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22:55, 08 January 2018

Blackjack Specialist Explains How Card Counting Performs | WIRED

Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Operates | WIRED

There’s a lot a lot more to counting cards in Blackjack than meets the eye. Mike Aponte, former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Group, requires us by means of the difficult procedure of counting cards.

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Blackjack Professional Explains How Card Counting Performs | WIRED

Starring: Mike Aponte

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Darrell Rhora says:

    Great vid, Thanks.!

  2. Captain Ticcster says:

    I’m watching a BJ expert explain how card counting works while I should be making my somewhat serious school work.

  3. kcincoffey says:

    but how are you suppose to know how many decks there are in the shoe?

  4. TheGlockWise says:

    just going to share my opinion here it might help some of you
    i count cards but i don’t use the pairing system. What i do instead if keep two tables. So if 6 low cards come up and 3 negatives, in my mind i will say 6 AND 3. When he is done handing out cards i will subtract meaning 3. And do this for the next cards, i find it easier to use this when the dealer is REALLY fast, and they will be at high bet tables. Like i said it works for me, might not work for you.

    Also, counting doesn’t mean you will always win, you increase your chances of winning but, the dealer always has a face card too on high counts for me. If you watch the example, the 14 hit a 6 which is rare af on a +20 count, i would wave that knowing the count, which usually attracts attention. I am a university student and i count everyday, i have made probably $500 but, i have lucked out.

    if you are going to go count cards get ready for a long time. I have been at a table where the count was -27 and -20ish for four shoes. Surprisingly, i was up money in the negatives and increased my bets on plus counts and lost it all lol.

  5. chris rpk says:

    Instructions not clear, got card stuck in my ass

  6. xnivektonx says:

    I️ lost money

  7. natamac says:

    He makes it sound very do-able

  8. Pop Jones says:

    What ?

  9. Fuck Google+ says:


  10. Walking Bear says:

    Just sounds like jibberish to me lol.

  11. Andreas Mathiassen says:

    The count is +20, 5 decks remaining, true count: +4. = 57% of all the cards is now high numbers, you are dealt some cards: you get 14: dealer up card 57% of the hands: 10 according to basic strategy hit on 14, now you know: 57 procent of the times you hit above 11 you bust yourself. Before even getting the chance to compete with the dealer. So how often does one get a low card: 43% of all your hands are dealt low cards, how much money did you spend now!? According to his calculation you raise your stakes, so you loose even more money now, than before. Busting your hands on purpose, free money for the dealer. A higher pay pr hour for the dealer when card counters are playing. Mike Aponte is a master of desception. He has no game in decieving the casino. But he has game in decieving the gamblers. Why!? Because he has stocks.

  12. Connor Bredall says:

    Well I looks you WIRED and anyone who works there has now gotta say goodbye to ever going to any casino ever. Also, this guy teaching us this has also gotta say goodbye to that. The casinos won’t allow you to play if they know you are card counting.

  13. comedyguy2k says:

    when do you convert the running count into true count???

  14. Fuck Google+ says:


  15. Placebo says:

    Sounds like a lot of practice and repetition.

  16. Lofeezy says:

    2 plus 2 is four minus one that’s three quick maths

  17. Connor Bredall says:

    What a morally acceptable screw-job?

  18. Wassim Ayari says:

    I prefer the Wong Halves system rather than Hi Lo since it has a betting correlation of 99%
    It is hard to do it mentaly so I use an App on the Play Store to count with it in online games xP

  19. Show Buster says:

    yea but how do i know the number of decks remaining :v

  20. YouTuber 1 says:

    Now I know. Those motherfucking dealers are cheaters since they use magic tricks to switch cards. Pricks.

  21. Joost Van Der Grinten says:

    how do you know how many hands remain to be played?

  22. Hudson Birt says:

    I can count and do basic strategy separately with ease but doing them at the same time is the difficult part. Any tips to help remember the count or when to count or do I just need to keep practicing?


