and Pai Gow Poker, and they accepted me on my first attempt! I would not have been able to do this without watching all of yours and Michael Shackleford’s videos over and over again for weeks on end. Thanks for what you are doing and continue the great work!!!!!!

  29. Mohammed Ali says:

    really very bad you never win what happened do dealers you think you win never

  30. James Grimaldi says:

    the fix is in 11:55

  31. Nathan Brannan says:

    I will probably have to learn through experience. This did help a lot though

  32. bmwman5 says:

    Too confusing.

  33. I'm a Kitten and I pissed on you says:

    It’s not cheating it’s card counting. And i don’t gamble, I use statistics to get a good result.

  34. Gohan says:

    2:18 That hand jolt though

  35. I am Vhem says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Your videos are informative and humorous. Best wishes.

  36. Andy Marshak says:

    i want Heather to take all my money.

  37. Ink Pen says:

    So, what happens if I find a chip on the floor? Can I cash it in?

  38. CCr LC says:

    Smooth criminal 🤓🤓
    Very nicely teaching gambling.. good🧐🧐

  39. royermont92 says:

    Youre going wayyyy to fast

  40. 21 pilots says:

    I’m here because of kakegurui the animw

  41. Muhammad Putra says:


  42. Veredika says:

    How much did you make as a dealer?

  43. Desert Eagle says:

    so funny as soon as I learned to play blackjack the veryfist time I went to the casino and found a five dollar chip, a deck of cards and 3 dollars that very night lol. maybe I should just go for a treasure hunt on weekends. I kept all that but other nights I’ve found 2 phones, glasses and the slot attendants card but turned those into lost and found.

  44. Gar Nunce says:

    @16:16 damn! i dont wanna go back to that dump called AZ charlies. its full of smoke and degenerates

  45. Lk T says:

    Many folks play wild and double when its not right, does not mean they are a pro, I saW a gal double on a hard 15 vs a 6,
    and she actually got a 6 for 21.

  46. Nicolai says:

    Quickly wanna say. Doubling on a hard 12+ might just be a gamble. Sometimes you just wanna have a bit of fun and take some risks. Also, I don’t consider card-counters and shuffle-trackers cheaters since they just use logic and the casino’s own rules aginst them

  47. Dopamine says:

    This is too much i stopped watching after 3 minutes i just play roulette lol

  48. Mac Kobalt says:

    I thought I didn’t know how to play blackjack I did I’ve known since I was a teen thanks FallOut NV

  49. Diego Saavedra says:

    Fuck you Asshole!!!!!!! Your Mother its a bitch!!!! And you are a Shit!!!! Your mother suck my dick!!

  50. Vaddix 99 says:

    Playing this video at 1.5x speed makes it so she’s speaking at a normal speed.


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