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10:29, 08 January 2018

Final table of the partypoker.net WPT Canadian Spring Poker Championship

Final table of the partypoker.net WPT Canadian Spring Poker Championship

***Note: Video begins to play at the 1-minute and 9-seconds mark. https://youtu.be/wK_5xTKnW-four?t=1m9s ***

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The Globe Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of international poker tournaments and associated tv series that broadcast the final table of every tournament.

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If you play texas holdem poker tournaments you have no doubt hit the point exactly where you are receiving close to the final table, you get a couple large losses, perhaps even a negative beat or two (losing to a 1 or two outer actually hurts), and abruptly your poker chip stack is very short with only a handful of huge blinds left. When do you make your move, and with what?

The blinds are higher, and if you wait for a great set of hole cards you could be blinded out ahead of you know it. Of course you might get lucky and get wired Aces or some genuinely wonderful hand, but probably not. You only have a extremely couple of hands left and you are taking the walk of shame out the door.

What sort of hand ought to you all-in on? A weak Ace or two face cards? Nicely you could. But the primary factor when you make your final stand is to have two live cards. You do not want to be dominated (sharing a card with your opponent), as that kills one particular of your two hole cards. Effectively, believe about this: what are your opponents most most likely to get in touch with your all-in bet with? Possibly a set of hole cards with an Ace or two big face cards. Thats exactly the kind of hand you feel like you should go all-in with, but wait, these are the type of cards that will call you and youll feasible be dominated with only a single reside card.

Why not give your self a decent shot at doubling up. If you play the all-in with two cards that you are significantly less most likely to be called with, youll have two live cards, possibly doubling your chance of doubling up your poker chip set stack. You only have a few hands left to make your stand. When you get two cards, its nice if they are suited or connected, but the major thing is that they are both live cards. A 7 and a 9, a suited 6 and 4, these are the kind of hands least probably to be dominated. Lets face it, at this point you are desperate, and youre going to need to have some very good luck in any play to stay in the game. When making you all-in final stand, pick the hole cards youll least most likely to be called with. Most poker players wont get in touch with your all-in with a 6 9 off suit, theyll get in touch with with the weak Ace or two face cards. Yes youre still a slight underdog, but youll have two live cards, not just one particular, to attempt to get lucky with. Poker has a lot of luck to it, but if you use a solid approach you can far better put yourself in a position to get lucky. That what wins poker tournaments and cash games as effectively. Place yourself in a position to enhance your odds of acquiring that tiny bit of luck you so desperately want.

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Обсуждение: 23 коммент.
  1. ThingsAreLookingUp says:

    The commentator was great. He started off a bit nervous but his enthusiasm was awesome and made me watch the whole thing. Keep doing your thing!

  2. Alan Shields says:

    It’s pronounced GUY-YAUME!!!

  3. Coke Man says:

    get rid of those fucking useless commentators

  4. Austin Felix says:

    eBay patriotpokergear 👕 $9.00- $19.00 US + shipping 🛫📦 sizes large 2x 3x 4X 5X cool poker designs t-shirts hats (lots of hats ) hoodies long sleeves

  5. Steve Martin says:

    Don’t want to be too negative but this commentator should never be allowed to commentate again. Come on guys, (WPT) make an effort please. A good production is your brand. Tony does a great job but get rid of this guy, what ever his name is. His mistakes were pretty bad.

  6. John Buju says:

    if seth wins hes going to buy stocks in enron? thats what the commenter said?

  7. Chad Davis says:

    time for new commentators they make heads up boring  and really slow

  8. Dustin Platt says:

    This Commentator is horrible. His adjectives, summaries and his overall demenor is really horrible for poker.

  9. N_AKMAR 69 says:

    c mnt 4:00

  10. kello Badcrash says:

    We do not play this way face a play so ruser like seth .good bluff but he decided to see if not it was going to dominate it at the end.

  11. RestoreThis says:

    Can we get Tony Dunst commentating while not drunk in a few of these videos please?

  12. Jeff Granowsky says:

    at the 24 minute mark, Tony opens with KQ and Thomas just defended from the BB with AK. Tony won the pot with aggression. If Thomas had 3 bet from the BB pre he would have won the hand byt taken the initiative.

  13. canadian01978 says:

    this video won’t play??? why??

  14. say john says:

    is this really the final table?super tight players?they are also idiot poker players!f*ck u all at this final table!

  15. PokerLifeStyle says:

    Nice Stream

  16. 2phalanges says:

    whats the buyin for this tourny?

  17. Tyler Thompson says:

    no problem with the commentary people need to relax

  18. ll Kasper ll says:

    lol, the best part was watching Martin attempt to pitch the club in English at the end, especially: "We have two high-stakes rooms, for big players and big action…"
    Yeah, if you wanna pay 5% up to $75.00!

  19. Adam Goldberg says:

    "When you’re heads up you have nothing to lose" ???????

  20. SACTICAL BAG says:

    Too opinionated and too much analyzing that’s why Mike Sexton is the BEST and to say " This what I like both have K 2 and we hope both miss the flop .. poker at its finest " Now why would anybody hope they both miss the flop , geeeesh . Just announce what’s happening and keep your fantasies , so that goyims can understand what your saying. That’s like saying if you hit the flop , " Good solid poker " isn’t possible

  21. Adam Goldberg says:

    Wow why did they not take out this commentator within minutes of this final table??

  22. Simply-brilliant says:

    i would check my wallet if i was sitting next to that GOON

  23. Misa Nakamura says:

    Anyone from the Western world who pronounces Guillaume as "Gill-Um-Ay" needs to go back to school


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