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21:20, 12 March 2018

High STAKES Blackjack!!! Simple Moneyyyy!!!

High STAKES Blackjack!!! Simple Moneyyyy!!!

Some clips of high stakes blackjack when attempting huge balances for slots/streams over the previous couple of months!!
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Artist – DJ Shadow – Meets His Maker

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Tom Kajuku says:

    i don’t know if u were playing at the same site but i noticed u had exactly the same cards two times 7,7,4 and both times "dealer" hit 20 ….

  2. Mark Barrell says:

    Rip off.

  3. Robert Harvey says:

    Hey Paul, would love to see some cash games , and spin n go sessions 🙂

  4. hasan kara says:

    Rigged.. hahahahahhahaha

  5. Phillip Douglas says:

    That was just too brutal

  6. ClubMikeV says:

    A series of bad sessions can make a man burn out. It’s always great to take a break. As long as you have the cash to play at the stakes you want to play, and you enjoy the entertainment that comes with it, then there is no reason for anyone to judge you for what is likely a personal choice. I enjoy your videos as always!

  7. Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel says:

    Not going to be streaming tonight and if my love for slots doesn’t return soon then probably not Wednesday either, sorry!

  8. Don Corleone . says:

    What about the giveaway? Hoping to win a ps4 since ive watched basically all of your vids from the beginning pal lol 👏👏👏👏

  9. Robbie CatMan says:


  10. Cunning Stunt says:

    Take a time out ….go grab a holiday and re charge. Computer black jack/ computer roulette…..your up against a computer…some of those hands the dealer pulled out were statistically horrible. Love you’re streams dude. Chins up.

  11. Ry Beena says:

    If you have a document on your desktop, saying “Rigged LV” why are you promoting them and still using them?

  12. LetsHaveALook says:

    Gambling is going to kill you one day.. mentally or physically.. and anyone who says otherwise are just as deluded.. because if you have ever gone through something like that it makes you want to die..
    I don’t know how his wife puts up with it, but I’m telling you now the best present you could ever give your family is to simply say to them ‘I’m quitting gambling – for good’.
    I know you have to put a brave face on and do a typical you tuber reply ‘I spend what I can afford and I play responsibly’ fuck off, that is the compulsive gambler side lieing…
    When was the last time anyone actually asked you if you’re actually okay? Instead of giving the viewers what they want..
    I don’t want to say this but I hope you lose everything, because then you will realise the value of money/family/friendship and all that…
    It’s a very lonely thing gambling…. so no one will ever know – and what’s more annoying is that no viewer will say things like this because they’re scared to say anything apart from ‘GET THE FUCK IN THERE’. ‘You’ve got balls’.
    Because it’s not your money or life, you just turn off YouTube and carry on your day….
    Urgh I could go on forever…..
    Please please please stop Paul, Literally begging you

  13. Gavin Vigus says:

    Keep your chin up big man

  14. Player1173 says:

    Fuck the FOBTs and Slots! Poker all the way and few sportsbets chucked in, thats way more entertaining in my opinion, for what its worth. Havent touched a slot all year and feel so much better for it!

  15. Miki says:

    Whats up with the dislikes?

  16. Robbie CatMan says:

    All luck and not Golding on to your balls ha

  17. Gary Altree says:

    Riggedest thing ive ever seen

  18. Smog on the Tyne says:

    Could be worse Paul lad, you could be Jamie Carragher!! Keep smiling 👍

  19. Boaby Boy says:

    That was absolutely brutal viewing.

  20. Slottenham Hotspur says:

    i dont need to ask what happend to that balance you built on lv last then lol! see you when you’re ready pal !

  21. Ryan Butler says:

    You could have had so much more entertainment playing poker with the 5k+ you just spaffed you could stream everyday if you wanted to play poker with say a 10k roll it would last ages if you managed it correctly I can completely see why you don’t want too play slots they simply just take way too much money especially with the way you gamble, try streaming more poker mate it’s great to watch and could bink a massive win from a fairly small buy in 🙂 not telling you what to do, I just give a fuck that’s all, take care paul.