    This is why calculator is invented

  24. brolly arroyoespada says:

    I’ve played straight up and won just be smart but I would like to learn to count it could help but you van beat the game straight up

  25. DCrawl808 - The Card Trick Performer says:


  26. Luukai says:

    But when you enter the table, how do you know what the running count is?

  27. Paul Rogers says:

    I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. It’s called card counting for a reason. You have to count! The idea is to understand what has been dealt so you can increase your odds of winning, you assign simple values to certain cards and keep count and bet according to the count value which should increase your win probability. You increase and lower your bet amount based on your odds. The concept is so simple is mind numbing. Most people hear numbers and give up, you shouldn’t, you’re much smarter than you give yourself credit for.

  28. Tanase Alexandru says:

    2+2=4-1 that’s 3 quick maffs

  29. Adrian Reyes says:

    you have to keep track of what everybody at the table is doing?? I have trouble keeping track of what cards are worth what and adding them to 21…

  30. Thomas Carroll says:

    This just made me stressed

  31. Anton B3ats says:

    counting card is not illegal, but if the casino notices you are fucking them they can and will throw you out.

  32. Raeqwan Christian says:

    End of the story get 21 and win

  33. Balkan Histrian says:

    There is 5 decks. And all I heard there is -2 + 1 and so on.

  34. Outfield 243 says:

    Why is this not allowed!? It provides only a little advantage

  35. natamac says:

    But as your chance of a good hand increases, so does the dealers, so it’s kind of pointless.

  36. logan kincade says:


  37. Victor says:

    I’m surprised that no one talks about how crappy of a beat spread that would be… so tu bet 12 units you would need a TC 13? that rarely even happens… Use kelly instead…

  38. Chia Lor says:

    if the count is +20, you don’t hit if the dealer has less than a 16(or 2 – 6 value showing). Stand, let the dealer take the face if there is a face and let him bust. If he doesn’t, you go even bigger on the next hand! When you count cards and play two hands, you can "control" the shoe alot more. Since I am close to small casinos only. Playing max hands of $200-$500 with two positions will murder the dealer if the count is on your side. Why would you fucking hit if you have a 12-16 if the count is +20, you’re a damn retard! You’ll more than likely bust yourself, worst case the dealer wins and you have a perfect setup for the next round. You have to always account for the "next" hand to be a winner. The basic strategy is honestly not needed if you can account for the running count/true count and the cards that will be delt. The only basic strategy you need to learn is the double down (depending on the count and what the dealer has). If you have a 7 and 3 for a total of 10 and the count is -14, you shouldn’t double down. Just hit your play, if you get a face then you got lucky. So this is where basic strategy is not needed. But the basic strategy is only useful when you can count cards. I mean I am happy with $5k cash daily under 4 hours. This is just how I play and it always works for me. Remember, you don’t need to have 17 to 21 to win! Count the cards, hit appropriately to the count!

  39. Sun p says:

    It seemed so much easier in the movie 21

  40. rohan bhatia says:

    2+2 is 4 -1 that’s 3 quick maffs

  41. Will Page says:

    Well made video

  42. TJ Berry says:

    2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 dats 3 quick maths

  43. Tyler Hartley says:

    So you have to be a genius, got it

  44. Matt M says:

    Actually the counts would be….2+2 is 4 minus one equals 3 quick maths. That’s always the count.

  45. Tom Ly says:

    would this work for online blackjack?

  46. Sulli says:

    quik mafs

  47. GlitchVI says:

    This comment section is pure gold LMAO

  48. Fernando Solis says:

    I can see this video for a year and still dont get shit…i need them to explain it to me in blocks just like in first grade…😞

  49. John M says:

    Excellent strategy, I have been looking at videos about counting and yours is the first one I have seen that uses pairs which as you said makes it easier and seems like less work. Thanks

  50. gnsgml11 says:

    most casinos have auto shufflers


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