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7:16, 09 January 2018

four Straightforward Blunders RUINING Your Poker Tournament Results

4 Basic Mistakes RUINING Your Poker Tournament Results

A lot of players struggle to close out tournaments. I get asked all the time about how to close the gap, and it turns out that these players have a lot of problems in frequent. Nowadays I want to talk about some of these common blunders and how to fix them.

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#1 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Adjust your play all through the tournament.

You must be dynamic and adopt a lot of winning types when playing tournaments. Keep in thoughts the phases of the tournament and your stack size. In early games for instance, you may possibly play loose and accumulate chips but in later round, slowing down is a security precaution in preserving your chip lead whilst other players are knocking each and every other out.

#2 Tip For Effective Poker Tournament Strategies

Often be conscious of the chip counts of your opponents.

This is quite critical in the later stages particularly if you want to evaluate your existing standing with other players. Employing this information you could push somebody all in or manipulate them to knock out every single other.

#3 Tip For Productive Poker Tournament Methods

Play the player and his stack.

If you have accumulated a lot of chips and have a massive stack you nevertheless need to have to use your judgment and choose the excellent spots to attack. Take note of these players that have loosened or tightened up in order to survive to the final table.

#4 Tip For Productive Poker Tournament Techniques

Never leave a short stack with only a single or two remaining chips when you can place him all-in .

Show no mercy! Do not underestimate your opponents, particularly in the later stages of the tournament. The high limits at this stage will swiftly multiply a couple of chips if you play badly and foolishly.

#five Tip For Profitable Poker Tournament Approaches

Make appropriate decisions when in the blinds.

Correct choices on your blind hands will set the distinction between achievement and failure in a tournament. Playing the blind properly demands intense caution and judgment.

#6 Tip For Productive Poker Tournament Strategies

Take benefit of tight play.

When you can see that your opponents are playing so tightly in the later phase of the tournament take benefit of this by loosening up a bit and playing aggressively.

#7 Tip For Profitable Poker Tournament Methods

Bluffing is an critical weapon in No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker

If you have a lot of chips your bluffing will become quite intimidating. Make confident you bluff at the right occasions with the correct cards. You can utilise scare cards to assistance your façade. In no way forget to take benefit of this powerful weapon in a No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker.

Now that you are conscious of all of these excellent guidelines that you can use in your game, you are possibly realizing how helpful new details about poker truly is for your good results. That is why it is vitally critical you continue to appear for, find, acquire, read and discover even far more ideas, trick and poker tournament strategies.

Since every time you take the chance to understand much more about Texas Hold Em you will turn out to be a better poker player. And every time you turn away you will become a worse poker player.

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  1. Christopher Smith says:

    Shut tfup Doug you never fkn stop yapping

  2. Beanmachine91 says:

    i played with phil brunson and doyle ivey

  3. Jaxson Bateman says:

    Good points, especially the last one (though you don’t need us to tell you that :-P). At lower stakes levels, a lot of players really do sweat cash and final table bubbles, and as a result bluffs get even stronger than they already are. In a cash game or earlier in the tournament you might see these players call at least a flop bet to see if their equity improves on the turn, but as the bubbles approach, often they’ll just fold down on the flop if they haven’t hit it hard enough.

    Poker is a lot like many other sports and games in the world – if you play conservatively for fear of not placing high enough, you decrease your chances of an overall win. In many forms of competition the best of the best have an all-or-nothing approach and it serves them quite well.

  4. ckaz007 says:

    Players that win poker tournaments are interested in winning at all costs. Those that don’t win poker tournaments are more interested in leveling up and winning money. You have to gamble to enter the final table as chip leader and be able to bully the short stacks when you have the chip lead.

