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19:16, 08 January 2018

European Poker Tour 12 Dublin 2016 – Primary Occasion – Final Table | PokerStars

European Poker Tour 12 Dublin 2016 – Major Event – Final Table | PokerStars

The final table of the Dublin Primary Event sees the tour’s reigning Player of the Year Dzmitry Urbanovich face off against former EPT finalist Kully Sidhu and Irish Open winner Patrick Clarke.

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PokerStars is the essential brand of Rational Group, which operates gaming-connected companies and brands, including PokerStars, Complete Tilt and the European Poker Tour. PokerStars is owned by Amaya Inc. (Nasdaq: AYA TSX: AYA)

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Domingo Hernández says:

    fuck you Bernie’s

  2. Jay Kay says:

    Honey,hes going all in with 4 high. Wheres phil at.seriously tho😂😂😂

  3. Qwerty Uiop says:

    Dear Pokerstars or whatever, is there really all this need for not showing at least few hands in a row normally. Every minute i see places, birds flying, chips and people in slow motion, amateurs narrating their story…are you trying to make a movie? You may need the attention of people new to poker, but this could be too much…

  4. Jonathan Smith says:

    ive never seen anything like this. the guy looks like hes gonna die.

  5. Binny Thind says:

    bernie gave up the W when he started breathing like that….what the heck is going on?

  6. DCO says:

    24:15 da fuck that guy scream

  7. j v/d m says:

    Holy shit this commentary is the worst shit I ever heard come from a mouth.

  8. BlackH says:

    46:45 – two polish pro (Dzmitry Urbanovich and Sebastian Malec) who won EPT in 2016.

  9. robert dupont says:


  10. Soren Larssen says:

    i feel like this video has given me breathing problems

  11. Mattias W says:

    lol that bernies guy looking half dead. at 13:15 when he checks he honestly looks like he’s bout to die. help the guy!

  12. DottManhattan87 says:

    i dont like this ept 12 format….

  13. LucasHugoArvid says:

    Ending song??

  14. amith0tube says:

    The commentary is hilarious…..

  15. Wiktor Jakubowski says:

    Deserved win, amateur was SO annoying. GG Dzmitry

  16. Ivan Karev says:

    what a fish…

  17. Zim Zimma says:

    Fair play to Bernies. He was out skilled by everyone at that table, but still managed to make it to heads up and he acted like a gentleman also, a lesson some pro’s could learn from him.

  18. Hermann says:

    what’s the name of the last song?

  19. MyPokerCoaching says:

    Not the best call on 14:30 🙂

  20. Michael Lepre says:

    Hate watching Bernies breathe so heavy it’s so annoying lmao

  21. Daniel Baysin says:

    does anyone know the song at the end..

  22. Clive Parrish says:

    he should have been dragged out needing medical treatment

  23. Alvaro Bartomeu says:

    Why all in A2 ??? , again ríase off the bernies

  24. all unboxing says:

    Beginning song?

  25. Запорожье каза́ки says:

    interesting! actually i ve expected german player could capture the final but this was out.
    but regardless of the victory or failure, this was the best chance to know about poker game’s power.

  26. monsterball17 says:

    I think that guy breathing hard was on adderall and took a little too much?

  27. Michael John Murphy says:

    Dzimitri is one hell of a player

  28. Tormentor Of Souls says:

    wtf is wrong with the onions breathing? haha

  29. Pat Ferris says:

    Bernies’ breathing is cracking me up

  30. Chidiebere Ndukwu says:


    KALIMA!!!! Very funny…Temple of Doom

  31. Danny A says:

    ccann you breathe

  32. gothamjediknight says:

    Bernies plays like Weekend at Bernies

  33. I S M Habibullah says:

    How do I compete? How do I get started to sit on the final table?

  34. Smoli says:

    Co za zjeb

  35. Danny Tan says:

    experience counts

  36. Brian Acósta says:

    por que no ponen subtítulos a los videos , medios tienen de sobra por favor

  37. Филипп Филиппов says:


  38. Jeremy Stark says:

    the breathing guy is fucking horrible. I think hes gonna pass out every hand. hard to watch for real..

  39. Gotislav Vasiljkovic says:

    Most random commentaries.

  40. Felipe Gutierrez says:

    Watching Bernies makes me so anxious, holy shit. He has some anxiety issues for sure.

  41. Patryk S says:

    Any ideas what is that song at 47:47 ?

  42. josh says:








  43. Bruno Neumaticos says:

    minute 44.20 great hand!!!!!

  44. Hadi Winata says:

    4 2 all in hahahahaha ….

  45. Ariel Garcia says:

    Does he breathe like that to tilt people Cus it works it’s dumb as fuck

  46. Jacob Rogers says:

    What the fuck is wrong with Bernies? Holy shit. I don’t know if he needs to see a doctor or people just aren’t telling him how awkward that looks. Wtf?

  47. Mark Mercer says:

    This Bernies guys is the donk of all donks, my god he’s terrible, how did he even make it this far? Luck boxed his way to the FT, and that breathing… my god, i want to punch him in the throat, idiot German.

  48. Alvaro Bartomeu says:

    The all in with 88 off urba… is very bad play

  49. Lubomir Radev says:

    breathing is good , puts me on tilt every time fucker

  50. Lucas Klingberg says:

    anxiety attack


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