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17:41, 09 January 2018

Emotional Blackjack Roller-coaster

Emotional Blackjack Roller-coaster

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Will916ಠ_ಠ Vaj says:

    The casino probably loves you dude. They’d be like look this guys on here comes the money

  2. Joseph Otter says:

    If he was sponsored by turtle beach headphones now THAT would be a deal

  3. Saladin Gucman says:

    I think the cards are somehow digital and changes according to the number needed once scanned through that red line

  4. ThanksMia says:

    Why do you that? how are you supost to hit that right

  5. Sam Sky says:

    Why is it that thееееre аrе a smаll hаndful оf pеорlе whо hаve wоn thе lоttеrу
    multiрlе times,whilе the rest of us nevеr sеem tо еvеer win?
    Herе is thе аnswеr ==> https://twitter.com/6be9625e6bbd7e343/status/742626059930198016 Emоtionаl Blаckjассk Rollеr соastеr

  6. dwdascenzo says:

    what is that sub noise from?

  7. Chad K says:

    LMAO the "you’re surrendering? what a pussy… I’ll hit!!!! **busts** " hahaha xD Should have surrendered. Nothing pussy about it. When you have 16 against a dealer 10, surrendering is the most cost effective move you can make. If you care about winning money and not losing senselessly, then you should surrender too. Better to lose 50% of your bet, rather than more than 50% of your bet.

  8. mariotubegr says:

    Sick gambler..

  9. Andreas says:

    haha the thing with betting and gambling is that as long as you do it one time only you can have the chance to win something out of it. But if you keep playing over and over again you most likely losing more than you deposit. Go for the one chance win and you have nothing to lose. The system is made for you to lose.

  10. Brandon Hargitay says:

    how to u get in a game

  11. slim shady says:

    What gambling website is this?

  12. Mark says:

    4:35  LOL @ that asshole on the far right staying with a 15 against a dealer 7.  That cost both of them the hand.

  13. Will916ಠ_ಠ Vaj says:

    This is so annoying to watch. your voice makes everything so cringey

  14. Sheridan Mikula says:

    Online Casinos — The Real Truth Exposed! *TRY TODAY* https://t.co/3VNIyOXFba

  15. Andre Benoit says:

    So whats stopping you from counting cards?

  16. Shaw Luo says:

    You shut the fuck up

  17. aya kreukk says:

    hahha surprise mothafucker…haha I hate that player…so annoying!

  18. Gilberto Francisco says:

    whats with all the yelling ….

  19. Mhmod Sres says:

    hhhhhhhhhh love you

  20. Shaw Luo says:

    Fucking sodapoppin

  21. Rafapaz says:

    This pain of this emotional rollercoaster is so goddamn real, I can feel it.

  22. Green Saint says:

    when your friends tell you that you have a gambling addiction but ignore them and this channel becomes the result of that

  23. SpacedDuck's World says:

    I really really love it when this guy loses his shit. Imagine him not getting his way in a COD game. RIP TV, Controller and any small things nearby.

  24. 김개미 says:

    병신같은 새끼 돈을 그냥 갔다 다 퍼주네 어휴 ㅉㅉㅉ

  25. Dopamine says:

    "Hell even when we win it’s just a matter of time before we give it all back"

  26. jonathan sparks says:

    5:17 lawls I’m enjoying those tears you’re shedding 🙂

  27. Alfred says:

    These online casinos seem rigged.

  28. Gian Harapan says:

    ROFL he is so funny

  29. Tom Yazel says:

    over acting and its not even his money…

  30. 1234567890 1234567890 says:

    you are shit at blackjack pal no offence

  31. Shaw Luo says:

    You better stop gambling Mother fucker

  32. Hunter Hernandez says:

    I would love to see him go to an actual casino and throw these little bitch fits and see what happens after that

  33. James Espin says:

    Sodapoppin sounds like the voice of Goku on Dragonball Zkai when he is mad.

  34. Enrique Alvarado says:

    1:46 what does that new subscriber thing say and where is it from? I can’t make out what she says lol

  35. Judge says:

    i think sodapoppin has a gambling addiction

  36. Teddy Nash says:

    This is a very strange part of YouTube. A young man with a personality disorder playing relatively high stakes BJ, with the strangest alert sounds coming through. WTH?

  37. mikiny11 says:

    You deposited so much money, profited a bit and then lost it all, bruh must feel bad.

  38. Daii Sukii says:

    Addiction is a bitch. 😛 But fun to watch.

  39. Higuera Fager says:

    Look for a big jackpot slot When you max bet on any of these games you are playing for a chance to win the jackpot which can regularly reach over $1m. *THE METHOD* https://t.co/u6z2sdhl3Z

  40. AAA A says:

    That guy have a gabling problem

  41. Shaw Luo says:

    Severe u right to lose money

  42. Michael Janchura says:

    you Americans are so irritating when you get excited…. sucker’s.

  43. T T says:

    What a loser

  44. ScuI8aSteVe says:

    when is he gonna do another one of these videos

  45. Matt Fries says:

    Dude this guys is such a pussy. Any person who acts this way when he losses at Black Jack, should not be able to play.

  46. McCoombesyNuggets says:

    Stop screaming like a little girl. Some of us wear headphones and would appreciate it if you didn’t scream into the microphone and blow our eardrums off.

  47. Conner says:

    This shit looks scammy as hell man

  48. jerry choo says:

    did youtube pay u alot to gamble ?

  49. Frost Reaper says:

    so easy to count cards lol here im up to much

  50. Chopped6 TOMATO says:

    lina is cute


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