  5. Lork Lorkman says:

    get to the point in your videos…4 mistakes on an 11.5 minute video….thumbs down for you fuck butt

  6. Ray Voide says:

    Not slamming the guy, but he makes some really bad plays. Don’t take my word for it, watch his videos. I play tighter early in tournaments, unless I sense I’m "nuts," to build my chips, and still be around for the next hand. Towards the end of a tournament, your strategy should change though, and you can’t be afraid to lose. When you have mathematically favorable odds. Pocket pairs 10 or better, AK, AQ, KQ, if suited, even better, you’re all-in preflop…period. Face it, your objective in so doing is not only to double up, but kill guys or girls on the way. Yeah, sometimes you’ll die, but in a game of odds, choose the favorable ones. However, there is an exception when this wouldn’t apply. If you’re so dominant, three times or better the chips than the next player, you can adopt one of three strategies: play the bully, push people off hands and rake in free chips; or, put people all-in when you have a pocket pair 10 or better or both, or coast to the final table, folding all but the best hands, in other words, play like you have all tournament. Not only does a 180 change in strategy put your opponents on their heels, but it makes them afraid to call you, you’re cray cray. It also makes room for a well timed bluffs when your in position. If you watch any pro tourney, towards the end of it all, they take big chances, the smart ones win because they know their odds, and dodged a few bullets. The long and short of it is, if you so want to win, so bad, you’re afraid to take chances, I guarantee you’ll lose everytime. That said, good luck.

  7. Donna Silva says:


  8. Kris Hall says:

    love the video Doug.

  9. Rikk Sunwoo says:

    I wish he lower his voice down. It’s so annoying.

  10. Filipe young says:

    looooool men so funny , he just shout out solid coaching from his mouth loool..for FREE oh my god

  11. Jordan Flynn says:

    Hi Doug,

    I just played in my first live tournament after playing online for a few years and took it down today 🙂

    Granted it was only an $80 buy in and 50 players, but I made a cool grand for the bankroll and feel great – amazing feeling.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all the videos – you rock my man.

  12. McGavel1 says:

    cool point too about sitting down with some software to analyze ante v non-ante ranges thanks!

  13. Race Bannon says:

    Doug can you please review a Chip Reese hand?
    Thanks a lot love the channel.

  14. Oom olaf says:

    on what site do you play poker? welke site is volgens jouw het eerlijks/best voor online poker?

  15. Clayton Jiang says:

    Hey Doug, I have a question that has really perplexed me regarding late regging. Is it true that an average winning player is only expected to increase chip stack by 25-40% by the end of the late reg period? And therefore, late regging or max late regging doesn’t affect my ROI by much? If true, I think I would prioritize cash games more during the W SOP and late reg the tournaments that I play. Thanks!

  16. tazplay says:


  17. Joël Cuerrier says:

    I think the best WSOP Main Event was in 2007… but not at all because of the ridiculous winner of the whole thing, but because of the multiple blowup.

    Scotty Nguyen is just about to reach the final table and everybody is betting on him. He has a good stack and can easily fold his way to that final table. What happen instead? If I remember correctly, a guy doubled up twice on him (so, quadruple up) within a few hands.

    That guy who busted him within a few hands reach final table with the chip lead. But he went nuts and busted… 9th. Giving all his chips to the eventual winner. And that is how Jerry Yang become world champion, through a series of better players doing horrible mistakes… and also, through him getting lucky.

  18. Luke Merrett says:

    hey doug thanks again for another great video, I feel as though your my coach! I should be paying you as I’ve been dominating micro stakes mtts as of late thanks for the help!

  19. Doug Polk Poker says:

    If you missed yesterdays video, I analyze quite an interesting hand on Poker Night In America.

  20. futureisset says:

    Great tips. Love doug’s honesty.

  21. Batts says:

    ICM ?

  22. Andy Mac says:

    doug ive not played in a while. im just getting used to it again.. been playin for the last four months just in three dollar spin and go and ten cent tournies… your videos have helped me alot. do u think im playing in the right games in terms of getting practice

  23. Christopher Kaye says:

    Hey Doug, this was uber helpful thank you man. I’m about to play my first 11 dollar on Sunday, so gonna play it tight, hopefully get through the riff raft and then release the beast.

  24. Truman Oakes says:

    Hey Doug, I listened to what you mentioned in this video. I followed what you said, and realized that I simply wasn’t being aggressive enough. I was settling for 15th place when I should be going for first. I wasn’t trying to win as many chips as I could, only trying to conserve my own. I really took what you said to heart, and instead of settling for those 13th/15th/18th place rankings I decided to really be as aggressive as possible with my chips. That’s why I went over to the Roulette tables and gambled my entire bankroll on black, and lost. Now i’m suing you for collateral. Lying piece of shit.

  25. Arthur Campos says:

    What is the Vanessa’s move that he says? Anyone has video from that?

