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22:14, 09 January 2018

BANDURA X POKORA – Black Jack (prod. CrackHouse) OFFICIAL VIDEO

BANDURA X POKORA – Black Jack (prod. CrackHouse) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Najnowszy singiel Bandury reprezentującego ekipę CrackHouse z gościnną zwrotką Pokory – “Black Jack”.
Rap: Bandura, Pokora
Produkcja: CrackHouse
Mix mastering: CrackHouse
Video: Coś Się Kręci

FB Bandura: www.facebook.com/BanduraCrackHouse
FB CrackHouse: www.facebook.com/CrackHouseBeatz
FB Coś się kręci: www.facebook.com/cossiekreci1

CrackHouse – studio nagraniowe, team producencki, kolektyw hip-hopowy. Bity, produkcja, hooook!

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You had to stay late following perform to finish a report for tomorrow’s big meeting.  With it now completed and on your boss’s desk, you can finally head residence.  As you walk towards your automobile parked in the deserted parking lot, you consider about how excellent it feels to have all your tasks completed and behind you.  Abruptly, you feel something pressed against your decrease back and hear the voice of a man say, “Do what I say or I’ll kill you!” 


When you reach your vehicle, the man demands your keys.  Scared and confused, you place them in his hand.  As he unlocks your automobile, you see the gun he had pressed against your back.  He yells to hand over your purse.  You do exactly what he says.  The man now orders you to lay face down on the ground.  Thoughts of being shot or worse and left to die fill your thoughts, but you speedily lie on the ground as instructed.  As you lay there with your eyes closed, wondering if these will be your final moments of life, you hear the engine of your vehicle start.  Soon after the man speeds off with your car, leaving you unharmed, you run to the safety of your workplace and call 911.


This is the scenario of a carjacking, a critical and potentially life-threatening kind of auto theft.  In a carjacking, thieves confront their victims and use some sort of force or threat to rob them of their cars.  At times the victim is left behind unharmed.  Other occasions victims are kidnapped and taken to an additional location.  If lucky, the victims are released unharmed.  But in some circumstances, victims are subjected to even worse crimes, such as assault, rape, and murder.


The History of Carjacking


Despite the fact that carjacking has been around for a lot of decades, it wasn’t until the mid 1980s that this violent crime caught the focus of the media. The word carjacking is derived from the word hijacking, where a particular person is forcibly removed from an occupied motor vehicle.  In the 1960`s through the early 1980`s there were a rash of semi-trailer truck hijackings.  The assailant would typically steal the spend-load and leave the driver unharmed. The term hijacking  was usually used for this variety of vehicle abduction, which, in most situations, excluded kidnapping of the driver, and concentrated on the theft of the load, rather than the car itself.


Decades later, carjackings were generally depicted as unprovoked violent attacks that came out of nowhere.  Drivers report being pulled out of their automobiles and thrown to the ground.  Some had been even punched, kicked, and pistol whipped.  But some of the most terrifying experiences of all have been when carjackers had taken off with a automobile with the owner’s kid still in it.  With the heightened publicity, carjacking quickly became a copycat crime, as it created stealing automobiles and people’s money and other personal belongings a lot less difficult.


The other explanation carjackings are so popular is due to the fact that vehicle alarm systems and anti-theft devices have sophisticated so much.  Stealing a vehicle the old-fashioned way has turn out to be far more hard with focus-obtaining automobile alarms and locking devices in location.  And it seems that the much more advanced our technologies becomes, the higher our threat of being carjacked.


When a criminal needs a auto to pull off another crime, he will typically prefer a auto that he can get a set of keys to as an alternative of a car he has to steal by breaking a window or prying open the ignition.  This type of criminal poses the highest danger to carjacking victims, as they are typically armed with a gun or a knife.  Their only concern is taking possession of your car—even if it indicates obtaining to injure or kill you.


Carjacking Statistics


Over the years, the prevalence of carjacking has been monitored through the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), a telephone survey performed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  The most current report reflects carjackings for the United States throughout the period of 1993 to 2002.  Highlights from the report contain the following:


Roughly 38,000 carjackings happen each and every year.


Carjackings happen most often in metropolitan places, followed by suburban and rural areas.


93% of carjackings occur in cities and suburbs.


About 15 murders a year are associated to carjackings.


A weapon was employed in 74% of carjacking occurrences.


45% of carjackings involve firearms, 11% involve knives, and 18% involve some other kind of weapon.


63% of carjackings take place inside 5 miles of the victim’s home.


93% of carjackers are male.


Statistically speaking, tracking the occurrences of carjacking is not an effortless activity.  This is simply because some police departments don’t have a criminal code for carjacking.  Instead, they charge the crime as either robbery, auto theft, aggravated assault, etc.  And given that carjacking is not reported as a standalone crime in the Uniform Crime Reports issued by the FBI, the NCVS survey is actually the only source of information presently accessible.


Where and When Carjackings Take place


A carjacking can come about anyplace, anytime.  But the highest incidents of carjackings take place in massive, heavily populated cities.  According to the NCVS report, 44% of carjackings occur in an open region, such as along the street, and 24% occur in garages or parking lots or near commercial areas, such as malls, gas stations, restaurants, office buildings, and so forth.  Carjackings often take place when a driver is stopped at a light or intersection, with carjackers laying in wait in an additional nearby car.


Most carjackings seem to occur more frequently at evening, with NCVS reporting this occurrence as high as 68%.  This is most probably due to it becoming much less complicated to use the night as a cover whilst the thief waits for a victim.  Out of these nightly occurrences, 42% of the carjackings have been effectively carried out by the thief.


Some carjackers will purposely use an additional automobile to bump into the back of your car, in hopes you will pull over and get out to look for damage.  Criminals know that we’ve been taught to get out and exchange insurance information, no matter how minor the accident.  This makes for a excellent setup for a carjacking.  So be vigilant!


The Aftermath


Carjackings have traumatized the lives of numerous more than the years, and they continue to do so these days.  As a result, carjacking survivors are often left with constant fear every time they get behind the wheel.  Some victims spend years in specialist counseling due to continuous nightmares, anxiety and worry.  Others refuse to ever drive once again.


Carjacking is a really serious crime.  To decrease your possibilities of becoming a carjacking victim, usually be on alert anytime you are exiting and entering your auto, paying close focus to your surroundings. 


For ideas on minimizing your dangers, refer to my safety report “Carjacking:  Tips for Decreasing Your Danger of Becoming a Victim.”

International Safety Professionals, Inc. founder, Jordan Frankel, develops and implements revolutionary merchandise that save and defend lives. Countless agencies and firms such as NASDAQ, the US Military, and law enforcement entrust Mr. Frankel with their safety and security. 

Mr. Frankel is a frequent media speaker on international safety, addressing the private and monetary consequences associated with house invasions and other severe threats. His capability to outsmart the proverbial bad guys – coupled with his commitment to producing security an reasonably priced reality for all consumers – is also the crucial to Mr. Frankel’s good results.

Mr. Frankel is a proud member of the American Society for Industrial Security &amp Security and the International Association for Counter Terrorism &amp Security. http://www.globalsecurityexperts.com

black jack Photo
By 5638993 from Pixabay

Об авторе: Mr JackPot 888

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