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6:03, 08 January 2018

How To Create A Massive Stack In Poker Tournaments

How To Construct A Massive Stack In Poker Tournaments

Right now I have a Huge announcement. But initial I am joined by Pratyush Buddiga to discuss what it requires to truly run up a big stack early in multi-table tournaments. We also break down some hands from my MTT runs, as properly as a couple of of his. It’s hard to make final tables when you happen to be stalling out in the early stages

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. ron H says:

    Hi Doug, first I like to thank you for what you do to poker community, it’s just simply great! My question is how to maintain a chip lead in a ten handed poker tournaments
    of 30 minute levels before the first bubble. For the past five tournaments I had a literally a chip lead but I manage to get busted right before the first bubble of the tournaments!

  2. Michael Benfield says:

    I think checking again on the turn with jacks is a mistake. If they have the ace they probably would never check twice and jacks should bet to prevent queen or king from hitting the river.

  3. Michael Fazio says:

    I feel like on the JJ hand, betting 3,200 on the river would induce more folds than a shove.

  4. Gentil Tosetto says:

    Parabéns por seus videos Doug, sou um grande fã, mas titulo em português e áudio em inglês fica complicado pois o tradutor não ajuda em termos específicos, seria legal gravar um em português, se possível, abraço

  5. Alex Abad says:

    Doug, in the A4 situation , if u didnt hit the straight, what would of you done? Fold, flat call, or pray the all in?

  6. The art of competition says:

    the last hand the kj hand you said that calling 10j on the river is better than calling kj or aj. why? That gets pretty murky for me because you block the bluffs he can have but also block the straights he can have.

  7. Taylor Weston says:

    Really awesome ideas from both of you! Been paying more attention to Buddiga lately. Incredible player and I love his approach. Awaiting more awesome content like this!

  8. jyotsna asthana says:

    fuduu video

  9. midni7e7oker says:

    Can’t help but giggle when he says "Fapk22…"

  10. DeezNubz1 says:

    Does anybody feel like explaining the term range for me? People say the range of my hand or the range of hands they were putting their opponent on or something and Idk what they mean

  11. Cristian Micu says:

    im listening all the comments on the JJ hand and after few minutes i think to myself: these two very good players just talk all this without MENTIONING the kind of player our villain is? wtf. the discussion should start with that, and they discuss all this hero range. im out

  12. Lork Lorkman says:

    doug you idiot this was a stupid idiot…and whos the other idiot commentating? is that gaylord focker

  13. Sean Gallagher says:

    Gees how does he check all the way down with A 10 there

  14. Shokyu says:

    So is the free workshop (4 videos I guess) not availabe anymore? The link just gives me a random thank you page..

  15. Doug Polk Poker says:

    Thanks for joining for today’s video! If you are interested in information on Prayush’s Tournament Master Class (Launching May 22nd) or just want to receive some free videos to learn more about tournaments, make sure to sign up here.


  16. Ravi Raheja says:

    If anyone wants this course in 300$ contact me

  17. Ralph Banks says:

    Used to think poker was 50/50 skill/luck… All I notice in these videos are bad play getting payed off… More 40/60% luck… Then they give reasons for bad play instead of saying I’m looking to suck out… Don’t care how much they made all this hangs on luck and refusing to fold… They call it looking for a bluff situation… Opposite of Super System 1/2… Games changed…

  18. Josh York says:

    Im curious. With regards to the first hand, you only talk about betting the turn for value. Why is it not in your consideration to bet the turn to rep the A and make hands like KQ, QJ fold? Bc hands like QJ wont hit enough for you to still be ahead when they do it, no J is coming in many scenarios. The most likely scenario is to give him 2 free streets to get ahead of you. I understand the bet for value, but I think you create a negative EV situation when you check back 2 streets with only 1 over-card present.

  19. Durgalur Jay says:

    talk talk talk talk talk

  20. P .Yannick says:

    Can someone explain @ 29:54 please

  21. Tom Batterbury says:

    Thanks for yet another great big unnecessary arrow pointing at the fake stack in the thumbnail Doug. I would have completely missed it otherwise.

  22. stefano cioni says:

    But if u check isn’t your hand face up?

  23. LUchesi says:

    I know you ‘don’t know how to edit’ but I thought you should know your free class page(linked in disc) says ‘combined caches of over $10…" when I think cashes makes more sense for live play.

