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7:50, 13 June 2018

Electric Light Orchestra – Poker

Electric Light Orchestra – Poker

Poker is an Electric Light Orchestra’s song, from the album Face The Music, composed by Jeff Lynne.

Away, the joker’s closing in, reform and they will win, the light is fading rapidly.
I know, you know, they know, we all know, everybody’s gonna burn down.

The girls come crawling on all fours, banging on locked doors,
high cards call the tune,
I know, you know, they know, we all know
Everybody’s gonna burn down.

Play me one more hand, loose every thing I am, till we meet again.

The ace, that’s hiding up your sleeve, will result in the planet to grieve,
the love you had is gone,
I know, you know, they know, we all know,
The dream, in every single player’s heart, to win it all not component,
they lie awake at night,
I know, you know, they know, we all know.

The game, exactly where gamblers rule the night,
And get your blood they may possibly, the joker’s closin’ in,
I know, you know, they know, we all know.

one hundredone hundred

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Обсуждение: 45 коммент.
  1. Rodion Rebenyar says:

    Video not necessary—-the music and lyrics tell the whole story!

  2. Floyd Brennan says:

    A song for anyone who thinks that ELO can’t produce some very hard rockin’ tunes as well!! One of my ELO faves!!

  3. Danny Adamson says:

    this album is a masterpiece start to finish it’s a great road trip record

  4. hoppterr says:

    saw them at the O2 arena last word AMAZING

  5. Brandon Haygood says:

    Anyone else this song sounds similar to Cheap Trick’s Surrender?

  6. Michael Ivers says:

    one brilliant Album

  7. Mark Williams says:

    " play me another hand, lose everything I am, until we meet again"

  8. Rey Castillo says:

    Does this count as Post-Punk?

  9. hotvision says:

    every song on this album is ass kicking

  10. Inquisitor T. Torquemada says:

    I remember they used the opening riffs from this for the March Meet advertisements on KERN 1040 AM radio. I played this just before staging my 72′ Camaro at Sears Point. It was a real blast.

  11. Diego Navia says:

    what a great album

  12. jmm1233 says:

    mini moog for the won of the win

  13. Robert Darling says:

    Richard Tandy-king of keyboards!

  14. PsyVen says:

    As close as ELO ever got to the kinetic drive and power of their predecessor, The Move.

  15. T.E.M. 4491 says:

    ELO is the best talent around. Everything Jeff Lynne touches turns to gold. He’s incredibly gifted.

  16. Alex G says:

    Disliked, and it’s all your fault.

  17. theNerdifacation says:

    Total prodo-punk

  18. kerry methot says:

    amazing band, they made me fall in love with music. Totally under rated and unique, wish i had seen them live with the orginial musicians, caught ELO 2 in the 80’s, fun but not the same without Jeff!

  19. Teach1ization says:

    God, how I loved this band in my youth!  And such a great album…thanks for posting!

  20. david jones says:

    Got this long player on green vinyl ..played it on my New hi-fi …for the first time in about 20+years

  21. Melissa Reed says:

    hole shitte

  22. Dominic Pallazola says:

    Not much of a video. In fact, there is no video.

  23. Freezknotable says:

    ELO had a lot of album covers that looked like heavy metal album covers. Nice!

  24. Michael Norman says:

    Face was ELO 5. No Answer, ELO 2, On the Third Day, and Eldorado were one through four. Jeff Lynne, the man!!

  25. Geni Geni says:


  26. Lynne Musicalgenius says:

    Mozart, Schubert, Verdi, Chopin, Jeff Lynne……………..

  27. Josef Zettík says:


  28. Pernstein Golem says:

    for 30 years i was given to the demon of gambling and this was my favorite song.
    Now im free thank the lord !
    Halleluja !

  29. Danny Stanhope says:

    Effing brilliant!  LOVE the descending, staccato strings near the end of the song!!!

  30. RTHA300 says:

    remember listenin to this joint at Lebanon, Ohio finest correction facility, while playin poker

  31. mark rushing says:

    This tune kicks ASS!! Even back then!!

  32. Nikki Nicolai says:

    Great Jeff and you Kelly RIP since we meet us one fine day

  33. cliff edge says:

    sounds like jeffro tull and cheaptrick

  34. Peter Frank says:

    1:31 Hearing that part through the earphones is amazing and heavenly.

  35. Candace Blick says:

    Jeff Lynne and ELO are finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame……Yeah!

  36. Mark Irwin says:

    Agreed, a very underestimated song! :o) :o)

  37. episkopi08 says:

    Never as popular as it should have been. One of ELO’s best.

  38. Matthew Stetson says:

    ELO was all great and powerful in the beginning and put out great stuff for the better part of a decade. Don’t however make them out to be something they’re not and all things to everyone. Relate them to Punk? Really???

  39. talos124 says:

    If this sounds like Jethro Tull and Cheap Trick i am never listening to music ever again. Let me tell you un-educated morons, ELO do their own thing. They dont sound like anybody else. They have their own sound. Every fucker else wishes they sound like ELO.

  40. MikeVernon Productions says:


  41. Derek Smallshorts says:

    The fact that this has 0 dislikes restores my faith in humanity

  42. aBoxfulOfVids says:

    Totally with you. I always start headbanging when the drums kick in.

  43. episkopi08 says:

    First heard this song on a cafe jukebox on the way to Cornwall in 1976, played it about 3 times before we left.

  44. rogersvcmm says:

    top track

  45. Connor Morris says:

    This sounds like ELO part 2


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