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10:57, 08 January 2018



HANDPAY! VIDEO POKER High LIMIT-Reside PLAY at The Cosmopolitan
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Microgaming is the foremost software supplier for the online nightclub pushiness. You can get additional specifics right here http://casinosmap.net. Established in 1994, Microgaming has launched over 200 slot apparatus, with 115 three-reel nightclub slots and 117 five-reel tape slots. This expose, the very first in a sequence of three, summarizes seven of Microgaming’s most lowbrow 3-reel and 5-reel slots, with five stagger plunge, Massive Kahuna, Large Prime, Cashville, Cool resist, Cosmic Cat, and twice potent.

5 stagger Dive? is a 5-reel, 9 spend-line tape slot appliance utilizing a plunge thru theme. 5 stagger plunge has a madcap sign (Winding highway Sign) and a scatter sign (Police Vehicle). The doll accepts coins from 25? to $ 2.00, and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is 9. If you happen to be fortunate, you could stagger in the limit prize of 10,000 coins.

Big Kahuna ?is a five-reel, 9 spend-line tape slot appliance that has a wilderness theme. Huge Kahuna has a madcap sign (Huge Kahuna), a scatter sign (Monkey), and a bonus doll. The doll accepts coins from 5? to 50?, and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is 45. Play your tape slots right and you could win as numerous as 8,000 coins.

Large Prime is a five-reel, 9 pay-line tape slot appliance that has a festival theme. Massive Prime has a madcap sign (joker) and a scatter sign (Scatter). The doll accepts coins from 25? to $ 5.00, and you can bet as numerous as 9 coins per spin ($ 45). The limit prize is five,000 coins.
Cashville ?is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line tape slot appliance relating to victory and old funds. Cashville has a madcap sign (madcap), a scatter sign (Scatter), and a bonus doll. The doll accepts coins from 1? to 20?, and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is 200. The leading prize is an impressive 50,000 coins.
Cool resist is a 3-reel, five pay-line slot appliance that is foolproof for beginners. Its theme is funds. Cool resist has a madcap sign (Dollar Sign) and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is 5. With beginner’s fluke, you could win as several as 6,000 coins.

Cosmic Cat is a three-reel, particular spend-line slot appliance. One more foolproof doll for newcomers, Cosmic Cat has a celestial theme. The doll accepts coins from 25? to $ 5.00, has a madcap sign (Cosmic Cat), and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is two. The leading prize is 1,000 coins.

twice potent is yet another 3-reel, certain pay-line slot appliance foolproof for novices. Its theme is potent. twice strong accepts coins from 25? to $ 5.00, has a madcap sign (Blue Star), and the limit quantity of coins that you can bet per spin is two. With beginner’s fluke you could stagger in as a lot of as 1,600 coins.

So there you have it, seven lowbrow 3-reel and 5-reel Microgaming slot apparatus. Whether you horseplay slots on-line or at a land-based nightclub, think about to game solely using the income you can let to devote. influence beforehand how significantly you longing to expend, and do not exceed your expenses decrease ought to you invest. lastly, have entertaining and resign while you are upfront.

Zara Patterson performs to Casinos Map. You can receive further specifics right here http://www.casinosmap.net.


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  1. JROBIN HOOD says:

    awesome job!! super exciting to see this live action!! keep up the great work👍 and have a great day 😉

  2. VegasMonkey @ vegasfanatics.com says:

    Aaron is a great driver for video poker. That has been a lucky machine too.

  3. red bud says:

    Congrats on the double handpay!!!

  4. georgette beacham says:

    great wins

  5. Michael Lechner says:

    Nice job Evoni. More video poker.

  6. Pepo Bustamante says:

    Hi! I really enjoy watching your videos, and I can see you are having a really good time. One day I will go to Las Vegas with my best friend because he is the one that comes to the casino with me here in Argentina. Yes! You have an Argentinian fan. Anyways, Thank you for sharing your experiences. XOXO

  7. AJ says:


  8. joseph Chinnici says:

    That was a change of pace.

  9. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    You can tell I don’t play VP. I had no idea 4 of a kind would be a hand pay! Even betting $5. And you got one twice! Maybe you need to switch to this game … maybe I should too. lol

  10. Aaron 5 says:

    Great video Diana! I think all holds looked good.

  11. DerbyCityDoug says:

    Very nice, Quads and Premium Quads. Short term VP variance is king!

  12. Margie O says:

    Diana- I love it! When someone said we have over $3000 at the end, someone responds "Let’s blow it!" lmao

  13. Light98889 says:

    That was awesome! Now I’d like to see how the slots went after that?!