  24. slave trader says:

    More videos like this please. I want poker coaching like this without paying, bc I’m busto af.

  25. Tampa Tony says:

    These bluffs will not work against 90 percent of players ! When you buy in for 50k like these guys pros will fold kk or AA on a jack high rainbow flop lol

  26. Donna Silva says:


  27. stefano cioni says:

    Also if u bet twice QQ or KK will fold, happened to me a bunch of times. The guy moans and groans and then showed KK lol

  28. Nomoreidsleft says:

    The best way to build a Massive Stack is to keep winning hands. 🙂

  29. Sean Gallagher says:

    6s.. whew, kinda sick spot

  30. Pedro Henrique says:

    Great content, Polk ! I’m one of your new followers ! congratz for the 3rd bracelet ! Anyways, why not folding the A4d on the turn, guess you were almost sure was losing except when hitting a miracle 3 on the river. And also, pretty bad call for KJ, also maybe folding on the turn was the best choice, when he changes the size bet or he got a lot of value beating KJ far away or he got a monster draw and u’ll not be calling a river that’s a club or straight card. Regards !

  31. Robert Cooke says:


  32. Oliver Harper says:

    Is the first hand a joke ?

  33. Chris Cross says:

    plèeeeeeeeese more

  34. Bagnato Furniture says:

    How incredibly affable are both Doug and prayush? Great chemistry. As a lab member these YouTube vids are all worth revisiting since they are chock full of information that was lost on me prior to learning lab strategy. For someone like me that wants to keep poker fun and just play tourneys this was a really enjoyable vid. -your boy mao junior here, Doug ….peace.

  35. francesco arbia says:

    hello Doughy boy.
    how you doing lately ?

  36. Brent DeBraga says:

    The Ad4d hand on the Jh2s5d hand… I like call vs. raise due to the stack size of both other players. If you raise and they jam you have to fold. You are getting a good price on your call.

  37. Tyler Gall says:

    How do you get those percentages to show before flop?

  38. TheOnlyLem0n says:

    i loved the idea of the video, unfortunately im not that savy in poker language and couldnt understand half your poker terms :S , maybe something to think about for the more rookie audience

  39. Hordible says:

    Am I the only one who got really lost in hand 1? The raise call by villain and check/check/bet line screams Kx Qx or a straight bluff, with an occasional Ax in his range. I feel that after check/check flop the turn bet should be enough to win the hand, or if he calls, shut down on river. The check/check/jam line makes no sense, because I have no idea what you can rep besides KQ or maybe QQ, with AA being so slim. If your opponent has an A your AA line makes no sense, and then once you get to river and he bets, its a Ax pre or KQ/KJs bet. Either way, not too sure why there was no turn bet because if villain has Ax he calls and you can shut down, or if he has KQ, KJ etc he will likely fold or maybe float/check river.

  40. thetigereyes53 says:

    doug, you are an arrogant douche!!!

  41. stkfr says:

    Make silly bluffs, catch gutshots out of odds on the river and make terrible calls.
    That’s how.

  42. Jeo Jetson says:

    I think that he thinks you would have bet an ace at least by the turn. With the board runout there is no way he’s behind at least in his mind.

  43. Tim Elkin says:

    i l I’m bettin 388 to 471 first hand

  44. penoyer79 says:

    the first hand I just call the river. i don’t really understand moving all in. seems spewy to me after checking twice. the river bet seems like he was baiting you to do just what you did.

    the queen easily helps our opponent. a call makes so much more sense. we’re getting almost 3:1 and the fact that he could be stabbing giving our check/check makes it an easy call to me.

    the third hand is either a set of 6s… or some kind of busted flush draw… maybe a pair of 9s or pair of 4s with the Ace of Clubs

  45. Beanmachine91 says:

    4 color deck people, where you at?

  46. Donna Hesleph says:

    I love how you guys analyse all possible thoughts. However, the title is bananas.

  47. JT says:

    I think the only way that the thumbnail could be more gorgeous is if Liv Boeree was sitting behind it…

  48. brendon kennedy says:

    don’t you have enough chips to raise about 3x on the river and get the same call or fold? and then save chips especially in a tournament.

  49. libhater says:

    what does going flat mean?

  50. range4u55 says:

    Most of it is just bs, which you were wrong about anyway. Would rather see some live feed cash tournaments tbh.


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