  26. William Hubel says:

    You’re either first or you’re last

  27. Mat Iou says:

    Mementmori (mickey petersen) agrees with you on the last point 🙂

  28. jack BIg Gun says:

    thanks Doug! very informative show. your wise in your craft thanks for advice. happy Easter. Id like to hear you talk about Religion in poker…. Ive recently found people criticising me for playing poker saying its a sin. I explain its not blind gambling and that there is alot of discipline, intelligence, and alot to learn about life in playing and that when played for the right reasons it isnt a sin. Its not stealing when there money is there for playing right? Id like to hear your thoughts on this might make a cool vid too! Have a blessed day . Praise Jesus

  29. Nick Robert says:

    #DougPolk, you are awesome. Forget the haters. Keep doing you man. Good information

  30. Hampus Jakobsson says:

    I busted 11th in a satellite with 10 tickets because i shoved with J7s. Pay me my money please Doug I took all of your tips to heart.

  31. Michael Discon says:

    I find u sexy

  32. Boxing Bets says:

    Find the weakest players at the table . Watch how they play for several hours. Understand patterns etc… then about mid tournament put pressure on their weaknesses. Before you play the flop understand your chip stack and your opponents stack . play the flop and play them. Understand their call range and give them bad equity if you feel like they are drawing by shoving on turns or rivers . Most cases unless they got top set or a redraw they won’t call . Get away with this several times usually increases stack 70-80%

  33. JaySooz508 says:

    Instructions unclear; bought into WSOP for half my roll

  34. secondintelligentWorld says:

    what a fucking god. thanks for preaching you shithead i love you

  35. TheTruth says:

    Hey Doug , can you do a video about Justin Schwartz behavior on the table? Thanks

  36. Mihailo Djurovic says:

    Great video ! found myself playing to tight or being a monkey, because of previous coolers or winning streaks.
    Your video put me back on the right mind set ! Thanks !

  37. Rick Vasquez says:

    How do you handle when the blinds get so high it becomes an all in or fold for everyone at the table?

  38. Martin is god says:

    Please play hash tag queen heads up for the lulz soon

  39. PC RetroGamer says:

    Like the picture in the back 🙂 Priceless!

  40. D Kptm says:

    Hey doug .. Can u donate a few dollars? If it’s okay to help out another poker player to play in a few 25c spin and gos? Poker stars account is kptm04

  41. TheMasterNinjaRyu says:

    Doug, you’re commentary analysis in the SugarHouse Casino livestream March was simply superb. Thanks.

  42. guibox3 says:

    LOL. That’s me. When I am in the money, I breathe a sigh of relief and then don’t care too much where I land. I need to focus more on wanting to win instead of just to place.

  43. John Player says:

    I am no homo but you are a very nice to look at human being. Maybe you should think about getting your body in shape, before it goes the wrong way too far. You shall not regret it.

    Good Advice, especially on the attitude. I do think people theoreticise a de facto pretty simple game, which pokee is, too much. Everyone tries to be the smartest… but too little people are trying to be the best.

    Well.. at the end of the day there can only one Lion King. Maybe its something I was born with.

  44. Alan Greene says:

    Hi Doug, Where did you get that T shirt? love it! Also I like your philosophy of playing for 1st place. I have found myself getting a bit timid in the past when there are pay jumps. But I guess if you bubble one tournament from your style of play you might get 1st in the next one. which sure as shit beats a min cash!

  45. checkthapain says:

    @1:50 lol I love that you needle Vanessa Selbst every chance you get XD

  46. Mark Emmerson says:

    So I watched this video this morning and joined some low stakes tourney tonight with the deliberate notion of not thinking as much about ICM and won 50$ from like 10cents….. I gotta say winning first feels incredible after usually finishing 10th 20th or 30th or whatever. Your tip about going hard with antes and if it’s your time to go really changed my game. You’re my poker hero bud.

  47. The Agenda says:

    I could be wrong but I’m beginning to think M value is the most important thing to consider.

  48. jejejejeje jejejejje says:

    does doug legit a large % his audience are taking 2k mtt shots, more like $20 mtt shots

  49. Donnie Wrinkles says:

    The ante to another question

  50. elvis manhattan says:

    1:44 made me LOL for real


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