  14. Eric Anderson says:

    Great wins!!!

  15. Lucky Penny says:

    Love it ! Thanks for playing my favorite !

  16. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says:

    you make money quicker and more

  17. SUPERSEXYSLOTS 1 says:

    !Up 3000? You shouldve taken the boys to "Thunder From Down Under" LOL

  18. mooseot says:

    So nice to watch someone play VP that actually knows how ::cough:: Brian :Cough cough::

  19. Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

    I have a request. max 8 dollars on kleopatra keno. that’s what I play lol

  20. Maurice Patterson says:

    Was this 25 dollars a bet

  21. RochB says:

    I envy very much your lifestyle. I wish I had more time to enjoy myself. I’m a trucker from Montreal Canada and since there is lots of drivers missing they allways make us work at least 50 hours a week. I’m 52 and that’s too much hours for me. I love what I do, but not at 50 hours per week. I did 6 years of long distance from Montreal to California and Back again. We were two drivers, I drove all night and my partner all day. I enjoyed this for 6 years. We stopped often at casinos. In Wendover Nevada, we use to go to the Rainbow Casino. The buffet was half price for the drivers. After this, if we had more time, I’d stop at exit 19 in Sparks Nevada, just next to Reno. There was a TA travel center for the truckers and a Casino called Western Village. I played lots of black jack, love that game. You could play at 2 dollars a hand. In Montreal we only have one casino and the minimum for black jack is 25$ That’s too much for me. I play only for fun, not really the money. I miss this.

  22. JamesTavRule says:

    2 pair pays the same as jacks?! What is this madness?

  23. VapeTeddy says:


  24. amihan99 says:

    amazing 2 handpays in one session.

  25. amihan99 says:

    what kind of video poker is this?

  26. Wren G says:

    About dam time u post a poker vid Di !! Good for y’all !!

  27. Auto Will says:

    nice win.

  28. R G Slot Wins says:

    amazing hits wow it was hot

  29. James Espin says:

    Hey JR do you only play fullpay machines or have you ever won big on poor paying video poker machines?
    I am grateful for your comment and I like your wins on YouTube like this video by Dianaevoni’s.Your wins are amazing.

  30. Dorothy Munoz says:

    Do you have taxes taken out of the wins?   How do you decide who is going to claim the win?

  31. Keith Masumoto says:

    you sure had a vp pro there! he played two close calls by the book: the 2 to a royal vs 4 to a straight, and the 4 to a straight vs 3 to a strflush. very close calls played perfectly.

  32. Deb V. says:

    Thanks for sharing Diana

  33. jrcards 781 says:

    Love the video poker play. Couple of incorrect holds and 2 four of a kinds in 40 hands is crazy lucky. Very Nice win though. A lot better payback than slots!!! Am I right guys???? JR🍺

  34. Mommy Videos says:

    I don’t understand this game, AT ALL !!!! can u tell me how its played ??

  35. Dr. Nick's Slot Hits says:

    I’m not one to typically play video poker, but that was an awesome win for the group! Congrats, Diana!!!

  36. Gloria Thompson says:

    WowWowWow I never saw that before amazing keep winning HiDiana

  37. panzer waffen says:

    i don’t understand this machine so i better keep out of it lol

  38. Clarissa Eldridge says:

    My husbands favorite game. Gotta show him this.

  39. Stormsfury777 says:

    wow that poker machine was hot!

  40. JROBIN HOOD says:

    I used to play alot of slots cash wheel and wheel of fortune but now ima have to go back to my classic video poker now after seeing this great come up!! have a good one

  41. Diane Edwards says:

    see….I love video poker jacks or better! Payday 99.8% of the time! I’m hooked on spin poker now! Thanks for sharing!!! let’s see more!! love ya guys! Thanks Diana!!

  42. williv says:

    Group gambling is so cringe. A slot player should be alone with a beer, cigarette, and wheelchair to the side.

  43. Tommy DLC says:

    More high limit video poker vids please

  44. Mrchrisdon says:

    Totally Awesome Video this one’ well done you Guys

  45. John Cats says:

    sweet group play… y’all 👍

  46. cardinia1 says:

    wow what were you betting here? looks more lucrative then slots to well done Di

  47. Amber Dean says:

    That was fantastic! Congrats to you all and thanks for sharing!

  48. Latebloomer39 says:

    Very nice!

  49. paul wyatt says:

    great hits! but why did he hold jack queen off suit twice? I would hold one or the other?

  50. Leah Pearson says:

    The guy playing did an excellent job! Congrats!


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