  22. Garry Lauder says:

    Brutal i would be the exact same expect some sort out of luck out of that and chase will miss your bets but a time out to clear the head is a brilliant move fair play

  23. Marcus Hall says:

    Theres no reality at all in this other than limits cut the alcohol out etc cus other the months your looks have even changed you look a beaten man you should give it up all together for your family’s sake I love a gamble but you do take it to the extreme alot focus on what life is for

  24. Darren Taylor says:

    Watching that Blackjack Paul was brutal …fixed isn’t the word ….play live next time might have better luck …look forward to your next stream Paul…best of luck

  25. Gary Away says:

    Rocknrolla is on the ropes , I predicted months ago he has lost the value for money and it will end in tears , always chasing that bigger hit that bigger buzz , rip rocknrolla channel

  26. damncows says:

    WTF I kept waiting for a win ,can’ even count the loss. Feels bad man

  27. w trah says:

    Your loss is 8 times the car i drive mate.
    Grtz from Amsterdam

  28. Paul Fisher says:

    The brutal reality..still..if it’s affordable and you get enough of a buzz out of the occasional good hit then please carry on entertaining live streamer by a mile..if not, when the fun stops….(fill in the missing word)

  29. Robbie CatMan says:

    Only ever done small bets on that the buzz is in live and more likely to win 3/2

  30. lars says:

    How many did you win/lose?

  31. Paul Thorpe says:

    This is the most fixed game you’ll ever play if they give you 12 and they shall return no matter what you do the next card will be A 10 so if you hit you bust if you stand they get 20 Madeley fixed

  32. zicada says:

    This wasn’t all one session i hope 😀

  33. Paul Mccaw says:

    I stopped using computer blackjack. quick but it is rigged. real live blackjack takes longer but isn’t as shady as computer blackjack. Perhaps live blackjack to stop you being put in the trance that computer blackjack seems to put you in. Slow down the play squire. Take a break and we’ll be here for you when you get back mentally from the place you’re in now. Do some family stuff away from the casinos. All the best.

  34. Ryan N says:


  35. Phil J says:

    Man that was feking brutal

  36. Don Corleone . says:

    Boy o boy, thats a losing streak and a half now.. lay off the computer stuff now its all fixed odds just like betting terminals. Hope u hit a good run soon mate, roulette is your friend if i say so from the last 18months🖒

  37. Urdadsyabrother says:

    mate that was a tough watch, hope you manage to turn things around though, although in reality these losses happen more often then not.

  38. Trip Star says:

    Disgusting , fucking disgusting computer blackjack

  39. richard walden says:

    wow that was some of the worst degenerate stuff ive ever seen. unbelievable !

  40. to many wins says:

    brutal was that all done in 1 sesh?

  41. Darren Godfrey says:

    Poker stream is better for you least u get to enjoy it and I quit shit like this because it’s depressing and i watch ur channel because you cheer me up and glad I’m not the only one who suffered for me mentally gambling had made my life misery but I understand how to control myself with it and enjoy a pint or two now and then but I was doin staked much higher than I should have trust me Burger King doesn’t cover the wages I needed for it anyway keep up the streams and the reel king gambles get the fudge in brooo

  42. Kedi Bir says:

    8.900 Euro & usd lose oh my good

  43. Tanya Corbin says:

    What happened to the 2500 you build up last night during poker? This stream hurt to watch, but Im glad you are putting both sides out here for the world to see.

  44. WARDY 077 says:

    that’s was hard to watch mate brutal

  45. Maisie Carter says:

    Probably not what you want to hear Rocknrolla, but you do win, you just then lose it again on mad high stakes spinning, if you win that just increases your appetite to increase the stake which makes you lose it all quicker that you gained it. You’ve seemed off kilter for a while now, maybe it’s time to stop. No one wants to see you lose your mind or your money. You have addicts watching you who encourage you to up the stake, or to play such and such game because ‘trust me, 1000x incoming’ and other crap, it’s not their money and it’s not their sanity. That’s my 10 pence worth anyway. All the best to you.

  46. axelerat0r says:

    Live blackjack only

  47. Oneman Oneman says:

    Gambling is a real distroyer all this manage stakes bollocks im just like the majority of gamblers shit or bust when your on a bad run it’s a fucking killer

  48. Crunchienut says:

    Try to set up another poker stream for Wednesday? last night was good fun and you seemed to enjoy. Long stream with minimal losses but possible massive gains. Btw congrats to Devin on his win, he did get mega lucky on the river when they were down to 6 or 7 but you need luck to win at poker. Can’t see him not gloating about this for at least the rest of 2018. Top guy tho. Better luck in the near future Paul.

  49. Nicky Godeyne says:

    Obviously thats easy money for the casinos. Nobodys plays computer bj. So how would u expect to win from them. Its like a slot. It only pays a certain % ‘RTP’ mate

  50. Rambler616 says:

    Sitting here swearing at the screen like it’s my money everytime the bloody casino hits 21. Ffs.


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