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16:08, 12 February 2018

Crucial Announcement, then Slots, then a broken video arghhhh!

Important Announcement, then Slots, then a broken video arghhhh!

Join me at Bet Victor for 200% Deposit bonus and 200 Further Spins, also get oneself an entry to my Money Prize Draw, basically click beneath…..


Terms Apply, please see bottom of description.

If you cannot see the hyperlink above, please disable your advert blocker for this page, many thanks 🙂

Bet Victor February 2018 Prize Draw Cash Giveaway Particulars…

To help the channel simply sign up via the link above and make a deposit and play the slots!

After again, if you have joined by way of me in a earlier month and you want to continue supporting the channel then simply turn out to be active by creating a deposit at any point in February.

Prizes are as follows –

1st – £500

2nd – £300

3rd – £150

4th – £50

If you have a username, please leave it in the comments section. If there is no username, please e-mail me at [email protected] with the email you used to sign up and your YouTube name, ideal of luck 🙂

To enter the prize draw cost-free of charge, adhere to the link above and sign up for an account with the casino and register a technique of payment, either a Credit or Debit card, No obtain essential. Send your YouTube name and Casino Username in a letter addressed to The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel, Kemp Home, 152-160 City Road, London. EC1V 2NX.

All entries have to be received by the final day of the promotion month

The draw will be made early March 2018.

This video is intended for viewers over the age of 18.

For support and guidance with any gambling connected troubles, please check out https://www.gambleaware.co.uk

Gamban Terms of Use apply, https://gamban.com/terms-of-use/

I will not be held accountable for any failing of the Gamban computer software. Please E mail me with any concerns or queries relating to the software program at [email protected], i will do my ideal to answer your inquiries.

Bet Victor Terms & Situations :-



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By stux from Pixabay

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  1. Dean Coysh says:

    Hi Bandit I never new there’s was something like that out I’m sick of gambling could you sort us with it I have two devices.

  2. Paul Mccaw says:

    K9 gambling software is free and does the same thing as this one. Well played for doing this too squire.

  3. Angela Bella says:

    Guys if you ring this number 08002942060 They can give you a self exclusion from all the bookies in your area all you got to do is send them a email of your picture and they do the rest.. so you don’t need to go into the bookies and do it and pay for your photos to be taken.. 😊

  4. New Bolt says:

    Hate that fuckin fisherman game
    Be lucky man

  5. pokerman111111111111 says:

    could someone please post bandits email address so i can check if i emailed right person.thanks

  6. Dan Sefton says:

    3x3x3 of em, 9 ways…. c’mon lad you’re normally one of the better ones for the maths

  7. TheSpecial4247 says:

    Good man bandit 👍

  8. Natalie Pert says:

    Hi can you please add me to the betvictor draw.thanks NPERT19

  9. lee Cooper says:

    how do i send email or get code pls

  10. YeaWrite says:

    Good on ya Bandit.

  11. Simon Clark says:

    Great gesture by someone, like myself, who has been there and know how damaging these things can be when they get out of control.

  12. jamhoody 123 says:

    And this bandit is why your my favourite steamer that and your competitions are at the end of the videos not like the rest soon as you press play there showing it you use this site through my link ect

  13. Stranger InNight says:

    i read is uk only 🙁

  14. Bilal Malik says:

    Add me to the draw please, username: autoshire

  15. Jasematey 007 says:

    Alright mr bandit, great video again, nice idea of yours at the start bud, signed up at bet victor, 700 spins on book of dead with no bonus and all gone, highly frustrating as I’m sure you know, unfortunately when this sort of thing happens I never deposit at the site again, how a software developer can write that into a game/slot is beyond me tbh, look forward to the next video pal 😄 I will support the channel through another site you play at 🙂

  16. Fredrik Jensen says:

    L-E-G-E-N-D!!!! It is confirmed, you are bigger than a 300 Shields-hit on 300x! Adopt me? 😉 Much love for you and your family!! What an awesome man you are…

  17. kuqie says:

    oh wow! true gentleman.

  18. Byz 4444 says:

    Mate that’s such a great thing to do! There’s not many people that would do something like that, I’ve basically quit, but it doesn’t make it easy with new casinos popping up here there and everywhere after self excluding from all I know of. I wouldn’t mind a code if you have any left? I love the videos Mate, I’ve watched since near the start of the channel. They give me enough of a buzz to not have a punt myself so thanks again!

  19. Matty Taverner says:

    Bandit, you are a legend. Good on you mate. You and Craigslots genuinely care about your subscribers and it shows. Nice one

  20. Susan says:

    Wow, I am very impressed that you care so much about your viewers. Fantastic.

