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3:12, 08 January 2018



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Marina Bay Sands, developed by Las Vegas Sands, is regarded as the world’s most high-priced standalone casino home. There are 120,000 sq-meter convention-exhibition center, a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines, and a 2,560-space hotel. The complicated is set on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform. Marina Bay Sands attributes 3 55-storey hotel towers which are connected by a 1 hectare sky terrace on the retractable roof. The Skypark, an distinctive structural masterpiece with an impressive 12,400 square meters of space, floats atop the three towers 200m in the sky. It is one of the 1st to see spectacular views of Singapore. Visitors can get pleasure from a taste of great life with exclusive perks presented by the Skypark and are captivated by the unsurpassed views of Singapore, the new national Gardens, and the spellbinding Sands Skypark.


Marina Bay Sands is created by Las Vegas Sands.


The complicated is topped by a 340m-long SkyPark.


There are a Theatre Block, a Convention and Exhibition Facilities block, the Casino Block in front of the 3 towers.


The resort officially opens on 23 June 2010.


The SkyPark was opened on the second day at 2 pm.


Marina Bay Sand is topped by a 340m-extended SkyPark with a 150m infinity swimming pool.


From the Skypark, guests could be captivated by the unsurpassed views of Singapore.


There is a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines.


Atrium and Horizon are nicely-equipped.


Jin Shan Restaurant


Fuse Bar


The resort also has 120,000 sq-meter convention-exhibition center, six celebrity chef restaurants, the Shoppes mall, an Art &amp Science museum, and two floating pavilions.


The Sands Skypark functions landscaped gardens of 250 kinds of trees and 650 sorts of plants.



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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Nx Doyle says:

    The last few weeks I’ve had probably watched 10 snippets of Casino that have dribbled into my feed, so I thought what the fuck, I should probably just watch it again. It’s been five years maybe. So I did.

    And you know something? If you’ve watched it once or twice before, it’s actually better in scenes or ‘vignettes’. I think most people agree that Casino is kind of like Goodfellas’ poor cousin, although they may not describe it in those terms exactly, out of deference to Mr Scorsese.

    And to be fair, if this movie had been made by someone else, it would likely rate far more highly. The wiki entry for the movie says that in recent years some critics have called Casino "more accomplished and artistically mature work than the thematically similar Goodfellas". All due respect, but that’s a load of revisionist nonsense. First of all, can you honestly say that the Martin Scorsese who made Goodfellas in 1989/1990 is markedly less mature a man and filmmaker than he was in 1994/1995? However you slice it, thematically, technically, as a field marshal on set, as a writer with Nicholas Pileggi, in the edit with Ms Schoonmaker…I don’t buy it.

    Next, there is hardly an ounce of fat on Goodfellas, in terms of script (both Henry’s narration and the dialogue), it’s deep and lush and dark, but never an unnecessary digression, never a moment that chugged along. It moved like liquid. It knew where it was going and took you there. By comparison, the only thing that Casino offers in terms of worthy comparison is in art direction, design, wardrobe. Basically, the vivid, saturated colour.

    If you want to talk about one element from both movies and use it as the tool to compare the two pictures as a whole – narration.

    In Casino, your main narrators are Mr De Niro, one of the greatest screen actors in cinema history, and Mr Pesci, whose Oscar win for Goodfellas was as well-deserved as it gets. And I’m not faulting their performances at all, their narration included. But the movie suffers from the choice to have more than one narrator. I get the feeling, right from Nicky’s first line of narration, "I mean he had me, Nicky Santoro, his best friend watching his ass". Narration in movies is a conceit, really. It’s perfectly fine to include narration, but if it’s used too heavily as a tool for exposition, it usually ends up a mess. The signal difference between the narration in Goodfellas and in Casino is the latter’s saturation. To be fair, Ray Liotta’s narration in Goodfellas is about as close to perfect as it can be.

  2. Brutus Tan says:

    Ace could’ve just given him a minimum wage job doing jack shit where he can’t screw up and screw things up.

  3. syra wisal says:

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  4. First Last says:

    "…you ain’t home; but, we’re gonna send you there if it hair-lips the Governor." ~ sums up nicely how Nevada sold out to the mega-corps to get rid of the Italian influences.

  5. usernamedefault0000 says:

    great movie but shame they casted this piece of shit actorfuck de niro for Rosenthal’s role. Douglas would have been much better.

  6. Chris Bautista says:

    I would have reassigned that guy to outside sanitation duty. As far away from the casino floor and hotel rooms. I’ll give him a detached shed for a locker room and a porta toilet. His employee meals would be sent via brown paper bag. He’ll never be allowed inside the building. Eventually that guy would quit on his own.

  7. ian vosik says:

    this make me want to see the whole movie

  8. costaction nord says:

    https://megaspin.do.casino 100% VICTORY

  9. DeadlyVenomKing says:

    Should have gave that poor man a mop job. Then he would have got that gaming license

  10. Sho_Nuff' says:

    this fuckin redneck fake cowboy piece of shit really pisses me off

  11. Toufiq Aziz says:

    What’s up with his matching tie and shirt. He looks like a clown.

  12. media hits says:

    The Maestro on Seinfeld does the same thing with his pants.

