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18:14, 08 January 2018

How to Play and Win at Jacks or Better Video Poker Tutorial – Part 1

How to Play and Win at Jacks or Much better Video Poker Tutorial – Element 1

(Part 1) A real tutorial. Learn how to win at Jacks or Much better video poker.Play longer, win far more jackpots – far more Royal Flush wins – and rack up points on your casino player’s card with this straightforward to discover strategy. With just a few basic guidelines, you’ll play better than the average video poker player with this straightforward to discover Jacks or Much better video poker approach.

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Attempt Bitten at Kerching Net Casino

What takes place if you run into a vampire? You’ll get Bitten, regrettably! The 5-reel 20-payline on-line slots game will surely attract any individual who has grown up with the likes of Dracula, Buffy and Twilight in their blood.

Kerching Casino’s classic game Cleopatra two is truly the unlikely source of Bitten, paired with legends of vampire lore from the annals of time. Nevertheless, there are one particular or two massive contrasts between these two titles. Kerching gamers can enjoy an innovative wild scatter function, chilling sound effects and refined vampire-inspired symbols.

Bitten’s main game

Online slots players will really fall for Bitten. The vampire theme is utilised perfectly on the principal reels exactly where iconic symbols such as intricate candlesticks, vibrant red wine and a demonic vampiress all promise huge payouts.

Wild symbols are also hugely sought on Bitten slots for a number of causes. For starters, they trigger the extraordinary scatter award to supercharge your earnings. What’s far more, the wild symbols will double all your payline rewards right away. But very best of all, your total bet could be improved by an amazing 250 times if you match up five Bitten wild symbols.

Bitten’s generous bonus game: Crypt Cost-free Spins

Amazingly, the bonuses get even bigger on the extraordinarily lucrative Crypt Totally free Spins Bonus, which can be initiated by matching three or much more bonus symbols anyplace in the game. You are going to be given a option of coffins pick to open one particular of them and you are going to receive nevertheless a lot of cost-free spins are hidden inside. With rewards of as a lot of as 20 cost-free spins, you could uncover a achievable treasure trove of totally free slots turns.

The great news is that the Crypt Free of charge Spins Bonus can be awarded once again and once more as you play Bitten on the internet. Furthermore, the bonus award multipliers boost with each and every spin up to an astonishing high of 50x. With such profitable rewards on provide, it pays to spot a stake on Bitten!

Marcus Miles is an on the internet casino professional who writes game evaluations and more for Kerching.com.


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Обсуждение: 25 коммент.
  1. Nathan Evans says:

    He sounds just like Kevin Spacey, ironically who was in the movie 21. About blackjack.

  2. scpDgJ says:

    but there are exceptions, if you’re dealt a flush or a straight, and you have a royal flush draw, you should through away those hands and stick to the royal flush draw, for instance:
    if you are dealt A♠️K♠️Q♠️J♠️4♠️, you have a flush, but you should throw away the 4♠️, yes you through away a winning hand but if the 10♠️ comes out (about 2% chance) yo get paid x4000 and if you do the math 2% of x4000 is x80 which by its own is bigger expected value than the x30 the flush will give you (remember that you could still get a pair or a straight or even a flush again …)

  3. Dennis O'Neill says:

    Isn’t the EV higher with two "paying" high cards vs. holding a low pair?  For instance, statistically holding a K Q pays more often than holding two fours.  I believe that the math supports this theory over your advice to hold the low pair.

  4. David Jackson says:

    I got a question. At casino that I often visit, it offers 9/6 Jacks or Better with normal typical pay outs except for a 1000 to 1 pay out for a royal flush on 5 coins play. Then that game is beatable?

  5. jay banon says:

    6:13 we should click on the 3 of the same suit right ? 8,2,4
    for a flush ?

  6. George Gventsadze says:

    This chapter is fake

  7. Conk- VR Vanguard says:

    Won $120 in 4 minutes tonight. It was an 8/5 machine and 25cent bets

  8. Marlene Lipari says:

    Good for beginner

  9. Jill Tanner says:

    just here to learn how to play ir on garry mod tower

  10. Z B says:

    How much do odds go down by not better x5 but rather betting x1

  11. J.P. says:

    What do you do with three high cards of different suit? Hold all of them?

  12. Clifton Mccargo says:

    It’s really an amazing poker video tutorial. I also got a lot of use out of Ace Poker Solutions videos to learn the poker strategy perfectly.

  13. Abdullah Alajmy says:

    Thanks for the tip casino kicked me out they said I was winning too much

  14. Brent'sCardsAnd Coins says:

    Your website runs horribly. The games keep locking up.

  15. At says:

    I’m looking for software like you’re using in this video.. Is there any type of online strategy checker or free software?

  16. Wilson Maingrette says:

    Lol..u will not be so lucky wen ur money is on the line….

  17. Jim Pimmers says:

    The only thing you need to know about this is that it’s a negative ev game.

  18. Marie Huff says:

    I went to the casino with $8. Mother and I had a two night stay in one of the room. I took my $8 won $25.. play jack or better and hit the royal flush for $400. The next day I hit it again for another royal flush for $400. Now my mother is making me show her how to play lol

  19. Paul Gerber says:

    Very informative! Instills some core knowledge for approach to video poker:)

  20. W Leon says:

    I love this game. I have won quite a bit on Jacks or Better playing the machine using the core rules.

  21. Rolandas Grigaitis says:

    omfg this song is stuck in my head… This is the weirdest song I’ve ever heard.

  22. Michael Kirst says:

    I always break at least even on this. Add in all the free drinks I get and points on my players card at the casino and it’s always a win!

  23. Discover Yourself says:

    i realy dont know how to thank you

  24. Machine Shop Inc. says:

    wished I would’ve watched this before I went to the casino last night, I was throwing away too many low pairs! Wasn’t horrible but didnt win, until I got lucky on slots. 8/5 jacks or better is best in my area. Played for an hour and a half only down 8 bucks not too bad I guess.

  25. p meech says:

    What is the software he is using when playing?


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