  21. topopops says:

    I got 25 spins on monta at £5 stake hit 5x retriever on first hit. Dropped in £400 and then gave me 24 dead spins after the first retrig. I was gutted

  22. Adrian Milliner says:

    I am subscribed to a lot of gambling sites I.e stop and step, hyperlynx etc and really enjoy them but I have to say I have never laughed so much watching your videos and to me for entertainment your miles in front keep them coming. New subscriber

  23. russell campbell says:

    Is there any chance of playing Monty’s millions it’s the game I always play in the bookie’s but always get my arse handed to me?

  24. reece rossell says:

    Great vid could you play hula nights it’s just like fishing frenzy and reactoonz

  25. Rob Luck says:

    Putting your hand in your pocket to try and help those who need help deserves more respect than anyone can give, i hope that those who need it get in touch with you.
    We all know some people think about their pride, my advice to those people who need it is to forget about pride, pride wont pay your bills.
    1 e-mail could help you more than you could imagine.

  26. Nuggster says:

    Finally it’s good to see streamers thinking more about the people it could affect. We all love to see the wins and generally it’s mainly what most show, not the loses. I have seen and been thro the mill of gambling, left the country (uk) to a NON gambling place (middle east) for 10 years & must say it worked as I returned more mature with life.
    Gambling is a serious thing and people get so involved they lose the lot and it destroys lives & families..
    Much respect to you and the others streamers that follow suit…. Massive respect to those who actually do it and keep to it.
    Keep it going Bandit mate…

  27. Shane Davies says:


  28. Joe Beckwith says:

    Mate most of the uTude people that do video’s won’t people SUBSCRIBING..BIG U UP for putting your subscribers first..but thank god I wasn’t drunk #@@# when seen this video i might of fort it’s a good idea to download it.. til the next day….but we’ll done….SEE THERE R GOOD PEOPLE STILL IN THIS WORLD

  29. Steph Barker says:

    I found you trying to work out how too change stake rather amusing haha

  30. Catalin Viorel says:

    I think I,m the only one who whatch you with pleasure but not gambling a penny:))Nice work mate.

  31. jamhoody 123 says:

    Jamhoody for videoslots and the email I sent you last month for redbet pal

  32. Jason Blackburn says:

    I have sent an email mate …

  33. michael clark says:

    As an ex gambling addict I really like your videos. Your very responsible with your comments sometimes. Also funny as fuck . Good luck and thanks!!

  34. A Cat says:

    Good to see you take this very seriously, good on you steve 🙂 cracking vid as always.

  35. Charles Clayton says:

    Great video. The Gamban gesture speaks volumes and sends a strong message. Great video.. top notch

  36. Born4Pyro says:

    Just sick that 300 shields😑 so sad that happend to You I got a back 2 back bonus 300x few months back on iT paid me 7k x dividend over 2 😆 and now iT pays a Jack shit 😂

  37. paul darn says:

    Surely there’s no trolling twats gonna diss bandit for what is an amazing gesture kudos stevie lad

  38. steve mazer says:

    Thanks Steve it’s a great idea and very good of you to help people like that. my favourite youtuber by far mate

  39. pokerman111111111111 says:

    hi mate i emailed you regarding gamban could you get back to me please.many thanks

  40. Kevin Bissett says:

    Respect to you Steve for the advice some people may need Congrats on the great wins you got brilliant video and Congratulations mate

  41. Simon Cross says:

    You have my respect!

  42. Michael Myers says:

    What an awesome gesture regarding the gamban idea! Cool video as always, shame about the footage at the end

  43. mcarnie says:

    Mate…. Speaking from experience….

    I cannot praise you enough for this! I’ve blipped so much over the years on online gambling and also bookies roulette etc.

    I’ve watched you for months now, proper entertaining content. And for you as a heavy gambler to do something like this. You’ve got my up most respect fella.

  44. Zach Walsh says:

    If you are interested in Gamban you can use promo code "Gamban1" for a free trial until the end of the following month from use. unfortunately, Apple are being dicks from what I’ve read, so theres no iPhone or iPad supported product yet, but works perfectly on my android phone and macbook.

    Thanks for the email Steve regarding Betfilter, but from the reviews it looks like an app that creates its own browser which then blocks content. (so you could effectively just use safari or chrome and do what you wanted anyway!)

    all the best on future streams as well

  45. Dave Knight says:

    Amazing gesture, u are a top bloke bandit

  46. robert morton says:

    I always liked your vids. This just proves why. More people should take this time and think more about others. Legend.

  47. Bencanon says:

    You seem to still have audio out-of-sync issues…this started happening around the time you made that video with the big screen behind you…did you mess with the settings?

  48. Northern Border says:

    Never miss one of your videos. Really enjoy everything you do. Start playing a random game or do vlogs on other random crap. I need more content!!

  49. misterace666 says:

    what a great bloke you are i heard about gamban i got it for a friend of mine and its saved his marriage very nice touch your without doubt the nicest gambler ive meet

  50. Nicstradamus M says:

    Outstanding video Steve. Wouldn’t mind seeing your footy bet on the screen just so it’s easier to follow along. The teams and the payout etc. Cheers mate and as always, good luck.


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