  13. Dublin 502 says:

    This is such an amazing and underrated film honestly up there with good fellas. If you haven’t seen this movie and just stumbled upon this clip please go and watch it you don’t regret

  14. AZDuffman says:

    How can he give the kid a slots manager job? He is the Food & Beverage Manager!

  15. Jon Stewart says:

    Rothstein said “no problem” after Webb said “thank you for your time”. This is an anachronism! Only Millennials say “no problem” after someone says “thank you”, otherwise it’s offensive and blows people off!

    And I love it how some redneck hayseed is just as astute as a Jew in the new dog eat dog world of Vegas of the 1980’s. This was a world that the street smart Jews and Italians and Scotch-Irish rednecks clashed.

  16. lokeymexican says:

    "Ole Don is as useless as tits on a bore." YEEHAWH!!!! LOL

  17. SurfingBullDog says:

    Sam is the one who was dealt with.

  18. Josh Lay says:

    Rroft Shqiperia

  19. Chunk Yogurt says:

    The Jew Ended up being the asshole and the ol’ cowboy goyim ended up settling his hash.

  20. 희정 김 says:

    먹▣튀 1% 도 없이 운♧영중인 조▦작없는 호♣텔 카☏ㅈ노 달◐콤한 유▦혹은 모두 먹☎튀입니다.
    필▩리핀 가가●얀 파♡콜 정식▤승인 업체 《 C G E N E R A L 08。C O M 추천 N88 》 ▩

  21. Karemaker says:

    Reminds me of Jim Varney lol.

  22. FUCK_YOU_ALL says:

    I don’t get it, which one was the asshole?

  23. ant white says:

    This is the turning point of the entire breakdown of the mob in Las Vegas. According to the movie.

  24. realrinat says:

    white cowboy saying to white italian that he is a guest in native american land

  25. Sean Strongman says:

    This is so damn funny

  26. elbones1982 says:

    Kosovo jest serbskim!

    Fuck albanians and all muslims.

  27. gregory hudson says:

    no,you were put of line,you insulted him a little bit

  28. oSJme says:

    Why is the camera shot on the pants?

  29. Bob Sum says:

    "Deal with assholes". Do you mean Robert De Ziro?

  30. BlackDogsMatter says:

    Rothstein must have learned the pants trick from the maestro

  31. R bere says:

    "that’s where we’re going to send you if it harelips the Governor"

  32. Boston Towny4life says:

    That is one nice fucking suit Rothstein is wearing.

  33. GNTRY says:

    That receptionist was a hot little number

  34. Angela Babe says:

    I know a good gamble number 1-319-347-4804.  fun!!!

  35. bklynmosmvp says:

    That phone call was less than 4 minutes

  36. pdog109 says:

    0:55-0:59 – whats the significance of the shot showing their shoes??

  37. The Mouse says:

    Cowboy hat! why more power then the bosses!!! funny how that works !

  38. Kenny says:

    Lawl "You people will never understand how it works out here you’re all just our guests, but you act like you don’t" You mean the way you killed and raped Native americans even though you were guests? Texans are the cesspool of caucasians, They act like they are the best and then they go fucking their own family and call niggers for animals, Fuckings texans and their stupid shit ideology, i hope they all die of a plague which they probably will blame on the niggers for not serving god, FUCK TEXAS

  39. DarthCipient says:

    LQ Jones is amazing in this scene.

  40. NotHere NotHere says:

    And then he said, mf you’re not home, you’re in my office. Get out. Have a great day though.

  41. KhAoz says:

    Instructions unclear; I got investigated by the FBI and Gaming Commission, my wife’s dead and my best friend put a bomb under my car.

  42. S Dew says:

    2:32 he should have hired him back, that was a big mistake!, let him clean tables, put out the trash..

  43. Robert Devoy says:

    Putting the pants on…..now that was great acting. Totally cool technique. I’ll be putting my pants on like that from now on.

  44. Billdude21 says:

    I’m with Sam on this one. Like that hick doesn’t have a million other family members that they could polish up and juice him up instead of that first bum.

  45. Martin Dalkoff says:

    Sam is wrong here, it is bad for the business

  46. Holy_Hand_Grenade-of-Antioch says:

    I think the unspoken inference here is that this guy’s brother in law was specifically in that position to be able to collect a tax to the old guard Vegas Cowboys vis a vis regularly occurring theft of machines over which he would be providing “security” for.

    I mean, this guy doesn’t give a fuck about his brother in law… it’s what having him there at the casino represents… a right to a indirect piece of the pie.

  47. TheWhaddeva says:

    I’d hired him back, no question, the guy would have been a pinsetter in the casino bowling alley, no problems 🙂

  48. Dr Peterson, a Father the world needs says:

    If I was denero I’d of said "you give the dumb lazy fuck a job"

  49. MrJohnybirchall says:

    He should of taken the last request. Some shitty managerial position for toilet roll mangering.

  50. Klaudios says:

    If they would do a remake of this movie today, this conversation would sound something like this.

    "Let me tell you something, partner: you ain’t home. You’re all just our guest"

    – " Yes I am. You stole this land from the Indians, you racist. Long live Mexico. Viva la Reconquista"


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