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23:28, 09 January 2018

Bluff on Million in Final Table Poker Championship 2017

Bluff on Million in Final Table Poker Championship 2017

Bluff on Million in Final Table Poker Championship Sochi 2017 Primary Event PokerStars Tournament. Poker Players: Pavel Shirshikov, Seyed Ghavam, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Dmitry Vitkind, Timur Bubnov.

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Finding out different Poker tournament methods is essential so that you have a broad understanding of all the various feasible approaches you can utilize. The far more approaches you have to win a tournament the far better. Do you know any of these approaches and are you utilizing them to succeed?

Strategy 1 – A Tight Approach For Safety

Possibly the greatest and easiest poker tournament strategy to use is a single that revolves around tight gameplay. That’s simply because tight play keeps you in the tournament.

It is essential to understand that staying also tight for the whole tournament is just as bad as not getting tight enough. You require to strike a nice balance so that you are keeping your security whilst nevertheless playing at sufficient pots and winning chips.

Method 2 – Blind Steals For Additional Chips

A extremely effective poker tournament technique is to regularly incorporate blind steals into your regular play. This way you will be continually adding to your stack and staying active at the table.

By slowly but surely developing you stack more than the length of the tournament you will come out massively ahead. And that bigger stack is only going to assist you win when you start to get to the money tables.

Method 3 – A Loose Method For Strength

A excellent technique for later in the tournament is a looser strategy. By playing loose, you will be playing at a lot more pots a lot more often and providing your self a wonderful possibility to win much more chips.

It assists to have a tight image and a handful of added chips lying around. That’s why for the most successful poker tournament method you are going to want to incorporate a few distinct approaches, like the 3 discussed in this post.

By now you are almost certainly realizing how powerful and helpful these techniques could be for you. In fact, one of these Poker tournament strategies may possibly be just the point that wins you your subsequent tournament.

You wouldn’t have identified something about these if you did not study this post. That is because studying about poker is a single of the greatest techniques to become a far better poker player. If you want to get truly great at poker and make a lot of money you are going to have to discover as much as you can. So never even turn down an chance to understand a lot more, or else you’ll in no way progress in your poker career.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has devoted his time, work and money to understanding the art and talent of effectively winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an e-mail at [email protected] or head on more than to his informative website http://MyTexasHoldemPokerTips.com and study his free of charge newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Guidelines

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Обсуждение: 16 коммент.
  1. Paijo MLG says:


  2. Ryan Jones Bayron says:

    I saw this live. this is a good bluff even me can’t call in this situation.
    Opponent representing very strong hand here.

    If the river is not Q or does not paired the board. You can consider calling.

    This is only my point of view. thnx

  3. youtoobization says:

    It was a button raise. He was raising just because he had the button. Also, only call the turn if you’re prepared to call the river. A lot of rookie mistakes by Ghavam there. If you went thru all the sequences here, you’d come up with a conclusion that he was more likely bluffing than having a real hand.

  4. Jose Boy says:

    ….Cuando Vi, que estaba Mirando el Marcador, me imagino, por el Salto de Premios, hay me di de cuenta que no iba IR…Y Acerte..

  5. SidViciousEntertainment says:

    Silly call on the turn. If you are going to call the turn then you might as well raise there as your opponent will fire another barrell in position 95% of the time there

  6. tricky dickie says:

    What a grand bluff. Deserves it.

  7. zzzzzzppprrrr says:

    fu ck putin, fuck sochi

  8. galic249 says:

    no need for a discussion here.
    if you call the turn, you have to call the river too.
    there’s no reason in the world the button would have bet the turn if he only had Q in his hand, so there’s no sense in folding cause you believe your opponent got better on the river.
    if you think your ahead on the turn, your supposed to think that on the river as well

  9. Garen Artoun says:

    why call 400 .

  10. Jeff Miller says:

    The old "call the raise pre-flop / hit top pair / check-call / check-call / check-fold" strategy.


  11. анна грек says:

    Бонусы новым игрокам https://goo.gl/QDf9v0

  12. Lily Lavender says:

    Big mistake bro! You lose 😂

  13. Harvey Specter says:

    Played like a pussy, chasing the other guy the whole time… got what he deserved!

  14. Vitalstatistix Stats says:

    typical fuckin Russian scumbags.. play the same online as they do live.. any two donkey cards and they think it’s the nuts..

  15. Steven Labry says:

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  16. Freedom-Vietnam Kay says:

    Poker fuck face… hahhhahhaahahaahahhaha


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